Monsters Treasure

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A tale of when time was young and the world is new. A creature of greed and power and how things came to be.

Submitted: December 04, 2017

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Submitted: December 04, 2017



A very long time ago, when the world was still new. Mother Nature and Father Time both carved this world together. Creatures of all sizes both large and small sprouted forth from the land in new life.

Mother Nature knew the world required a bright beautiful star of hope that would fill the land with light and warmth for a brighter future. With the assistance of Father Time they carved forth a great orb of gold and placed it high in the sky as a beacon to the land. This great orb would shine bright filling the land with its warming embrace and light. This orb would be later called the Sun, giving life to the world and everyone in it.

The Sun would become the world’s greatest prized possession. But it could only shine so bright for so long. Every twelve hours or so it would slowly recede and lower from the high heights and drift back down to the Earth to rest. Darkness would cover the land as the Sun would go away to sleep for another day. Great sorrow and sadness always followed when the Sun would disappear. How the many creatures of this world missed it.

One of Mother Nature’s greatest and most powerful creatures was a large Crocodile. He was as big as he was greedy. Anything his long jaws clutched would never be let go. Birds, beasts, trees, and flowers he took them all. He was a simple minded creature however, always had an eye out for gold and treasure. It was only a matter of time before his overwhelming greed would lay upon the Sun.

Watching as the sun shined over head in the endless burning skies the large Crocodile waited. Watching and waiting for the Sun to lower back down closer to the great Earth. With each time it lowered he would move ever closer. With every step his greed grew until overflowing. Mother Nature took notice to his dark thoughts and began to speak with the Crocodile of warnings. She tried to persuade the Crocodile to not seek the Sun for only bad things could follow. But now those warnings were just a faraway whisper to the Crocodile.

Mother Nature then turned to Father Time for assistance. Together Mother Nature and Father Time begun to create many obstacles for the great Crocodile. Ranging from deep caverns to massive scorching deserts. Father Time even once tried to capture his greedy eyes upon the worlds Coal crushed and pressure turned into Diamonds.

But that greedy Crocodile just kept slithering along. Pushing and dragging himself through the land. His determination to capture and have the golden orb for his own was far too great. For when someone is driven by a passionate desire they can do unimaginable things.

Father Time begun to surrender as he above all knew, it was only a matter of time.

The Crocodile found himself in a great field of ash and dust in the farthest reaches of the globe. Settling down he lay in wait. Slowly the large golden orb came to the fields of ash to rest. Gliding down to the ground it came too close, the Crocodiles massive jaws clamped shut around the orb. Trapping it for all eternity within his great mouth of death.

The world went dark. Creatures wept over the loss of the sun, creating massive rivers and oceans of salty water. No one could remove the orb from the Crocodile and nothing was better than the Golden orb to trade for it.

Mother Nature and Father Time begun to work on a second orb, pulling together all the resources left at their disposal. But the world had no more gold to surrender for a second great sun. Instead they used Silver as there was still plenty to go around.

Bonding the cold shininess of Silver with the warmth and brightness of what Gold could be sparred they fashioned a second orb. Casting it high into the sky this new Orb filled the world with small glimmers of light and covered the land in a cold breeze.

But just like the great golden orb Sun, this new silvery orb known as the Moon too had to rest. After a few hours of shining as strong as it could it slowly climbed back down to the earth to rest.

The Crocodile saw the new cold orb as it lowered to the great ash fields just like the Sun. Coming ever closer to the Crocodile he prepared himself. Two orbs will always be better than one was all his mind focused on.

Trying to force the Moon into his large jaw it proved impossible. For as long as he held the Sun in his teeth he could not grasp upon the Moon. Releasing the Sun the great Crocodile grasps the Moon in victory, only to lose the Sun.

Sprouting up high into the sky the Sun had returned! Warm light caressed the world once again as the Crocodile had captured the Moon and released the Sun. How all the creatures of this world cheered with joy!

Mother Nature and Father Time it would seem had the last laugh, as to this day that greedy Crocodile still sits in the Ash lands. Trading off the Moon for the Sun, and the Sun for the Moon. His greed keeps him bound to his purpose and he too found himself in the great order of life.

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