There’s a Moose in My Kitchen!

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Submitted: December 03, 2017

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Submitted: December 03, 2017



One day, I leapt out of bed like a majestic pink unicorn, and I fell on my nose. I got a bit of blood and started screaming the words, “Veeeeouuuuwichhhouthfoulaloopso!!!!”  Then I ran down the stairs and stubbed my big toe on the door to the kitchen.  I heard a strange noise coming from my stomach. It said, “Beeeeeooooouuuccchhi”.  I looked down at didn’t see anything. It must be coming from me, I thought.

I looked around for something to eat. There was a bowl on the floor next to the diningroom table. It had a picture of a dog on the side.  There were some chunks of meat in the bowl. I sat down and started eating. It tasted a bit like rotten meatloaf, but I figured it must be on the floor for a reason, so I kept on eating. 

After breakfast, I was still hungry. I decided I would leave the house to find some food. As I was walking down the street, lots of people were staring and pointing at me. One person honked at me from the road. Another guy shouted from his kitchen window, “Hey dude- have you ever thought of putting on some pants?”  

I ran down the street in embarrassment. Luckily, on my way, I spotted a pair of blue jeans on someone’s clothesline. I figured they wouldn’t mind if I borrowed the pants for a few hours. I slipped them on and kept walking till I made my way to the shop. 

I walked inside and asked the guy at the counter a quick question. “Hey man, I said, “I think I’m hungry. You got any food?”

The guy took one look at me and burst into laughter. He laughed so hard, tears were streaming from his eyes. I didn’t know what all of the laughter was all about, but I just decided I would look in the shop myself.

 I walked down an aisle and saw a very small, attractive box with a picture of a moose in the front. It said, “Just add water,” on the front of the box. I thought, oh my gosh- there’s a moose stuffed inside this box and I need to rescue him!!!  

The man at the counter was still laughing. I paid him $5.99 and walked home with my new friend. On the way, some guy pointed at me from his car. “Next time, use a bathroom,” he said. I kept walking. 

When I got home, I quickly opened the box, but then I realized I probably didn’t have enough food to feed a moose. I had a thought- mooses eat mostly pickles. But I didn’t have a pickle tree!!  I decided I would call my Uncle Stephen to sort that out. I dialed the number, but the person on the other end said, “Hello. This is Boo Boo Willy the Clown. How may I help you?”

I quickly hung up the phone. Suddenly, a big bird flew into the window and grabbed my moose!  I jumped out the window, landing on my face and breaking 5 of my teeth. Oh well, I thought, at least now the tooth fairy will come. I ran after the bird. It dropped the box over a garbage truck!!  I ran as fast as I could. That truck was a speed demon!  It soon stopped and I jumped in.

I swam through a mountain of garbage until I found some bacon. I was hungry, so I ate it. I swam some more. Then, a large rat found the moose and jumped out of the truck, carrying it in his teeth a d bolting down the street. I jumped out and ran after him. The rat dropped the moose in the middle of the highway. I ran into the road to retrieve it. So many cars were whirrling past me. One truck flipped over. People were honking. I thought, man these guys are friendly. I grabbed the moose and ran home. 

When I got home, I decided that I would let the moose out in the bathtub. A bathtub would have a bit more space than anywhere else. And then I would take him to the shop to eat pickles. I ran some water. Then I opened the box. Ahhh, I thought, the moment of truth. As I shook the box, I was horrified at what I saw!!!  The moose had been shaken up so much that he turned into a gooey brown blob when he fell into the water!!!

I was so very sad that my new friend was no more.  I sat in the bathtub and cried.  I accidentally got some of the water into my mouth.  Man, this moose tastes real good, I thought.  I drank up the rest of the water.  Then I went to bed.  That was a big adventure for one day!



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