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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Joseph

Submitted: March 17, 2018

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Submitted: March 17, 2018



They say I'm an older brother, but really, I'm as mischievous as everyone

Joseph Divine


Basic Information

-Full name: Joseph C. Divine

-Gender: M

-Age: 16

-Height: 6'

-Weight: 40kg

-Blood type: A

-Birthday: August 30


-Nikki Divine

-Lennart Divine




-Helping out his classmates


-Befriending transfers







-The moon (But it's so beautiful!!)

How to get her interested in learning

-Give him a confidence boost in his skills in basketball


-Can't say (BOO)

Favorite music

-Rock n' Roll

Favorite food




-Street food


-Basketball club

Favorite subject

-Physical education

Facts about him

-He is a big brother to his classmates

-He hangs out with Luke and his posse

-He has the highest total ex count, having three before I came in

-He hates the moon for some reason

-There is a girl that likes her but I won't say who

-He was bullied in the basketball club by the seniors, causing him to not play and join the varsity

-Even though his ex count is high, Joseph is a good person. Most of the time, the girl left him because they found someone better than him

-He holds no grudge to Steve and Darryl


-He's considered as "The Big Brother" in Luke's posse. Joesph does act more mature than any of the posse and he's always the one who stops his friends from fighting each other and causing trouble. He seems to be quite unlicky when it comes to girls as he had three girls who had been ex previous girlfriend. When it comes to having a crush and knowing that his friend has the same crush as him, he doesn't become competitive and insists his friend to take the girl.

What she said about their deaths

"I don't want to die. I...sir I can't die yet. There's someone I need to take care of and he would be alone in this world if I ever die. I'm not going to say who, because you already know who I'm tlaking about. Also, I want to know who will I end up with. I've had three ex girlfriends and some of them left me because they saw boys more good looking than me. Look, it's a part of our life to seek a partner already at this age. And I'm wondering, if the others got a partner in this class alone, who will I end up with? I already know Steve will end up with Isabella and I won't stop or fight him for that. What am I talking about? Whatever, look sir, let us live. I know there may be no way but at least try to find one. Thanks fo rhearing me out sir" 

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