What if There Was No More Christmas?

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Simply, what if someone took out Christmas from right under our noses?

Submitted: December 04, 2017

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Submitted: December 04, 2017





Christmas spirit.


hristmas is one of the most popular holidays in the world. People celebrate it in many ways; from reading Santa Claus stories to getting the younger generation toys to stuff under trees. But what if Christmas was suddenly taken out from under us? What if 2017's Christmas just didn't happen?

Note that this is a purely hypothetical situation and mostly deals with Christmas not being observed by the USA government.

Obviously, 2017 hasn't been the happiest year in history. However, this is precisely why Christmas is so important, especially in this year. It is one of the most light-hearted holidays of them all, simply celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. I shall take the example of a major executive's young son. He does not see much of his mother/father, and hopes that Christmas could possibly bring the family together. Ever since the start of December, he has been waiting for the twenty-fifth. Finally, the day comes. Suddenly, Christmas doesn't come. The world does not celebrate it. The boy does not see mother/father. It breaks his heart, and he loses faith in the holiday's power.

Now, let us take the perspective of a poor student in school. He tries his best, but he just can't be good at his studies. At last, the winter break comes. Note that winter break is not a seasonal holiday, but a federal holiday for schools in order to properly celebrate Christmas. He is thrilled that nobody will pressure him about his academics. Strangely, the winter break is canceled, and he must keep attending classes that he's bad at. in which people mock his academic inferiority, in which teachers give him a hard time.

Lastly, let's look at the effects on Christianity. If Christmas is not celebrated, Christianity loses one of its most major and beloved holidays. There is a chance that Christian children may have to take an excessive break from school in order to celebrate the day. Christian parents would not be able to take proper vacations to be with their children. For people outside of the religion, the effect might not be as great. However, there is no doubt that no Christmas has a toll on Christians.

Is it not now fairly obvious that it could be depressing or glum without Christmas? I hope that all those who despise Christmas now look at the holiday with new eyes, and those who simply dismiss it have a new-found respect for it. In reality, there is only one thing I have left to say: A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ME, VEE KAY AECH!

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