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What Happens when Lucy and her friends play Ouija board one day?

Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 04, 2017



''Come on let's go!!!"Yelled Taylor.Today was the day they all gathered in one of their friends house to have a pajama party.They are a total of three friends Taylor,Lucy and Rachel.They knew each other since Elementary School.They started holding pajama parties since Taylor forced the two to come to her house on the weekend but they had so much fun that they couldn't stop.

''Okay done''Said Lucy as she packed all her stuff in the bag she was going to carry today.She was really excited to go to Rachel's house because it was the best.They waited so much for the weekend to come so they could have the same fun they always did.

''Alright''Said Taylor, the excitement was all over her face.''Hope on''Said Lucy's Dad.He would be the one taking Lucy and Taylor to Rachel's home.They got in the car and he started the engine and on they went.

On the way the both were just thinking about what they will do today just thinking about it made them super happy.

When they arrived they were greeted by Rachel and Rachel's parents.They ran to her room and took turns changing into their favorite pajamas.

''What should we do today?''Asked Lucy as she chewed on her night snack.''Hmm....maybe pillow fight?''Said Taylor with a evil grin.''On about that my Mom said no pillow fights.....''Said Rachel with a sad face.

''Oh I almost forgot I bought something this morning just for tonight.''Said Rachel as she ran out of the room leaving her two friends in confusion.

''Surprise!''yelled Rachel as she showed her friends an Ouija board with a smile.She had always been the Goth type.

''Whoa Rachel I-I don't want to play that''Said Lucy a bit scared.''Come on Lucy you never let us have fun right Taylor?''Asked Rachel which was answered by Taylor with a nod of agreement.

''Ugh''Sighed Lucy with defeat.She could not win against her.(Defeat #1)

''Okay let's start''Said Taylor with a big smile as she turned the lights off.

''Is that really necessary?''Said Lucy a little angry+scared.

''Very''Said Taylor as she laughed at how evil she can be sometimes.(Defeat #2)

Rachel pulled the board out and placed it on the ground she took a look a t the instructions and they had to chant a ritual and place some candles on each side of the board.Taylor placed candles beside the board.Lucy just sat on the bed watching her friends from afar.

Rachel and Taylor placed their hands on the board and started chanting the ritual written on the instruction.Just when they chanted the last word both of them felt a cold breeze and the candles flickered.They looked around to see that the windows were closed.They gulped and stared at each other.

Rachel and Taylor placed their hands on the board and started asking questions.''Is..is anyone there? we want to talk to you...''Asked Taylor looking at the board which didn't move.

''Anyone? we just want to talk with-''She was cut off by the moving of the Ouija board to 'yes'.

''OMG''whispered Taylor as she jerked away for a few seconds.''Did you move that Rachel?''Asked Taylor a bit scared now.

''N-no I-I didn't....I didn't''Said Rachel a little perspiring.

They slowly moved closer to the`board.''How old are you?''Asked Rachel.The board started moving.It first stopped on '1'' then '7'' saying ''17''.

''Were the same age...''Said Rachel a bit surprised.

''Are you a boy or a girl?''Asked Rachel wanting to know more and a bit excited.

The board moved to four Alphabets.'g' 'i' 'r' 'l'.

''Girl......''Whispered Taylor in a low voice almost not hearable.

Before they could ask anything else the board started moving again.'w' 'a' 'n' 't' 't' 'o'   'p' 'l' 'a' 'y'   'h' 'i' 'd' 'e'   'a' 'n' 'd'  's' 'e' 'e' 'k'?

''Are you asking if we want to play hide and seek?''Asked Taylor confused

The board moved to ''yes''.

''But your.....''Rachel trailed off not saying ''dead''.

The board started moving again.'f' 'i' 'n' 'd'   'y' 'o' 'u' 'r'   'f' 'r' 'i' 'e' 'n' 'd'.

''Find your......friend....''Said Taylor as they both realized that they hadn't heard Lucy for a while.They both looked up and tilted their head towards the bed.To their surprise Lucy was missing but they didn't hear her leave the room either.

They both looked down just to see that the Ouija board was missing.......it was gone....it disappeared....but how ? was the only thing going in their mind and both knew the answer to that.

''W-where did it go?''Asked Taylor shaking.

Just then they heard a giggle from outside.Their hearts began to sink and the more they thought about it the more it sank deeper.

Tears began to form in their eyes as they were so frightened and regretting what they had just done.

Rachel stood up slowly she began to walk towards the door and with shaky hands she turned the door knob.''No Rachel no......no...''Said Taylor as she cried a river.

She didn't listen to her because she knew it was her fault.Beause of her Lucy was missing and they had just called a ghost in their house.

She slowly peeked and tippy toed towards the outside.She heard some foot steps from above.She began to climb upstairs trying her very hard not to cry.

Just when she reached the top she heard noises from behind the roof door she reached for the door knob but it suddenly opened on its own.

She gulped as she entered the door she saw a small figure of a girl she could not recognize.Infront of the figure was their Ouija board and Lucy!!!!!!!

She took a step forward and noticed that she heard another voice and she definitely recognized it was Taylor's!

She hurried forward and saw the three of them laughing and playing the Ouija board.

She remembered then that she had left the crying Taylor alone in the room.At this thought she began to cry.''T-taylor....''Said Rachel with a whimpering voice.At her call Taylor looked up''Oh Rachel come we were just waiting for you''Said Taylor as she got up and pulled Rachel to sit with them.

''B-but-''She got cut off as she saw the girl who was sitting with them's face.She could not help but scream.

Her face was full of small and big cuts,a knife stabbed in her stomach,dress was covered in blood and mud,hairs half pulled out from the front..........and she was smilling at Rachel.

She plopped down on the floor and couldn't move a muscles she felt bile form in her throat at this sight.

''What's wrong Rachel why are you crying are you okay?''Said both Lucy and Taylor at the same time as they slowly moved towards her direction.

''N-no your not my friends NO! get away from me!! nooooooo''Rachel yelled and screamed but the last thing she saw was her friends hands reaching for her and the girl still smiling at her at the back after that everything went blank.........

The Next Morning

''It seems that there has been a very serious incident last night.Three girls were found dead on the road.The police says that it seems that they fell from the roof but how ? and why ? is still a mystery''.

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