Life In Brexit Britain

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A population divided over Brexit? The high street in decline? People with their faces glued to their phones? Nothing new in the cinema?

If any or all of these issues have caused you concern recently then you've come to the right book! A collection of articles on these topics and more, Life In Brexit Britain cuts to the chase. It's
witty, opinionated and topical to boot!

This book was written principally in response to the Brexit earthquake, but also as a comment on some of the quirks of Britain and the Western World in general. From the decline of the British high
street, the increase in impersonal interactions between the population, the increasingly mechanical nature of the moviemaking world - these are just some of the topics covered here.

I'm also distributing this book as an attempt to get people thinking, amused, or both.

Please be aware all opinions are those of the author and he respects yours too!

Table of Contents

Brexit: A Disunited Kingdom. Part 1.

Submitted: December 03, 2017

This is the first 'full' chapter in this collection of short opinion pieces. Enjoy, and please comment.
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