My "Friend"

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Please don't hate I'm only 11. But this poem is based on my friend, but I'm kind of having drama with her.

Submitted: December 03, 2017

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Submitted: December 03, 2017



This is a poem about my friend. Or should I say "friend". I tried to write a poem but it's more of a message. I think it helps for me to write it out.


I always thought we were friends.

Every single day I would tell myself that we were friends.

Then these few years, you pushed it.

It was fine at first.

But you pushed it too far.

I know that you always liked to make others laugh.

This time you didn't seem to care if you hurt others in the process.

I'd tell you a secret,

You would promise not to tell.

You don't promise well. You told everybody! You didn't care.

Then one day I did a dare, a dare I didn't want to tell anybody else about...

I told you not to.

So you told the whole grade--and what-not..

So I finally asked "Why?"

And those words you said will never be forgotten.


"It was hilarious, Plus it doesn't effect me so why should I care?". 


Im sorry...



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