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Life is a peculiar beast, is it not? We all sift through its contents, either taking it in stride or allowing it all to come crashing down. We push forward, bothered by the littlest things and
hardly cherishing the great memories we make. We never really make full use of all the things that make us special, do we?

This is the thought that Michael S. Train, a senior in high school on the verge of graduating. He sits and thinks, listening to the people on the television and on the radio in great frustration.
"Why does no one make good use of what makes them unique?", he'll ask himself. "Why won't anyone allow me to push for what makes me unique?"

The boy will finally have his answer. When an ancient power is rediscovered after centuries of dormancy, a strange man, bloodied from his prior trials, reemerges on the face of the Earth, and a
hunter is sent to retrieve him, what will he do. As the world begins to move at one million miles per hour, what will the Train child do. Will he take life in stride and finally live the life he
felt he deserves, finding the answers to all the mysteries he has materialized? Or will he allow this once in a lifetime opportunity to slip through his reluctant fingers? "The portal is open young
Michael... will you take your opportunity?!"

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Submitted: December 03, 2017

Oh boy, here I go writing again...
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