Lost, afraid, searching

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A short prose of a person got kidnapped but escaped in the twilight, only to find that he/she got dragged into some forest in the middle of nowhere. He/she despairs, but eventually, finds the
resolve to move on...

Submitted: December 04, 2017

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Submitted: December 04, 2017



I’m scared.

Of the night, of the thick layers of clouds, the bullies of the night sky, that cover what little light there is of the silenced stars and moon.

Of the forest, of those towering trees, of the shadows swallowing me whole for their suppers.

Of the wildlife, waiting for their next kill and tentatively targeting me, of this forest’s belief of ‘Survival of the fittest’.

I feel so small.

Every living being seems bigger than me in this wilderness, so much so that I feel that a giant, one whose head reaches the clouds, would stomp on minuscule me at any moment.

Every beast is mightier than me, able to hunt me and stab me with their teeth, claws, fangs; it would be as easy as picking grass.

Everything is stronger than me, strong enough to survive and thrive, leaving me behind to perish.

I want to go home…

Back to my house and backyard, overflowing with fruitful memories of play and work, of joy and bitterness. Memories of my life there. My lovely life before I was kidnapped and dragged into the middle of nowhere. Good thing I escaped from those thugs.

Back to my warm bed, and not the stony, unsoothing ground, a safe haven from the stresses of my existence.

Back to my family, my friends and my dear dogs, because unlike this strange, unfeeling forest I’m trapped in, among them I am treasured and welcome.


I can’t despair yet.

I need to go home. I will go home.

Okay. I will not stay here any longer. I’m continuing my journey out of the forest. My loved ones are waiting for me...


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