Distorted Perfection

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A short story written for ShadaStorm120's short story contest 'The One That Binds Us'.

When a seemingly perfect world has gone without flaws for years, what will happen if that world becomes distorted and things begin to go wrong?

Submitted: December 04, 2017

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Submitted: December 04, 2017



World becomes unstable. Those words written in big, bold letters across the front page of every newsletter, the ink brought a long forgotten feeling to this world. A feeling of fear driving into every mind that believed the story.

“Eternos, I have a favour to ask you,” Cyris says throwing the newspaper onto the table, his eyes watching me closely, as if he expected me to speak, but I didn’t need to, I already knew Cyris’s reply to anything I could say. “I don’t know how to say this calmly, but our world has been peaceful for years, like a filtering system taking every negative aspect of our world and throwing it away. This is how our world works, but something has disrupted it, and if we don’t do something, our world may become imperfect.” Cyris’s words were serious, his expression didn’t carry a single sign of joy. In this world, the emotions that swept the globe was foreign, things lost and forgotten to time, sadness, anger, pain, all of it unknown to this world, like an alien virus infecting thousands of lives all at once.

Everything was changing. Where once panic was only told of in storytelling, now it was apparent in this world too. Houses, cars and even people outside flickered, some disappearing, becoming nothing more than a memory, others appearing at random. Where the light once brightened the environment instead shot shadows across the sky.

“I will find out what’s happening,” I explain turning to face the door, each step I took, I heard the panicked screams echoing from outside, the sound of cars crashing into objects that weren’t there before. I reach for the door, my hand grabbing for the door handle, but instead of feeling the cold metal object that would have allowed me to leave the room, I felt nothing but air, the door clearly visible, but more like a ghost than a physical object.

As I step through the door, a bright light blinds me, surrounding me, choking my vision. I closed my eyes in response, waiting for them to adjust. When I opened them again, I stood, shock overtaking me, running through my mind, what is happening? Where is the world I once knew? Before me were no streets, no people, no buildings. Nothing but clouds. My feet sank into the white surface, but somehow I didn’t fall through, instead it was like walking through snow. Silence surrounded me, no one was here to speak, no one was here to panic.

Everything’s gone. The world was more than just distorted. I knew that standing around would only achieve nothing, I had to move. I had to find answers. It felt like hours as I walked, everything looked the same, I couldn’t even be sure that I was moving at all.

“Your world is gone,” the voice called from behind, I turned around to find nothing, before the voice returned once more. “That place you called home was a disease, I had no choice but to remove it.” I turned around, this time I saw a cluster of particles swirling around, imitating a vortex as a figure emerged. She had a long black dress that matched the colour of her hair, her eyes watching me.

“Who are you?” I demand.

“I am Dawn. I find it strange you didn’t vanish with your world,” Dawn explains giving me a curious glance before turning away. “You won’t last long out here. Farewell,” Dawn began to walk away, but she soon stopped once she heard my voice.

“You’re the one who destroyed the world?” I ask.

“You’re world was a disease. A seemingly perfect world, filtering out everything it perceived to be negative and disposed of it, by dumping all that negativity into my world,” Dawn says before a portal begins to form in front of her.

“Stop!” I exclaim moving forwards, Dawn sighs turning her head to face me.

“It was either your world, or mine. It was your world that caused all of my problems,” Dawn explains raising her hand as a small black orb gathered at her fingertips. She tosses the orb as it shoots towards me, I duck as the orb explodes sending flames licking at my clothing. “I didn’t have much of a choice, but you’ll only try and fix your world. If you do then my world will only be doomed,” Dawn says tossing another orb towards me, I jump to the side striking the ground as it explodes.

“You didn’t have to destroy the world,” I say calmly, “if what you say is true, then there was another way,” I explain.

“Our two words were separate, yours so consumed by perfection that any influence from outside would be rejected, there was no other way,” Dawn says.

“I can help you! I know another way to fix your problem!” I exclaim.

“Another way...I’ll give you one day, if your world doesn’t stop destroying mine within that time, then I’ll destroy it for good,” Dawn says. Before I knew it she was gone and I was standing in the streets of the world I had left behind. I knew exactly what I had to do.

In the center of the town was a massive structure with a rounded roof and two glass doors at the front. Inside was neat, people walked throughout the building, many headed upstairs and others spoke with the people behind the counter. I would be going somewhere no one else in the building would be headed, to a room where no one goes. Once I quickly slid through the door before anyone could see, I rushed through the dusty hallway until I finally stood before a large machine. A machine to filter out anything bad from our world and into another. My hand grasps a lever attached to the side as I pull it down the whirring sounds of its engines disappear. I move to the side of the wall as I look upon a control panel, with a few presses of the buttons an alarm begins to ring through ears as the countdown began. 10, 9, 8. Seconds passed and soon it reached its destination of 0 just as groups of people entered the room.

I turn to face them as the machine behind me bursts into flames. I was soon surrounded as one of them approaches me. It was Cyris.

“Eternos...do you know what you have done? Our world will not be perfect for much longer, you’ve doomed us all. I’m sorry, but I have no choice but to lock you away, we haven’t had to use prisons for ages,” Cyris says.

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