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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Raniel Quinn

Submitted: June 28, 2018

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Submitted: June 28, 2018



I'm not Gay!!!

Raniel Quinn

Basic Information:

-Full name: Raniel J. Quinn

-Gender: M

-Age: 15

-Height: 5'8"

-Weight: 60kg

-Blood type: O

-Birthday: July 30


-Unidenttified yet




-Video games

-Not doing embarrassing things


-Visual Novels



-Luke's antics

-Being forced to do embarrassing things



-To retrieve all the students that had been revived in other worlds

Favorite Food

-Tofu (What?)

Favorite Music

-Emo and Anime OSTs


-The suicide club

Facts about him

-He hates himself

-Despite what the image above tells you about him, Raniel is quite shy.

-Whenever he gets a compliment or if people say positive things about him, he blushes because compliments are always new to him. But this blushing may sometimes mislead people to think he has feelings for people, even on boys.

-He is powerless and it's because of this that he considers himself as useless

-Despite considering himself as "useless" Raniel is quite smart, although he barely uses his brain

-No one in the class, not even Erick, knows his past. 

-He's adorable when he's blushing :3


-Raniel is, what most classmates consider, "the male Isabella". That is because he's shy, nervous, and he hates himself. But it's not as much as Isabella to the point of trying to kill himself if he gets the chance. It seems as though he doesn't want to change his personality since he sacrificed his mission to save her classamates rather than changing who he is. He does start to become confident when it needed to as he was able to play his role when he was chosena s the main protagonist in the play the class put on.

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