Edward in Adversity

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Submitted: December 03, 2017

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Submitted: December 03, 2017



At around 6 AM, Edward witnessed a shooting star in the sky when smoking out in front of the house where he lived with Chris and Hannah. With a burning passion, he did everything he could for his first economics midterm exam while Chris was playing a shooting game all day long. A rumbling of a Lamborghini echoing from the west reminded him of his father on the other side of the ocean, who loves cars, and boosted his motivation. He went back into his room silently and then set an alarm on the small wooden table. He took a small sip of AriZona Tea and then crashed into bed.

Hannah always found him reading a thick math textbook with a red cover on the same bus to college. She also knew that he studied something until dawn every single day.

“How much homework do you have?” Sometimes she ridiculed him, because she wondered why he needed so much time for doing the homework.

It was warmer than usual. There was a capricious breeze coming through the window. Edward opened his eyes feeling a little more energy than ever before. For about 8 seconds, he was hearing some cars racing on the highway near the house, imagining a demand curve shifting right on a figure.


He hopped out of the bed as moment as he looked at the alarm ticking to be a check mark.

It was unusual for him to be so panic, but he had to shout out, “Oh, Chris!”

“Hey, what’s up?” answered Chris rubbing his eye.

“It’s 10 o’clock, the starting time of my test!”

“Oh, shit. OK, I’ll take you to college.”

Edward changed his clothes in 10 seconds while Chris was brushing his teeth.

“Please, hurry up,” said Edward.

On the second corner from the house, Chris turned left unexpectedly even though he usually turned right.

“Is this way closer?” Edward asked him.

“Oh, Ed, it must be bad day,” whispered Chris, turning left on the middle of the road.

“What’s happening?” said Edward.

“Closed, the road is closed.”

More than 30 minutes had passed when they arrived at college. He said thank you to Chris and dashed through the street to the room as if he were an escaping deer. As soon as he had his usual seat, Dr. Smith walked to him slowly with an anxious look, and handed him the question sheets.

“Is it possible that there are more than one answer?” asked Edward.

“Yes, unfortunately,” said Dr. Smith.

The test seemed easier than he expected, but he had less time to answer in a calm way. He scanned each question in 5 seconds, choosing the answer and marking it on his Scantron in 10 seconds. When he reached the half of the questions, many students started to leave the room. He just devoted his full attention to the test.

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