Never thought about it

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a short snip from story of my life. never gave a thought... how unpredictable life can be!!!

Submitted: December 03, 2017

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Submitted: December 03, 2017



Beginning my story from the day, when I was bold Confident, determined and chirpy.. full of life. I had no idea of the twists, my life was going to take. I had no idea that in a span of 4 years.. I am going to lose and gain number of things and a number of life experiences. 

Precisely, I strongly believe that one should never underestimate or overestimate their destiny. One could never presume what next is going to happen with you.

I have never thought that the first stamp on my passport will be at ROME FIUMICINO airport. I have never thought of visiting Eiffel tower all alone. Thought of standing by my siblings after losing my parents. 
Life is beautiful. Things you have today, you may not get them later. Love everyone, love your parents because they have bought you in this world, love your family because they have always stood by your side, love your crush as, only because of him/her you have started getting butterflies in your stomuch, love your pet because he or she doesn't have anyone apart from you in this world, love your planet Earth because it's the only planet where humans can survive. Think about it and realize " HOW BLESSED YOU ARE" 

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