There’s a monster under my bed - Script

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Everyone-There's A Monster Under My Bed… By Jacob Drover
(he is awesome)

Boy-There is a monster under my bed

Narrator-the boy pointed his finger under his bed while shivering

boy-my name is george. no one believes me that there is a monster under my bed, i hope you do. just listen to me.

brother-grrrrr i’m gonna eat you!   grrrr, grrrrrrrer!

boy-the monster must be awake so i’m going into my big 

narrator-George stood there examining the vast and empty bedroom

Boy-”the monster must have eaten him! I must get mum and dad!”

Narrator-George ran downstairs to his parents

boy-mum, dad! the monster has eaten Fred, my brother.

Narrator-George and his parents walked upstairs to his bedroom

Boy-get the monster, it's under my bed! How dare you eat Fred, the most awesome brother ever

dad-i've got a torch ready to get rid of it!
mum-are you okay son, your dad and me are gonna get him or she real good.

Everyone-dun, dun! dun, dun! repeat 3 times

Narrator-George's mum and dad looked at each other then under the bed

dad-here we go!

mum-okay!!! shut up and see what's under there!!!

Narrator-George’s dad shone the torch under the bed uncovering…….

brother-Booooooo… hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Narrator-George and his parents realized that it was FRED, george’s big brother!

Mother and father-you have one week to make up for this or i will… i will… i will

Brother-or else what!?

Dad-i dont know butt i will think of a punishment… a bad one too!


Narrator-i bet he will think of one………… i think???????

Everyone-next week

brother-owww.. owww… that hurt

Mum and dad- hahahahahahahahahahaha you are getting spanked by your parents… us!!!!!!!

Boy- hahahahahahahahahahahahaha beat that you monster!!!!!

brother-(lowers his head and sighs and cries)

Everyone except the brother-lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalallalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

Brother-is it the end of the play/script thingo yet

Everyone except brother- no… this is just too funny!!!

Boy-bad luck that is what you get for trying to scare me!!!!!!

everyone-The End

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