The Escape

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A short story about a young lad, Cole, escaping from the sinister grasps of boarding school.

This is just a few hundred word story which I wrote for pure enjoyment.

Submitted: December 03, 2017

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Submitted: December 03, 2017



Stepping onto the soft moist grass, Cole dropped from the bedroom of his boarding school and landed in a heap in a vast measure of moss. After just two weeks at Harringay’s boarding school, enough was enough! He couldn’t stand living there and sharing the room with four other boisterous and unruly boys. He had to escape! His mother had decided that it would be a good idea if he had more structure in his life, and that was more than what she could offer him at the time. His Dad and his Dad’s girlfriend also agreed. Cole knew it was just a ploy to fob off another problem child.

The boarding school was situated in the middle of the countryside; this was purposeful as it stopped anyone from trying to escape. But this notion was not going to stop Cole. It was the summer, so it was still light enough for him to escape. He had to wait until all the boys were asleep before he could slip out. Above him, he watched the sun disappear into the horizon as if the world had swallowed it up. Almost immediately, the sun had been evaporated and the moon emerged high in the sky, as if standing proud on a pedestal; he was going to be in charge for the next eight hours.

As if by magic, the countryside had disappeared into a black abyss. The only lights that guided his way were the faint sparkles of the stars winking weakly in the distant sky. Cole could relate to the distant stars; they were millions of miles away from the Earth, and that is how he felt about his unknown journey home. That is if his Mum and Dad would let him come home!

Cole didn’t have enough time to grab his shoes from the front door, as he escaped down the tangled ivy from the dormitory window, so he wadded through the moisture of the days rain, which soaked through his slippers like a fresh wet sponge. Like a blind man, he ambled through the thick undergrowth of grass and began to head towards the local forest, remembering the arching trees over the country roads which let him to that hell-hole.

A blanket of darkness covered the sky as he entered the depths of the forest. The once lush looking trees with their beautiful bloom, now looked incredibly spooky and daunting through the thickness of the night. Their branches, which had looked sweet and inviting in the daylight, looked like witches fingers, crooked and sharp, tripping Cole up as he used his hands to thrash back the bushes, like a machete, that seemed intent to get in his way and slow him down.

The brambles and thorns slashed through his pyjamas like a butter knife and he felt the blood trickle down his pale and branch-like legs. He tripped over a thick trunk and stumbled to the floor, plummeting like a shot-down plane into the damp earth. He lay there, motionless, staring at the sky which was dominated by gargantuan branches which were hiding the midnight sky.

Laying aimlessly on the floor, feeling a dull pain spread along the back of his head, it suddenly dawned on him that this was not one of his best thought out plans. If he was to escape this never ending forest, what then? How would he afford he train journey back home to London? What would the fellow commuters think of a young lad sitting on the train platform with soaked slippers and ripped pyjamas, of which had been slashed to pieces, thanks to mother nature.

His head began to spin and his stomach was tide up in knots. As he breathed deeply to try and get some clarity, the knot on his stomach decided to give one last squeeze as he heard voices fast approaching him. Unfortunately … they were familiar voices! 

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