A Best Friend I Love

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Miles is upset, disappointed and the reason is Feather. His best friend. You can also Read the first part :)

Submitted: December 04, 2017

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Submitted: December 04, 2017



"How can you be so reckless Feather? Why the hell didn't you call me? Anything could have happened to you!!!" Oh God now who is breathing fire?? I cannot move an inch from this sofa. I am afraid he will push me back so hard, i will crash against the walls behind me except Miles will never push me. No matter what he says. But the worst I can do right now is smile at my own stupid thoughts and then there is always a first time. "Do you want me to leave?"

"HAN? Wha…why would I want that?" Never.What has happened to him? Wait.."Do you want to.. Go?" I am not at all trying to hide my disappointment.. Why all of a sudden this thought?? And if he was frustrated two minutes before, now he is insanely furious.

"You would want that because I think may be you don't want me around you anymore." He ignored my second question as if he never heard it. "I NEVER interfere in your work Feather. But as a friend I deserve to know if you are in any problem or not." Best friend. "You were stranded in that hell without your medicines for two hours."

"MILES, you were miless away from me."]))) "WILL YOU BE SERIOUS FEATHER?" "No, I thought it was your turn to be serious today." "You know what? Sometimes I feel like….NEVERMIND."

So Miles IS disappointed with me. His smoldering eyes clearly expressed the turmoil going inside his head since I entered the apartment with two medical attendants.

I went to a book store today. Usually I take my medicines with me in case I need them in any emergency. But because I was going to a book store and that too Martha's Bookstore, I didn't gave a second thought to my decision of not taking my medicines. It is the most peaceful bookstore ever and it is not at all a kind of place where you get panic attacks, until today. Martha is a friend now and whenever my section is filled with new books, I am the first one who gets informed. I told Miles about it when I was leaving and he was himself preparing to leave for a date with some friend of his. He didn't said so but he was going out with a girl for coffee and only an idiot could not guess that it is a date. And I am not an idiot. Also I could see it in the way he was dressing that it is a date. Okay I am not at all jealous or anything. I am fine. Not that we are in a relationship. We are bestfriends and we are allowed to date people. Even though we never actually dated anyone else. Anyways, I was just going through the covers of the new novels Martha kept aside for me when a loud explosion somewhere deafened my ears. And then it started, first sudden feeling of fear tearing apart the layers of calmness, erupting with full force. I could hear nothing except my heartbeats racing and my heart pumping regret instead of blood. Why didn't I kept my medicines? Now very soon my weird thoughts will be controlling my body and I don't have my fucking pills. What was this explosion? A bomb blast? Terrorist Attack? Are we trapped? 'Now you are staying here without medicines. And if it is a terrorist attack, you won't even need them.' I still could not hear anything or may be my anxiety wasn't allowing me to do so. My anxious thoughts were overpowering my calm mind now. I could hear Martha calling my name again and again while I was sweating and panting with my hands covering my ears. "Feather, Feather do you want me to call Miles? Give me your phone! You need help! Feather?" I only heard 'Miles' and suddenly the fear started fading away. I requested Martha to not bother him. I could finally hear her. She was crying. For me. I wondered was I so miserable? Well apparently I was. The whole time my mind was bothering me with panicky thoughts, I was screaming. And I can imagine how my screams would have terrified Martha in that soul-less bookstore. But still calling Miles was still not my plan. Martha called the medical helpline but the explosion that happened in the next street blocked the road to the bookstore and hence I was stuck there for two hours. Panicking, crying and trying to argue with my anxious mind. Miles was already home when the two attendants opened the door of my apartment. And as soon as he saw me all tired and exhausted with two bodyguard-type attendants he understood the matter. The medical attendants gave me a lecture about how I should not take my OCD lightly especially when my panic attacks can be so severe. Poor Martha. I could see anger piling up in Miles eyes but not for the MedGuys. They turned towards Miles and warned him about taking care of me- his girlfriend. Miles just nodded never removing his eyes from mine.

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