Halo Around the Moon

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When you have the chance to do anything, what do you do?

Submitted: December 03, 2017

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Submitted: December 03, 2017



Authors Note: For 5 years I have been friends with one of my 'sisters'. She has encouraged me to be the best I could have been. Although we aren't blood-related, I do know that we are heart-related. I would like to dedicate this story to her, for her time; love, compassion, and utmost respect. You've always been there for me. You were my fairy. Thank you.

Halo Around the Moon 

[November 26th, 2034|

"She isn't going to last much longer," Heidi's father sighed, "It would be a miracle if she made it to Christmas.."

"I know George," Heidi's mother held tightly onto her hand, "But we must stay positive."

Heidi was 17, and she lived in Atlanta, Georgia. She had a bone deficiency, and she could hardly move. Hardly speak. She went in and out of coma's and illnesses every day. The doctors give her another month to live, but as her father said, she probably didn't have much longer. They couldn't take Heidi anywhere for her last days on earth. All they could do was hope.

Heidi always had an amazing imagination. She would tell her parents of dreams she had, her favorite dream was one about the fairies. When a little fairy comes and saves Heidi from a dark abyss. Heidi's mother always cried hearing the dream of the fairy. 


[December 2nd, 2034]

Heidi was left alone while her father and mother went out to buy a 4" tree for her hospital room. 

"Heidi," A high-pitched voice called from her hospital window, which was left open because it was fairly hot in her room, "Heidi my name is Luna."

Heidi turned her head slightly and spoke softly, "Luna?"

"Yes, I am here to help you, Heidi." 

Heidi opened her eyes, "wait.." she quickly slid up and sat on her hospital bed, "You're a- a- Fairy?"

"Yes, I'm here to help you. Is that okay, Heidi?" Luna asked, flapping her little wings to get closer to Heidi.

"But- there is no way. Faires aren't real, only in my dreams.." Heidi said, holding out her hand.

"No Heidi, we're real," Luna sat on Heidi's pinky, "And I'm here to help you."

"How are you going to help me? I'm practically dead." She sighed.

"No Heidi," Luna waved her hand, a sparkling dust raised Heidi off her hospital bed. 

"Wait- no Luna don't, I can't walk" Heidi moved her hand forcing Luna off, she flew next to Heidi.

"Do not worry Heidi. I am helping you." Luna again waved her hand and placed Heidi on the floor, "Walk."


Heidi began walking. One foot after the other left and then right, she was doing it. She was walking. Something she hadn't been able to do since she was seven. She started smiling, and then giggling, and then laughing. Heidi could feel the happiness and magic running through her soul.


[April 3rd, 2046]

Now, she walks. Heidi survived. Luna was never seen again after, however, every night on December 2nd, a halo appears around the moon. Heidi believes that is Luna, and every night on December 2nd she remembers the magic that cured her.




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