The Monsters of Galloway: The Vampires of Wigtown

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Lindsey McIntosh is young, carefree, Uni graduate and aspiring writer who has moved to Wigtown, Scotland's National Booktown in the hopes of promoting her work and finding the quiet life she has
always wanted.

Unfortunately however she soon discovers that lurking deep beneath the waters of Galloway, is an ancient evil desperate to find a new home that has set its sights on this once idyllic region.

Submitted: December 04, 2017

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Submitted: December 04, 2017



Lindsey loved Wigtown. All of her needs and loves could be found in Scotland’s national book town and she was absolutely overjoyed at the prospect of living there permanently. Sadly however little did she know she was picking the absolute worst time to be moving to Galloway.

A great evil had risen from the very depths of the waters there, whilst an even greater threat from another plane of existence had also made its way to this once idyllic location.

Things would never be the same for either Galloway or Lindsey ever again.

Lindsey had grown up in the small rural town of Wemyss bay. She developed an interest in the arts and photography at a very young age. She would spend any free time she had going on long walks through the beautiful Scottish countryside taking pictures of the sky, woods and landscape.

Her greatest interest however was always writing. She had a natural talent for it from an early age and longed to one day become a published author.

She first came to Wigtown not long after graduating from University during the Wigtown Book festival in 2013. She had hoped to make some contacts in the town, and maybe even find a way to market her work too. At the same time however she also in some respects just simply longed for a return to the countryside.

During her time at Uni Lindsey had lived with her friend Alison in the city of Glasgow.

She forged many strong and enduring friendships during her time at Uni. Above all else Lindsey would always there for her friends whenever they needed help, or even just a shoulder to cry on. Even those in her circle who didn’t know Lindsey that well still felt like they could confide their most personal secrets in her.

Throughout her entire life Lindsey had always put others before herself. She had a very easy life growing up in Wemyss bay as she came from a fairly privileged background. Thus she always felt like she owed it to people who were less well off than her to make their lives better.

Nevertheless despite how well liked she was at Uni, and the great time she had there. Lindsey still ultimately always preferred the countryside. At the end of the day she just wanted somewhere quiet where she could sit and read, and she always loved a place with beautiful scenery too.

Wigtown initially would be the perfect sanctuary for Lindsey. A tiny, quiet country town surrounded by the most gorgeous countryside, and full of people with a similar passion for the arts. It was like heaven for her.

She first moved there as part of a programme called The Open Book Project which gave people a chance to run a bookshop called The Open Book for a few weeks. Guests would even live in the flat above the shop too.

Lindsey would become friends with many of the locals as well as other people on the Volunteer programme and she would remain in contact with them for years after she left.

The person she became closest with however was the owner of another bookshop, an elder man named Simon.

Simon was the town recluse. He was in his mid to late 60’s and was generally quite dour, short tempered and anti social to those around him. Most of the locals had found him strange and somewhat eccentric too. Indeed his book shop, “Johnsons Library” (named after the previous owner) rarely saw much business as the townsfolk generally didn’t like to speak to Simon in any capacity.

Still he and Lindsey would nevertheless become very good friends and develop something of a father/daughter relationship with each other. Lindsey had been warned to not go near his bookshop when she first arrived, but that had only made her more curious.

Lindsey was like everyone else at first scared about some of the stories she had heard about Simon. Of course many of the wild stories about were exaggerated or complete lies, such as the time he supposedly shot through a rival Bookshops window after he had been told its owners were slagging him off in The Glaisnock Cafe.

Lindsey visited the shop on only her third day in the town. She was Simon’s first and only customer that day. Contrary to his reputation, Lindsey did not find Simon to be an aggressive or unpleasant person at all. He was quiet and somewhat short with her, and clearly just wanted to be left alone, but she didn’t see him as nasty or mean spirited.

Instead Lindsey actually felt sorry for Simon as she saw him as actually quite an unhappy person who shunned people simply because he was in too much pain to actually try and connect with anyone. Lindsey wanted to help him. She would visit his bookshop every day and always tried to strike up a conversation with him.

Simon was of course reluctant at first and generally tried to shoo her away. Lindsey would manage to break the ice with Simon through a shared love of the author Daphne Du Maurier.

Lindsey would always make sure to visit Simon whenever she came back down to Wigtown.

Simon would during a later visit share with Lindsey the reason why he had become such a reclusive figure for so many years. His only daughter named Louise had been killed in a tragic accident when she was just 22 years old. She had been out swimming by the beach, but was swept away by the strong current. Her death came just a few months after Simon’s wife died of brain cancer.

Simon became a recluse after the tragic loss of his family, but with Lindsey he saw something of his own daughter in this similarly kind hearted, bright young woman with a real love for the arts.

Simon had tragically only come to Wigtown in the first place because his daughter wanted to move there. She had fallen in love with the town as a little girl when she used to visit it with her family every Summer. The happiest moments from her childhood had been spent in Wigtown.

After her death, Simon found that he couldn’t leave the town as he felt that he would be leaving Louise behind.

Lindsey had also lost her father when she was just 2 years old. Though she had always been close with her mother, she lacked a father figure throughout almost her entire life. Now however she had finally found it with Simon.

Lindsey would come to regard her time at the festival as one of the happiest periods in her life. Once her time in the shop was over Lindsey returned to her flat and old life in Glasgow, but she would continue to visit the town regularly.

It would be another 3 years before she was able to move to Wigtown permanently. There were no job opportunities for her in the town at that point and she also did not have nearly enough money to live on her own anyway. (She had always wanted to make it on her own, and so was reluctant to take her mothers money.)

Sadly however when Lindsey would finally get her chance to move to Wigtown after saving up for 3 years and landing a secure job there, she would find that things had changed in a way she could never possibly have imagined. Simon had actually warned her not to mover here every time she visited.

Each time he wouldn’t say why. At first Lindsey was hurt as she thought it was because he didn’t want her near him all the time. He assured her that he would love her to be here for his sake, but for hers he pleaded with her not to move to Galloway.

Sadly she didn’t listen and it would all begin for her on the second night she spent back in Wigtown.

Lindsey had gone out to a pub after a hard days work. The pub called, The Smoking Fish. was just outside of Wigtown. It was a small walk through some nice countryside to get to it which Lindsey always enjoyed.

Though Lindsey generally didn’t like nights out, her friends from Wigtown wanted to throw her a welcome party and she was eager to see them again as her last visit had been 8 months ago.

Her friends included a married couple named Stephen and Samantha and another girl from Glasgow named Linda who Lindsey had known from Uni. Lindsey had recommended Wigtown to Linda and she had fallen in love with it just like Lindsey had. She had moved just 6 months earlier, something which Lindsey had been insanely jealous of at the time, though she didn’t let on of course.

The 4 had a nice night out sharing stories, reliving past times and catching up. In fact they stayed so long they were the last customers in the pub, and ended up having to be chucked out at the end of the night by the owner.

As they walked back through the pitch black however they all suddenly noticed a disgusting smell.

Jesus Christ what the hell is that” Linda asked. “Must be Cow droppings or something” Stephen responded. It smelled far worse however. It was practically choking the 4 of them. Just then a howling suddenly pierced its way through the darkness. Lindsey let out a scream in response. “Oh god Lindsey is always so scared” thought Linda. “She’s always ready to jump at the first thing“. It was true that Lindsey’s somewhat pampered life didn’t make her the bravest person. Even on her travels, she’d often stay in the most luxurious hotels.

Don’t be so scared Lindsey. Its probably just an animal.” Samantha said. Lindsey wasn’t convinced however. She looked around frantically, but could hardly see anything in the dark. Maybe it was just a fox or a dog that had scurried away? Just as she began to calm down however Lindsey thought she could see something moving about in the bushes at the other end of the road behind them.

She tried to alert the others to it but again they dismissed her claims thinking it was just Lindsey being, well Lindsey.

Lindsey didn’t relent however. She knew something wasn’t right and forced her friends to look around, but just as they did a man suddenly came stumbling out of the trees and onto the road in front of them. They were all a little taken aback and as the man came closer the heinous stench suddenly got worse.

Stephan got in front of the women and asked the stranger what he wanted. He was met with a silence. Lindsey, Stephan, Linda and Samantha all now started to get scared. Stephen told the man firmly to get out of the way or else he would make him.

This time Stephen’s threat was met with a hideous, high pitched laughter. The figure in the dark slowly moved forward revealing his hideous visage.

None of the four of them had ever seen anything like him in their life. The figures skin was bright green, scaly and rotting looking. It was also covered in barnacles too. It was completely bald, and a hideous blue slime dripped from its nostrils and its finger tips. Its eyes were bright red and a hideous black slime dripped from its mouth. The monsters tongue was tar black meanwhile and its teeth which were all razor sharp fangs (though the upper canines were still longer than the rest.) Were yellow, rotting and stained with the black tar from the monsters mouth.

The creature wore what looked like a blue net which came down like a toga over its top and down its legs. Its hands and feet however were completely bare, and it had massive, rotting, yellow talons on the ends of its fingers and toes.

As all 4 backed away slowly from the hideous creature, suddenly another one of the twisted abominations leaped from the bushes behind them and pounced on Samantha.

Stephen tried to tackle the monster but it was no use. The creature, whatever it was, its strength was limitless. Stephen, punched it, kicked it with all his might but it accomplished nothing and with one smack of its hand the creature sent Stephen tumbling to the ground.

The monster sunk its fangs into Samantha’s neck and tore her throat out in a matter of seconds!

After it killed her it then simply looked up at Stephen who had gotten back on his feet and smiled at him. The blood and mangled flesh of Stephen’s wife, dripping from its fangs.

Stephen was over come with rage and tried to attack the beast, but again it was hopeless as the monster effortlessly overpowered him and beat him to the floor, eventually knocking him out cold.

Lindsey and Linda meanwhile had similarly struggled with their monster. It had focused most of its attention on Linda and had begun to choke her. Lindsey grabbed the beasts arms but its skin was burning to the touch. Lindsey let go right away from the pain and when she looked down at the palms of her hands she could see that they had been burnt.

The monster suddenly turned its attention to Lindsey. It could sense that she was the more sensitive and scared of the two women and as a result it wanted to hurt her more.

The monster grabbed Lindsey by the throat before she could even attempt to run away. Not only was it inhumanely strong, but it was fast too.

Lindsey couldn’t even scream as the monster held her throat so tight, and she could feel herself blacking out from the pain, but just before she would have fainted the beast suddenly threw her into the forest on the other side of the road.

The monster was playing with her. It didn’t want to kill, or even just knock Lindsey out yet. This thing was absolutely relishing in the pain and suffering it was causing its victims.

Lindsey scrambled to her feet. She could barely stand from the pain in her neck but her determination pushed her on. As she turned around she saw through the trees the second monster beating Linda, having completely overpowered and knocked out Stephen, whilst Samantha lay lifeless on the road behind them.

Lindsey burst into tears. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Just a few minutes ago she had been having a great time with her friends and now her entire life was being ripped apart.

Lindsey was torn at what to do. On the one hand she couldn’t bare the thought of leaving her friends, but the terror she felt, just simply looking at what could only be described as a pair of monsters, was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

Suddenly Lindsey felt a burning sensation on her back as the beast dug its talons into her from behind.

She struggled to get free but the monster sunk its claws in deeper. She screamed as loud as she could, but it was no use. There was no one around who could help her. She could hear the monsters high pitched, piercing laughter get louder the more she screamed.

Lindsey rather than try and struggle out of the creatures claws just pulled forward with all her strength. She got free but she lost a massive amount of skin and flesh on her back.

She felt faint from the pain and blood loss, but managed to stagger to her feet. Again the monster was nowhere to be seen.

She backed away slowly, constantly looking around. The pain was overwhelming, and Lindsey was struggling just to stand. Her knees gave way and she fell to the forest floor. She could feel a blackness coming over her, but just then her inhuman tormentor let out another ear piercing scream. Lindsey was jolted by the noise, and instantly looked up to see the monster towering over her.

The beast was smiling with sadistic delight. Its fingers were no dripping with Lindsey’s blood (as well as its own blue slime.) The monster began to lick Lindsey’s blood off of its fingers before it spat in her face.

The foul smelling, thick, black spit, mixed in with her own blood landed on Lindsey’s cheek. It burned just as badly as the beasts skin had done.

Lindsey tried to wipe it off her face, but the thick black tar just got stuck on her hand too.

The creature approached Lindsey slowly. Every few seconds it would stop and then stare at her for a few moments before suddenly moving quickly making her jump, before stopping again. Each time it startled Lindsey the monster would burst into a fit of laughter.

Lindsey began to weep and tried foolishly to plead with the monster.

“Please I just want to go home. I don’t know what you want, but I swear I’ll do anything if you just leave me and my friends alone.”

The beast smiled. By showing how scared and desperate she was, Lindsey was only making her tormentor want to hurt her more.

Anything?” the monster said. Its voice had a horrible gurgling sound to it. You could hear the horrible black slime squelching in its mouth with every word it spoke. “the problem is. I want to hurt you”.

Lindsey sobbed and got down on her knees pleading. “Why? I’ve never done anything to anyone, I’m completely unimportant“. The monster got closer, smiling with delight.

I’m not impressed. I want to see you beg more. Go on beg, plead, cry, whimper or I’m going to have to hurt you again.” Lindsey put her face to the ground in despair. As the monster slowly reached down to grab her hair however Lindsey managed to grab two handfuls of dirt on the forest floor and hurled them into the creatures eyes.

It was her only chance and she took it, and she managed to run back across the road with all her strength whilst the beast was temporarily blinded.

Lindsey saw that Linda, Stephen and the second monster had gone. Seemingly vanished without a trace? She didn’t have time to think about them however as her tormentor came running after her hissing and slobbering. Lindsey knew she could never even attempt to outrun him. The road back to Wigtown was too long. Her only chance of escape was to make her way back to the pub. It was still a while away, but it was nevertheless nearer than the town. If she kept her lead over the monster, maybe she could just make it.

Lindsey ran as fast as she could. Even with the pain in her back she darted down the road at an incredible speed. The creature followed Lindsey and managed to grab her by the arm, but again Lindsey pulled free with all her strength, losing another chunk of skin and flesh in the process. The creature reached out again, and ran its claws down her back, but again Lindsey managed to keep ahead barely. She soon realised that the monster was just toying with her yet again. Still she didn’t give up and managed to make it to the front doors of The Smoking Fish.

She slammed herself against the front door and started screaming as loudly as she could, but there was no answer.

The monster stood laughing at her. “No one can help you little girl. Even if the owner comes out to help you, I’ll kill him just as easily as I’ll kill you.

Lindsey wasn’t listening however. She just kept thumping on the doors with all her strength, screaming for help.

Her cries were soon answered when the doors swung open and the owner of the pub, a man named Jack Thompson emerged. Initially he was angry thinking it was just rowdy drunks and came out with a pool cue to ward them off. Jack wasn’t one for messing about.

However Jack dropped the cue in shock when he saw Lindsey covered in her own blood, and just about ready to faint, with a hideous, cackling monster behind.

Just like the others Jack was overwhelmed by the stench. In fact he started gagging on it.

“What the hell are you, you freak?” Jack blurted out whilst holding the pool cue to the monsters neck. “I don’t want to know actually, just get the hell out of here.

The monster smiled revealing its black tar and blood stained fangs, a sight that made Jack want to be sick.

What makes you think she is the victim here?” it said whilst barely able to contain its laughter. “For all you know she attacked me and I just defended myself. People always assume I’m evil just because I’m ugly. I’m a really nice guy honest.” Jack wasn’t laughing.

He poked the monster in the chest and told it to clear off a second time but again it just smiled back at him. “Are you judging me just for how I look? Oh dear I’m going to have to hurt you too now“. Lindsey meanwhile had fallen to her knees. She had used the last of her strength to get here, but now she was beginning to faint again. She crawled along the floor past Jack and into the pub.

The monster suddenly roared, spraying its hideous black slime in Jack’s face. Jack stumbled back, clutching his face in absolute agony and monster started to attack the pub owner whilst he was vulnerable.

Lindsey screamed at it to stop, but there was nothing she could do. She was so weak from blood loss that she could barely stand. Lindsey finally felt like giving up. There was seemingly no hope. As she lay there bleeding, Jack still tried to fight the monster but it was hopeless.

Just as it had done with Lindsey the monster toyed with Jack. It would effortlessly dodge his strikes, taunt him and then when he was at his most furious it would scratch him again or spit in his face.

Just then however as Jack also felt like giving up suddenly another figure appeared behind the beast and struck it with Jack’s pool cue. The figure was a young woman with black hair, scraped back in a pony tail. She dressed in somewhat plain, grey clothing and had a real tomboyish look about her.

As the monster struggled to its feet, Jack much to his surprise suddenly saw a look of fear come over the creatures face. He didn’t think anything could scare something that looked like that.

The monster stood its ground however, but it was obvious that it was somewhat shaken by the woman’s presence. The woman meanwhile was not scared at all. In fact she instead had an almost indifferent look on her face.

You’re all such pathetic cowards.” She spat at the monster in absolute disgust. The monster tried to strike first, but the woman lifted out a cross in its direction, which caused it to shriek in pain and cower momentarily, but it soon recovered and tried to hit her again. The woman ducked however and smacked the monster with the cross right in its face.

As the monster staggered back, Jack could see the cross had burned its face.

The woman started whacking the monster repeatedly with the pool cue until eventually she rammed it straight through the monsters chest. The monster let out a scream before crumbling into a pile of ash before a shocked Jack.

Jack didn’t know what to say. The woman had turned her attention to Lindsey now who had since passed out. The woman barked at Jack, “don’t just stand there. This woman needs help call an ambulance.

Jack was snapped back to his senses “you’re right of course I’m sorry.” The woman did not wait for the ambulance to come. She told Jack this wood was crawling with similar creatures and that she had to see if there were more people in need of help. Despite his protests she left just as quickly as she had arrived.

Lindsey woke up the next morning in a hospital bed. She had lost quite a bit of blood, but fortunately for her, her wounds were not life threatening.

Lindsey hadn’t seen the woman who saved her life. She had no idea just what her attacker was, but she knew he wasn’t human. She didn’t share that fact with the police afterwards however as she knew they wouldn’t believe her. She simply told them that she had been attacked by a foul smelling man with tremendous strength. Lindsey was terrified for her friends. She wanted to tell the police that whatever took them away was well a monster, but what good would it do?

After a couple of days Lindsey was released from hospital. Each day was spent constantly worrying about Stephen and Linda. Sadly the police were unable to find any trace of them. Lindsey blamed herself. It was foolish of course for her to think there was anything she could have done to help them. She was lucky to have barely escaped from the monsters herself, but still she would keep going over the events of that horrible night in her head again and again.

Simon would be Lindsey’s main source of support in the first few days after this horrible ordeal. Though she had other friends in Wigtown and they were all there for her, Simon would really be the only person Lindsey would confide in.

Simon could obviously relate to losing someone under the most tragic circumstances.

Even then however Lindsey felt she could still not tell Simon about the true nature of the men who attacked her and her friends. Little did she know however Simon actually knew what they really were.

He had had dealings with similar creatures many years before and had a feeling based on what Lindsey had told her that they were behind this.

He didn’t let on to Lindsey however as he didn’t want to drag her into the horrible world these creatures lived in. He hoped even with her traumatic experience that eventually Lindsey would move on and return to her old life of blissful ignorance of the paranormal.

Sadly however just 5 days after the attack Lindsey would be visited by a man named Matt Manning. Manning was quite a heavy set man with a very posh, refined English accent. He was very well dressed and very charming on the surface.

Matt approached Simon, knowing from asking around that he was good friends with Lindsey. Simon was reluctant to tell him anything about Lindsey. Despite the fact that Matt claimed to have knowledge on Lindsey’s attackers, Simon told him to leave. Simon believed Matt that he knew what they were and that was why he wanted him gone. He even told Matt as he pushed him out of the front door. “I know what those men were too and I don’t want Lindsey to have anything to do with them”.

Matt however did not heed the bookshop owners warning. He would stay close to his shop and eventually he cornered Lindsey when she came to see Simon that afternoon.

I’m sorry to bother you young lady. My name is Matt Manning. I saw your story in the papers a few days ago. I have important information on the er, the men who attacked you. I would have come sooner but I had some important business to take care of. Please can we talk.

Lindsey was a little thrown by his question. He didn’t look like a policeman but any news about her friends was welcome and so she agreed to speak with him.

Unfortunately before Matt could speak, Simon came storming out of his shop. He had seen Matt corner Lindsey outside his shop and was furious that he was still trying to bother her in this trying time.

I thought I told you to leave her alone” Simon barked at Matt. “You did but I didn’t care” Matt said back in a dry tone.

Simon grabbed Matt by his lapels and started to threaten him. Lindsey however intervened. She pushed Simon away. “Please! At least hear him out. If he knows anything about what happened to Stephen and Linda then we need to know!”

Matt pushed Simon off of him and straightened his coat. “Thank you Miss McIntosh. Now as you know the eh men who attacked you. They weren’t what you’d call normal where they. Not that any men who jump people in the middle of countryside at night are normal mind you. Still you don’t think they seemed a little… monstrous?

Simon was getting visibly uncomfortable at what Matt was asking and again interrupted Matt, telling him that he thought it was sick that he was playing a joke on Lindsey after her recent ordeal, but Lindsey ignored Simon and simply responded with a quiet “YesWhat where they?

Matt paused for a minute. Even though he had done this many times, he still didn’t know what was the best way to tell someone. “They were Vampires” he told Lindsey firmly.

Lindsey in response began to walk away.  Matt hurried after her, but Lindsey turned around “I don’t know what your sick game is, but I just lost a friend, maybe three. Please if you have any decency just leave me alone“.

Matt tried to speak but again Simon interrupted him and told him to get lost or else he would call the police. Matt stood his ground however and responded to Simon.

I don’t know what your problem is? You told me you know what those things were? You know the truth, yet you want to keep it from this young woman you claim to care about? How dare you try and deprive her of the chance to know what happened to her friends”.

Lindsey still wasn’t listening to him. “Go away now!” She barked in fury at MattMatt could see he wasn’t getting through to her now so he backed off, but before he left he told Lindsey that he needed to know as much as he could about her attackers. He told her that any information could help, and that if she wanted to contact him later, then he would be at a nearby caravan site called Clayshant, specifically in the blue caravan at the end of the site.

Lindsey just wanted Matt to go and he obliged after he told her where she could find him.

Though Lindsey had just dismissed Matt as a lunatic at first. Not long after she had sent him away and settled down in Simon’s shop, she found herself thinking twice about what he said.

She still wasn’t ready to accept that those men were Vampires, but at the same time she knew that they weren’t normal. How did Matt know that when she had kept those details from the police?

She started to go over her conversation with him thinking she had been too rash. Did he maybe just mean that they were like Vampires perhaps? Was she throwing away Stephen and Linda’s only chance by not aiding perhaps the only man who could genuinely help them?

All of these thoughts plagued her mind as well as the thoughts that Matt could just be a sick liar playing games with her.

Simon could see that Lindsey was conflicted and tried to comfort her. “I’m sorry you had to go through that Lindsey. No one should have to go through that kind of tragedy, but to then have a sick bastard like that try and make a joke out of it.

Lindsey wasn’t comforted however. Instead she actually thought back to how Matt had claimed that Simon knew what those men were. At the time she had just dismissed it as ramblings from a mad man, but now the more she thought about it, the more she thought that perhaps Simon was actually keeping something from her.

He had seemed so desperate to get rid of Matt. Obviously she knew that he loved her and just wanted to protect her but at the same time the more she thought about it, the more he seemed actively scared of what Matt was saying. There was clearly more to this and Lindsey wanted to know.

That man. Matt. He said you knew what those things that attacked me and my friends were. Why did he say that? 

Simon scoffed at Lindsey “This is a man who thinks Vampires exist. Are you really going to try and make sense of his ravings?”

“Then why where you so desperate to try and shut him down? It looked like you were afraid of what he had to say?

Simon began to protest loudly. He knew it wouldn’t do any good. She was on to him, but he still felt he had to do all he could to steer Lindsey off of this dangerous path.

I wanted him to shut up because I care about you Lindsey! I know how hard this has been for you and the last thing I wanted was for some crazy bastard to start bothering you with stories about Vampires and sea monsters!

He didn’t mention sea monsters?” Lindsey responded. Simon again tried to swerve away from the question, but Lindsey was persistent.

I think you know everything that’s going on here. I’m not angry. I do understand. Whatever the truth is, its so horrible you want to keep me as far away from it as much as you can. But I deserve to know.”

Simon still wasn’t swayed by her words and lied to Lindsey once again, telling her that he honestly knew nothing about the men who attacked her.

Lindsey had had enough. “Fine if you wont be honest with me, I’ll go to Clayshant and ask Matt.”

Simon began to panic and begged her not to go. “Why? Are you afraid I’ll find out something you don’t want me to know?” Lindsey said. “No I’m afraid of you going to meet a crazy bastard that thinks Vampires are real on your own!” Simon fired back.

Then come with me? What are you afraid of really? This is your last chance to be honest with me Simon.”

Simon knew it was useless to try and keep things from her for any longer.He let out a sigh and told Lindsey to sit down whilst he told her something that he had hoped he would never have had to.

You’re right Lindsey. I was lying to you. Please forgive me. I couldn’t bare the thought of anything happening to you. 20 years ago I lost my beloved wife Sophie. Her death nearly destroyed me. The only reason I went on was Louise, my daughter. Then when I lost her my life was over, but in the last few years thanks to you I’ve actually felt happy for the first time in decades.

Lindsey began to tear up. Even though she and Simon had been very close for the last 3 or so years, this was the first time he had ever really admitted how he felt about her.

I love you like a daughter Lindsey, and that’s why I want you to promise me that after you know the truth about these ‘men’ who attacked you, you will steer clear of the world they inhabit.”

Lindsey said back to Barclay “I love you too. You are like a father to me, but I’m sorry I can’t promise anything until I actually know just what the these things are?

And with that Simon didn’t put it off any longer and finally told her the truth. “That man we spoke to earlier. He wasn’t lying. Those things that attacked you. They were Vampires. I know it sounds unbelievable, but believe me I have experience with these monsters too. They killed Louise.

Lindsey was in shock. She still wasn’t prepared to admit that Vampires could actually exist, but she obviously knew that Simon would never lie to her about something like this.

There are in fact many different species of Vampire” Simon continued. “It doesn’t really matter though, they’re all disgusting, hateful, monsters. Still the breed that attacked you I believe are known as the Melesk. They generally tend to live under the sea. They’ve been at war with Mermaids for many centuries now.

Mermaids!” Lindsey exclaimed? “Surely you are kidding?” but Lindsey could see that her friend was very serious about this.

He continued “Just a few months ago it appears the war was won by the Mermaids. They managed to finally drive the Vampires out of their area under the ocean. Sadly however that was bad news for us as the Vampires were driven out onto the land. The Mermaids didn’t care. As long as the Vampires were out of their hair then so what?

Lindsey thought back to a recent news story in Galloway. Just before she moved to Wigtown, the town of Port Logan had been cut off from the rest of Galloway after a recent natural disaster supposedly levelled the town. The official reason no one was allowed near it, was that the town was being rebuilt. Lindsey now wondered however if it had something to do with the Vampires instead.

Yes, it was. Well not Vampires, but Demons. There were many creatures under the ocean that the Mermaids drove out. Some allied with the Vampires, others were just lone monsters. Galloway has been infested with them ever since. That’s why I didn’t want you to come down here Lindsey. Of course I could hardly tell you not to come because of Demons. Still yes Port Logan was the first casualty. Someone I know from the town told me what happened.

Lindsey seemed shocked “There’s someone you like here apart from me?” She joked “I’m more surprised to hear that than that Vampires exist“.

Simon laughed a little bit to himself. Lindsey was the only person who could make him laugh these days “Well this was an old friend I had known from years ago. We had drifted apart, but still after he survived the monsters onslaught he told me what happened, as he knew I had experience with the paranormal. He told me how the monsters overran the town. A horde of them emerged from the sea and onto the beach. My friend could see it from his window. He had heard stories about the strange creatures lurking in the water, I’d also obviously told him what had happened to Louise. But I don’t think even he believed they were really out there until he saw them. The creatures swept across the town, tearing people apart in the streets, breaking down their front doors and murdering them in their own homes.

Was there no one who could fight back?” Lindsey asked.

No. A few people have known about the monsters that lurk under the waters of Galloway for some time now. Sailors, fishermen who’ve seen them, but no one really bothered to try and fight them. There were attacks before the monsters kingdom fell. Not as frequent, of course but still this region has always been plagued by those abominations, but most people preferred to shut their eyes and pretend they didn’t exist. Apart from one person, but he wasn’t here any more.

Simon paused. He had a look of guilt on his face when talking about this person and he quickly changed the subject.

My friend only survived because he was able to slip away during the monsters feeding frenzy“.

Feeding frenzy? What’s that?” Lindsey asked almost wishing she hadn’t.

Its when the monsters throw a group of their victims into a pile and then tear them apart whilst they are still alive. My friend managed to barely crawl away when the monsters were feeding. They tore several chunks out of him. He even lost a hand in the frenzy, but he managed to crawl out from under the bodies and then he ran through the streets and out into the woods. He was one of only 4 people to escape the town“.

What happened to the Demons” Lindsey asked.

The town was eventually quarrantined by Rentros. Rentros are an organisation designed to not only contain the supernatural, but also prevent us from learning about them. They arrived in Galloway after more and more strange occurrences started happening over the region, once the Mermaids drove the monsters out. Didn’t bother with us much before mind and even now they’ve only a sent a couple of agents but they’ve managed to at least contain Logan and come up with a good cover story for the press.

Well maybe if they spent more time hunting monsters and not just lying to the press I wouldn’t have been attacked.” Lindsey fumed.

Well a lot of people have been having that conversation for years about whether Rentros are heroes doing a hard, thankless job, or making things worse by lying to us about the paranormal.

Lindsey still angry said “I’m going to go with the latter I’m afraid. If I’d known these things were out there, if all of us did then what happened to us that night could have been avoided.”

Simon said mournfully “I’m sorry Lindsey. I feel as though I am also responsible. I’ve known the truth for many years and I didn’t tell you either“.

Don’t be ridiculous. How could you have told me? I would have thought you were a lunatic. These people however, they have proof and the choose to keep it from all of us. They do those monsters work for them.

Simon continued “Well I’m not exactly their biggest fans either. Ever since they made me lie.” He paused for a moment. Tears began to well in his eyes. ” About the worst thing ever to happen to me. I’ve been lying all these years about how Louise died to most people. Imagine that. Having so few people you could confide in about the biggest tragedy in your life. Even you, someone I love until now I had to tell you a lie about what happened to Louise.”

For the first time Lindsey didn’t want to hear anymore. She couldn’t bare to hear how he had suffered, but still she knew it was better to finally let him get it out after so many years.

We had gone on a day out together. My wife had passed away just a few months prior. Louise always loved exploring the countryside near Wigtown, but after her mother’s death she’d spend practically all of her time wandering through the woods. I thought it would be quite nice if I gave her a lift to Powfoot, as I still played a little Golf there. I was playing Golf whilst she had gone down to the beach. She was out swimming when

Simon had to stop. He began to sob uncontrollably. “Its okay” Lindsey said “You don’t have to tell me this. I don’t want you to have to even think about it

Simon interrupted “I want to tell you about it. I’ve wanted to get it off my chest for so long. Its just difficult.”

Once Simon had managed to compose himself he continued his sad story.

One of those monsters, a Vampire, just like the ones that attacked you and your friends found Louise, whilst she was completely alone and vulnerable.

It grabbed her by the foot whilst she was swimming and sunk its teeth into her leg. She managed to wriggle free and swim back to the shore, but that disgusting monster followed her. Still she managed to limp her way back to the golf course I was on.

Me and my friend Charlie were the only two people there. We instantly ran to Louise’s aid and I hit the monster as hard as I could with my golf club right across its revolting face, but it did nothing. Charlie was knocked out cold before he could even do anything.

The monster dug its claws into my stomach. I’ve never felt pain like it in my life. It smiled the more I screamed, but I wasn’t its main target so it simply threw me across the field and went after Louise. It dragged her kicking and screaming back to ocean. I followed it, practically holding my guts in with my hands. The monster was too fast for me. It was away in a flash, yet when I made it to the beach I could still see Louise, right in the middle of the water up to her waist.

It obviously wanted me to see what it was going to do to her. I jumped into the water to try and save her, but every time I got near to her the monster would pull her further away. It prolonged this torture for, I don’t know how long, but as soon as the monster got bored it attacked me instead. I wouldn’t have stood a chance against it, even if I hadn’t been bleeding to death. It knocked me out and when I woke up I was back on the beach. The monster had obviously dragged me back there. It clearly wanted me to live with the pain of losing my daughter. Killing me then would have been the kind thing to do, so there’s no chance the Vampire would have just let me die.

When I came to I barely had enough strength to stand, but Charlie managed to find me and get me to the hospital. I tried to tell the police what it was that killed Louise but they didn’t believe me and a few days later I was paid a visit by a member of Rentros. They had heard from one of their agents in the police force about my case and obviously wanted to silence me.

Charlie was so intimidated by the whole thing that he fled Wigtown and never looked back. I haven’t heard from him since.

Simon paused for a minute. In some ways it was even harder for him to tell Lindsey the next part of his story.

I didn’t have to deal with it entirely on my own. Not at first. There was someone who tried to make a difference unlike that pathetic coward George. Sadly however this time I was the one who let somebody down. His name was Michael Berkoff. He was a sailor who had spent his entire life in Galloway. He was originally quite a quiet, unassuming man. For the first 40 years of his life he didn’t really have any friends, partners. No one who worked with him for years really knew much about him.

However all of that was to change when he met the love of his life, Maressa.

Maressa was no ordinary lady. In fact she was a Mermaid. Like the other members of her kind, she had spent her entire life fighting a war against the Vampires, but unlike other members of her kind, she always dreamed of a better life on the surface.

There is a spell that can allow a Mermaid to grow legs and live on the surface world. Maressa had learned it when she was a child from her mother Sarra. Sarra had attempted to cast the spell on herself and her daughter. She had been happy to fight the Vampires for virtually her entire life until she had a child. The Mermaids had been taught to raise their children to be warriors, simply for survival against the Vampires. Sarra however couldn’t bare put her child through that. A childhood deprived of any kind of comfort or happiness, before being sent off to die in a bloody conflict with the most heinous monsters.

I’m not surprised” Lindsey replied mournfully.

Indeed. She only wanted what was best for her daughter. Sadly her people didn’t see things the same way. They viewed her as a traitor, and a coward. When they found her trying to flee with her daughter they executed her in the usual Mermaid way for deserters. They smeared her in blood and entrails and threw her in the middle of a Shark infested area. She was eaten alive.

Lindsey winced in disgust “These Mermaids sound as bad as the Vampires, and to think I always loved The Little Mermaid growing up.

Well not quite” said Simon. “But yes it does seem that Mermaids and Vampires for that matter have had a good press over the years: Maressa was spared, but for the rest of her life under the the ocean she would always yearn for the life her mother had promised her. Just before they butchered her, Sarra left a copy of the enchantment with her daughter. Maressa could have used it at any time but she didn’t for 30 years out of a combination of a sense of duty to her people and obviously fear of sharing the same fate as her mother.

I wouldn’t have any loyalty to them” Lindsey said. “I don’t know why she’d have any guilt about leaving the monsters that killed her mother behind. I’d be happy just to let the Vampires and the Mermaids all slaughter each other“.

Simon frowned “Now Lindsey, the Mermaids certainly aren’t as cuddly as the Disney movies would have you believe, but don’t judge an entire species by a few bad apples. After all its not like humanity’s hands are clean is it.

What about Vampires? You said they were all monsters?” Lindsey said in response.

There is a big difference between Vampires and Mermaids. A Vampire is a Demon compelled naturally for evil. A Mermaid is merely a magically infused human being. They are still capable of both good and evil just like we are. Fighting the Vampires for years however hasn’t exactly brought out the best in them.

I see. Well I suppose you’re right its not like Mermaids started two world wars.” Lindsey said jokingly.

Well actually there have been 8 World Wars under the ocean, but that’s besides the point. Maressa would finally be able to leave the blood soaked waters she had grown up in when the Vampires scored a number of large strategic victories against the Mermaids. Though they would turn the tables on the bloodsuckers just a few decades later, at that point all seemed lost for the Mermaids.

Marresa fled to the surface not simply because it was what she had always wanted, but because if she didn’t she would have either been killed, or worse. Ended up in the Vampires torture camps.”

Lindsey interrupted “but how did the Mermaids manage to overthrow the Vampires if things were that bad?

Oh it was simple really. They finally let go of an age old prejudice. You see for centuries the Mermaids had persecuted another race of magically fused, aquatic humans. The Cecelia’s. The Cecelia’s are half human, half Octopus creatures.

The Mermaids were the favourites of Posiedon himself you see. He found the Cecelia’s to be ugly, slimy creatures so he forced them to be the servants of the Mermaids. After he left the Mermaids weren’t exactly eager to give up their own personal servants. It took them years, but eventually the Cecelia’s were able to mount a revolution against their masters which led to the 7th Great Ocean War that spread out across the world under the sea for over a century.

It ended with a Mermaid victory. The Mermaids for the next few hundred years would be even more brutal in their attempts to completely crush any form of resistance out of the Cecelia’s.

Whilst the Cecelia’s may have lost, they did set the Mermaids back long enough for the Vampires strength and numbers to grow which led to the 8th undersea World War. The Cecelia’s initially used the war with the Vampires to rebel. They weren’t able to destroy the Mermaids, not that they wanted to. As bad as the Mermaids were, they knew that the Vampires would be worse. They hoped that the Mermaids would win out in the end and destroy the Vampires after which they could then re-emerge and take over.

They waited for years slowly building their forces up and launching strikes against both the Vampires and the Mermaids. Unfortunately the unthinkable happened and the Vampires won the war. The Cecelia’s were still in no position to fight the Vampires. So they found themselves reluctantly allying with the few Mermaids who had not been captured. The Vampires cruelty far exceeded that of the Mermaids at their absolute worst. Even the Cecelia’s ended up taking pity on the Mermaids when they saw how much they were suffering at the Vampires hands. I guess the Vampires have a way of bringing people together. Nothing unites people like mutual disgust. It wasn’t just an alliance between the Cecelia’s and the Mermaids however. There were many other ocean dwelling species. Hundreds who had similarly been ruled by the Mermaids. None had suffered as much as the Cecelia’s, but again none of them were eager to help the Mermaids until it became apparent just how much more dangerous and evil the Vampires were.”

Lindsey interrupted still not swayed on the idea of Mermaids being any better than Vampires. “So the Mermaids and their worst enemies working together managed to overthrow the Vampires. It’d be a touching story. If they didn’t you know push them out onto the land and then not give a shit about them torturing and killing us all over the world.

I agree.” Simon said. “though to be fair if the Vampires had remained in control of the oceans, after they had killed off all of the Mermaids, Cecelia’s and other creatures down there, they’d have come for us anyway. At least now they are a scattered force around the world and not a fully unified empire. Anyway, not to get off topic, but Marissa.”

Lindsey had almost forgotten who they were originally talking about. Whilst she had been horrified at hearing about the true nature of the evil that now dwelled in Galloway, at the same time she was somewhat fascinated at hearing about this incredible new world.

Maressa managed to make it to the surface where she hoped to perform the spell, but unfortunately just as she was on the cusp of finishing it she found out that some of the Vampires had followed her. The monsters had waited until she within a hairsbreath of the life she had always wanted to corner her.

The disgusting monsters would spend hours torturing her, but fortunately however Maressa would be saved by a passing ship. Michael was of course among the crew. When he saw the young lady being terrorised by these disgusting creatures he jumped into the waters to try and save her. He was instantly overpowered and beaten, but fortunately his distraction gave Maressa enough time to turn the tables on her tormentors and climb onto the boat. The Vampires tried to sink the boat, but the sailors managed to ward them off and get it back to the harbour. The Vampires probably fled so as not to draw more attention to themselves rather than because they were scared of the hapless sailors.

Once she was in the clear Maressa finally finished her spell and two legs appeared in place of her fish tail.

Michael took pity on her. All of the other sailors were terrified of what they saw and told Maressa to leave them alone. Michael however just simply saw her as a scared young woman and took her in. 

They ended up falling in love with each other and eventually had two girls. Maressa loved the quiet and peaceful life that Michael gave her. After all those years of bloodshed, pain and misery, it was heaven for the former Mermaid to live out the life her mother had always wanted, but sadly Maressa couldn’t escape her past.”

I don’t know if I want to hear this” Lindsey said with regret.

“I feel I owe it to Michael to let at least one person know what he did for Galloway, what he went through, and how I let him down.”

I’m sorry. I understand“, Lindsey replied.

“The Vampires managed to track Maressa down. They spent ages threatening her and her children. They’d do things like send them threatening notes, as well as pieces of Mermaids they’d slaughtered in their camps.”

Michael even told me that one day when he was playing with his children in the park he saw one of the monsters just standing there watching them in the bushes. He had never been so scared. He and his children didn’t move for ages as they were terrified of the monster pouncing on them. Every now and again it let out a little smile which would send shivers down Michael and his two girls spines.

Eventually when someone else came over to see what was going on the monster vanished in a flash.

Finally however the abominations got bored and brutally murdered Maressa’s two children. Maressa was still a powerful warrior, but sadly the Vampires were too numerous and on the land they were much faster than her. She was used to battling them under the sea where she had the advantage in terms of speed.

After murdering her children the Vampires swore they would take her husband next and would similarly taunt the both of them with threats for weeks afterwards, until eventually they kidnapped both of them.

Maressa didn’t go down without a fight, but sadly it was no good as she was outnumbered by the Vampires. The Vampires tortured the both of them, but just when they were finally about to end Michael’s suffering by impaling him with a large skewer, then Maressa managed to push her husband out of the way. She was killed instead.

The Vampires were furious. They had wanted to make Maressa an example to any other Mermaid that dared to try and escape to the surface world. They wanted to make Maressa’s life on the surface world far worse than her life under the sea by destroying the people dearest to her and then letting her live the rest of her life in misery.

However now that Maressa was dead, the Vampires felt she had got off too easy. They let her husband live, obviously not out of kindness, but again only because seeing the anguish he was in they thought it would more merciful just to end his life. That’s the thing about Vampires they’ll never go for the kill when they can make you suffer even just a little bit more.

Of course this time the Vampires sadism would prove to be their undoing. They had greatly underestimated Michael. They had clearly thought he was just a hapless, unassuming man who would be too broken by the death of his loved ones to ever do anything else with his life.

However Michael vowed to make them pay. Even as the Vampires left Michael over the body of his beloved in the cave, he screamed after the beasts that he would make them suffer for what they did, but the Vampires just laughed at his threats.

From that day on Michael would spend the rest of his life hunting the supernatural. He travelled all over the world fighting and killing Vampires, but he would always return here to Galloway. He also helped the Mermaids all across the world too. I don’t know how big a role he played in helping them eventually topple the Vampires, but he never gave up.”

How did you know him” Lindsey asked.

He found me after he read about what happened to Louise in the papers. We became friends for a while. It was so good having someone to confide in at first. He wanted me to join his crusade against the Vampires and I did at first. I never travelled around the world but there were plenty of monsters to fight here. There was always shall we say a little bit of spillage from the Demonic Kingdom that lived under the ocean. Probably my finest hour with Michael was when we took on a pack of renegade Vampires who had fled to a small cave and had been terrorising the countryside.

Sadly however I wasn’t cut out for that life. I wanted to destroy all of those monsters. Believe me I was willing, but I was just too weak. I didn’t think I still cared about living after I lost my family. I thought I’d do anything to make the monsters pay, but I, I”

He had to briefly stop again.

There was a young man who worked with Michael, that the Vampires. They killed him. Michael had recruited people all around the world on his travels. I’d never met this boy, but I understand that Michael had been something of a mentor to him. He had lost his parents to the Vampires when he was just a child. They’d all been out for a day on the beach when a group of Vampires came crawling out of the waves and attacked them. The boy managed to escape only because he ran, but his parents were dragged back into the waves. Never to be seen again.

The boy had always felt guilty at leaving his parents. It was stupid of course. There was nothing he could have done for them. They were probably happy to see their only child had at least escaped. I know not a day goes by where I don’t wish that monster had taken me instead of Louise.

Sadly the boy was utterly reckless according to Michael. It may have been his anger at the monsters that took his parents, or a foolish attempt to try and prove to himself that he wasn’t a coward.

Whatever the case it eventually caught up with him and they, they pulled his legs off, his arms, they tore his guts out. I saw what they did to him. The monsters sent what was left of him to Michael. I was there when it happened.”

I swore I wasn’t going to die like that. Not at the hands of the same monsters that had taken Louise from me. So I abandoned Michael. I told him I never wanted to see him again. He was later killed on a mission. The Vampires dragged his corpse under the waves. His body was never found.

I was a coward Lindsey. I stabbed the only person who had tried to help me come to terms with what had happened in the back.”

Don’t be too hard on yourself Simon” said Lindsey “its not like you actively betrayed him is it? Also I don’t mean to judge this man, but to me it sounds like he used you and others grief to recruit people to his war?

Simon shook his head “it was my war too Lindsey. Those things tore my daughter to pieces. I should have been filled with enough anger to want to kill every single last one of those blood sucking bastardsBut in the end I was a spineless, pathetic excuse for a man and I let my friend down, I let Louise down.”

No” Lindsey said. “You were under no obligation to throw your life away. Louise wouldn’t have wanted that. I can’t imagine how much poorer my life would have been without you.

Simon was deeply touched at Lindsey’s words but sadly even she couldn’t help him overcome his guilt.

Simon continued “Lindsey now you understand why I didn’t want you to know the truth about these monsters. Once you know the truth things are never the same. Either you feel you have to fight them like Michael or that poor boy and you end up dying in agony. Or you end up like me. Cowering in fear for the rest of your life, too scared to go back into the real world.”

Lindsey interrupted “Well not knowing didn’t exactly do me any favours did it? Those monsters will find a way to get you it seems regardless of what you do. I do understand why you didn’t want me to find out. I do. But you were wrong. I’m not the one those things have at their mercy am I? Stephen and Linda, for all I know they’re still alive. I have to do anything I can to help them. That man who came to us earlier. For all we know he could help to find them, so if he wants to speak to me, if there’s even a chance for Stephen and Linda then I have to take it.

Simon knew that she was right. He actually now felt a bit guilty for not having even considered the two poor souls that the Vampires had in their custody. He was so terrified of losing Lindsey the same way he had Louise, that he hadn’t thought about anything else.

Lindsey continued. “We need to talk to this man, Matt was it? That came to me earlier. Let him know all that I know and also find out what we need to keep safe from these monsters. It may make for an easier life Simon to be ignorant but its far more dangerous“.

With that Simon agreed to go with her to see Matt, though he still hoped that after this was all done Lindsey would just go back to her normal life and not be drawn into the war against these monsters. Little did he know however that Lindsey was lying to him. Actually she didn’t know anything that could be of use to Matt. She was wanting to go and see the Vampire hunter for a very different reason. To learn how to slay these monsters herself.

It had been 5 long torturous days for Linda. She had seen one of her best friends, slaughtered in the streets in cold blood and another dragged from the cage they had stuffed him in and torn to pieces. She knew that any minute she could be next. Now and again, Linda actually almost welcomed her death so that she would be free of this nightmare, but then she thought back to how they killed Stephen and she began to tremble in fear.

The Vampires had taken Stephen and Linda to their lair, an underground cave system beneath an old mansion that was by a cliff edge over a beach.

The Vampires kept the other unfortunate souls they had snatched off of the streets and in the countryside in cages which were at the top of the cave system. In the lower levels of the system however lived the Vampires ruler. The Blue Devil.

The Blue Devil as he was known was a member of a different breed of Vampires to those who had captured Linda . His breed were known as the Kelad. They were all but extinct. In fact the Blue Devil was the last of his kind. They were among the strongest breed of Vampires. None of the Melesk could possibly hope to challenge the Blue Devil in a fight. He ruled by force and was a viciously cruel leader.

The Blue Devil was not part of the war between the Vampires and the Mermaids. In fact he didn’t even come from the ocean. His home was much further away than that.

All of the Blue Devils minions despised him. If given the opportunity they’d have brutally murdered him, but ultimately they all to the last were too terrified to lift a finger against the monster. Well that is except for one of them. Barek.

Barek had been a high ranking Vampire who had sought to overthrow the Emperor of the Vampires under the sea. Vampires were always such backstabbing, selfish, power hungry little roaches that they regularly betrayed each other.

The last Emperor that Barek had fought with was himself a usurper. The only way a Vampire leader was ever able to maintain power was through fear. Sadly for the Emperor he was not quite as cruel as The Blue Devil and therefore wasn’t able to hold on to power in quite the same way. He had to deal with constant attempts to seize his throne and as a result under his rule the empire weakened which was one of the reasons it ultimately fell.

Barek had been on the cusp of taking control when the Vampires were finally banished from the sea. He had still managed to take control of a small group of Vampires that had fled to Galloway. Unfortunately for him a few months later the Blue Devil arrived in Galloway and took control of the Vampire population. Barek had hoped to take over a small town and turn its population into the Vampires food source. It was of course a massive comedown from wanting to rule a massive empire, but it was his best option for now.

He wanted to emulate the Demons that had taken over Port Logan. However The Blue Devil ruined these plans. None of the Vampires really knew just what it was he wanted. He was always working on some massive spell in the deepest, darkest caverns of the cave.

The Blue Devil simply used the Vampires as a means to an end. They brought him humans to keep his strength up, anything he needed for the spell, and guard his base. He wanted the Vampires to keep as low a profile as possible as he did not want any disturbances to his spell.

Barek still feared the Blue Devil, but unlike all of the others he actively made plans against the monster. He knew that the monsters key weakness was gold. Any weapon made of gold, provided it could pierce the Vampires heart would instantly destroy the Blue Devil. Furthermore a weapon made of gold could also leave scars and injuries that would never heal.

Barek had managed to forge a weapon of gold from some of the treasure he had stolen from the Emperors palace just before it was raided by the Mermaids after the Emperor had been killed.

Barek had waited months for the right moment to strike, but he soon realised that he had actually had plenty of opportunities already. Deep down he had actually just been too scared to strike.

Barek finally decided that tonight he was going to kill the Blue Devil. It took a lot for any Vampire to muster up even the tiniest bit of courage as they were all such pathetic cowards. Still Barek used his fear of living under the Blue Devil to motivate him to try and slay the monster. The Blue Devil did not tolerate any kind of failure. He would often maim his followers if they failed or worse throw them into the pit where his vile pet, the Selectros lived.

The Selectros was a monster that had originally belonged to the Emperor of the Vampires. It was a gigantic Jellyfish like Demon. It had a massive brown shell, with huge long sprawling tentacles that emerged from under it. It also was capable of spraying a large green webbing that it would use to trap its prey. The Demon would then tear its victims apart slowly, before it ate them.

They were among the most feared monsters in the entire ocean. Vampires and Mermaids alike lived in absolute terror of the beasts. This creature however had been tamed by the Emperor, who used to feed it Mermaids. The monster actually had loyalty to the Emperor, but sadly it was only to the Emperor and not his subjects.

After his death it went on a massive rampage throughout the city. It was eventually driven out to the surface by the Mermaids. It wandered the countryside feeding primarily on any stray Demons for a few weeks. It preferred the taste of supernatural creatures flesh as that was all it had ever eaten under the ocean. Ironically the Selectros helped to curb the Demons population in Galloway for a while.

The monster resided in a large cave by the beach and would emerge only at night to hunt for Demons. The beach its cave existed in would of course later be cut off to the public.

Eventually however when the Blue Devil arrived in Galloway he made his base of operations just above the cave the Selectros lived in. It was the perfect base as the cave system he and his minions lived in was too small for the Selectros to enter, so they were perfectly safe. Added to that the Selectros itself served as a perfect guard dog for the base too.

The Blue Devil was in the middle of casting some spell. Barek still had no idea what it was. The Blue Devil had spent virtually his entire time in Galloway in the cave working non stop on this spell.

That was the only thing Barek regretted about the Blue Devils impending death. Now he would never know just what he was doing.

The Blue Devil noticed Barek enter the room.

Well? You would dare to disturb my work? Speak! This had better be important.

All the courage Barek had spent ages working up faded almost instantly. He seemed so pathetic and unimpressive compared to Devil who towered over him and whose voice was so loud and booming it practically knocked Barek off his feet.

Still Barek didn’t want to back down. Holding the gold knife behind his back, Barek said

We’ve all had enough of your leadership. The rest are such a pathetic, spineless bunch they won’t say, but I will. I despise you. We once ruled the seas and now look at us? Skulking beneath an old mansion, doing all the dirty work so you can tinker about with magics down here? Forget it! I’m not serving you a second longer!

The Blue Devils face filled with rage.

You are nothing but a little stain compared to me do you understand! You talk of some pathetic tin pot empire where you ruled over fish!  You couldn’t even begin to comprehend the power I seek, nor what I have already done to get it! ”

Before the Blue Devil could finish his grandiose speech, Barek ran at him. He hoped that he could catch the Blue Devil off guard but the Devil reacted fast and struck Barek.

With one hit he sent Barek flying across the room and over the edge of the pit where the Selectros lived. Barek managed to grab onto the green webbing near the top. He could hear the monster roaring below as its tentacles began to reach out to grab him.

Still he held onto his gold knife. That was his lifeline, if he lost it, then he would have no chance.

The Blue Devil wandered near the pit laughing at Barek. “If you don’t want to follow me that’s fine. You can always die!

Barek however acted quickly. Pulling out his knife he struck the Blue Devil in the leg. The Blue Devil screamed in agony, grabbing his leg as his flesh began to sizzle and boil in reaction to the gold.

Barek tried to stab the Blue Devil again, but it managed to grab his hand. The monster then slowly began to crush Barek’s arm which its inhuman strength allowed it to do effortlessly.

Barek dropped the knife but he quickly caught it in his other arm. He was able to let go of the webbing as ironically the Blue Devil himself was now holding Barek up over the pit.

Barek slashed the Devel across the stomach causing it to drop him, but Barek managed to stab the wall with his gold knife. Before the Selectors’s tentacles could grab him, Barek hurled himself out of the pit with his arm, still clutching the knife and jumped over the Blue Devil. The Blue Devil was overwhelmed with the pain and before he could do anything in retaliation, Barek slashed him across the face. The monster doubled back in pain to the edge of the pit. Seizing his chance Barek rammed into the Devil and sent him tumbling into the Selectros’ pit below.

He watched as the tentacles enveloped his former leader and pulled him below, seemingly to his death.

Barek couldn’t believe it. “He’s gone. I did it. I really did it.” He began to laugh hysterically. Oh the irony of the Blue Devil who always went on about gaining ultimate power over all of creation ending up as nothing more than a snack for a Selectros. “I hope you enjoy your future as Demon shit” Barek yelled down the pit before he took off to inform his followers of the wonderful news.

Little did he know the Blue Devil was not dead yet. The Selectros had managed to catch him off guard when he was still in agony but now that he had regained his composure the Selectros was discovering that the Blue Devil was a much less easy meal than a Mermaid.

Barek made his way to the room with the cage of humans where all the Vampires were sitting. They were waiting to be told which of their captives they could feed on and which ones where for their master.

As soon as Barek entered still holding his gold knife, dripping in blood most of the Vampires realised what had happened and were giddy with delight.

Our former leader is no more. In fact right now he’s probably making his way through the digestive system of his former pet” Barek said whilst smiling. “We are free my friends. No more hiding in caves, no more doing errands for a blue moron. Now we will have all the helpless, vulnerable humans we want.”

Barek and the rest of the Vampires suddenly looked at the humans locked in their cages. Linda kept her cool. She knew that her only chance was to try and attack the Vampire when it was opening the cage.

Linda was the last to be pulled out of her cage. She had seen the others try and fight only to be hopelessly overpowered.

The Vampires would always leave one victim until last so that they could see what was in store for them.

When the Vampire finally came to open the door, Linda tried to punch and kick the monster as hard as she could. It made no difference. The Vampire laughed at Linda’s attempts to defend herself. It threw her from the cage and onto the ground below. It then jumped on her and started scratching her with its talons.

Linda did not give up however. Even with the pain she was in and the stench from all the Vampires in the room that just made her want to vomit, she kept trying to struggle free from the monster.

In the long agonising fight Linda managed to grab a small rock on the floor. She started hitting the Vampire in the face frantically without even looking. She managed to get a lucky hit in and struck the Vampire in the eye. The monster winced back in pain and Linda wasting no time kicked the beast in the chest with both feet sending it backwards.

She then scrambled to her feet and ran down the corridor as fast as she could. She didn’t know where she was going, she just had to get out of here.

The other Vampires were too busy finishing their kills, whilst the Vampire she had hit was still in pain so Linda was able to get a head start on the Vampires. Not that it mattered much anyway as Linda soon got lost in the maze like corridors of the caverns. She ran about desperately trying to find a way to escape. Meanwhile she could also hear the Vampires in the distance screaming with bloodlust. Just when she was sure she would turn a corner and come face to face with the stinking monsters, suddenly the screaming stopped.

She was so sure the Vampires were chasing her, but now she began to think that they had left to go hunting. She tread very carefully through the caves constantly ready to run at the slightest noise. After feeling like she had been walking through those damp, musky, smelly caverns for hours she suddenly came across the exit.

It was a thin ladder leading to a small hole which in turn led to the mansion above the caves. Linda began to climb it but as she reached the top she suddenly felt something grab her foot.

The force was tremendous. Even greater than the Vampires that had abducted her.

It pulled her down instantly, slamming her to the ground. When Linda came too she saw an immense, hideous, blue skinned monster standing over her.

Who are you? Little girl?” It bellowed.

Lindsey and Simon arrived in Clayshant. It was a small humble campsite with just a few caravans and a small pub near the entrance.

Lindsey was a little scared. She wanted to find out all she could about the Vampires, but obviously the more she found out the more horrifying it was.

When they reached the caravan and knocked on the door, to Lindsey’s surprise it was answered by a young woman. She looked as though she was in her early to mid 30’s and had black hair, scrapped back in a pony tail. She also wore a white tank top and dark jeans.

The woman was very pretty, but her face bore many scars and her expression was an angry scowl.

Little did Lindsey know however this was the woman who had saved her less than a week ago when the Vampire cornered her and Jack Thompson in The Smoking Fish.

Lindsey said somewhat nervously “Sorry to trouble you miss, but I was just wondering if I could talk to your friend? Or your dad. He told us this was where he lived?

Just then Matt came blustering out of his room, pushing the woman to the side.

Ah Lindsey, glad you decided to come. This is my friend Ingrid, though I’d be proud to have her as a daughter. Come we’ll talk about this in the pub just down there. This Caravan is no place to entertain guests. Don’t worry I’m buying.

The four headed to the pub. It was reasonably busy with all of its customers being the families staying at the site of course. The bartender, a young woman named Lianne though friendly to the other guests didn’t seem to be too fond of Matt and Ingrid.

Poor Lianne” Matt said as he brought the pints to the table “I don’t think she likes us too much. She had hoped to make this a quaint family place, but two of her regulars being crazy weirdo’s who believe in monsters kind of ruins that image. She’s too polite to throw us out or bar us though. Bless her, she means well, but she’s just not ready to accept the truth. Something I gather you have now come to terms with Miss McIntosh?

Lindsey had been put at ease by Matt’s seemingly easy going demeanour. She obviously still felt scared given what they were here to discuss, but still she was able to talk about it more easily now, though Ingrid who sat at the end saying nothing and glowering at everybody still made her a bit nervous.

Well what can I say, of all the things I thought would happen when I moved to Wigtown, battling the undead was not one of them. I don’t know if there’s much I can tell you, just that me and my friends were coming home from the Smoking Fish when this thing appeared. It was green, bald, slimy, and the stench, oh god the stench. Even thinking about it now makes me want to vomit. That thing it, it killed Samantha. Cut her throat out and let her bleed to death on the road. There was two of them. One chased me into the pub and, it knocked me out, I didn’t see what happened and when I woke up I was in the hospital. I’d been told some woman had chased my attacker off.

Matt interrupted “that was Ingrid, and she did a lot more than chase him off“.

Thank you, I owe you my life. Thank you.” Lindsey said nervously to Ingrid who responded with nothing but a scowl.

Matt continued “is there anything else you can tell us? Any other weird things you’ve seen or something? Sorry to pry but we don’t know where The Blue Devil, the eh the Vampires are.

Lindsey could tell that Matt had somewhat inadvertently blurted out that name, The Blue Devil. Still she wanted to know what it was.”The Blue Devil? What is that“. She could see her question provoked quite a strong response from both Matt and Ingrid. Both of them had a look of unbearable sorrow mixed in with incredible rage at the mere mention of that name.

Still Matt began to explain to her the sordid history of this abomination. “The Blue Devil is a member of a very rare and powerful breed of Vampire. In fact he is perhaps the very last of his kind. He’s not just any ordinary Vampire however. In fact he is one of the most evil creatures in all of creation. His presence here is far bigger than the piffling war between the Mermaids and the Vampires. The Devil came here a month or so ago when it heard about the influx of Demons and Vampires arriving in Galloway. Word travels fast among the paranormal, and the Devil needed new lackeys. We’d been battling him for years in New York, and though we’d never managed to slay the beast, we did manage to shut down all his operations in the city.”

What does he want here?” Lindsey asked.

I’m afraid I cannot tell you. At least not yet anyway. Its too big a thing to bring up now, but trust me unless he’s stopped we’re all in danger.”

Lindsey wasn’t satisfied “Why can’t you tell me? Surely its not more impossible to believe than Vampires and Mermaids waging a war against each other?

For a second Matt dropped his somewhat light hearted, charming facade and barked at Lindsey. ” I’m sorry but I don’t want to talk about it now!”

Lindsey knew she couldn’t pry any more. Whatever Matt and Ingrid’s history with this monster was it was clearly too painful for them to talk about.

Ingrid suddenly interrupted “this silly little girl and her creepy friend clearly know nothing of any use to us.”

Simon got angry “How dare you talk to us that way. I’ll have you know I was fighting Vampires in Galloway decades ago, when you were probably just a mopey teenager!”

Ingrid laughed at Simon “First of all don’t you dare presume to know anything about my up bringing or life. Second of all no offence but you don’t look like a fearsome Vampire killer. You look like a sad git.

Lindsey was so angry she forgot how scared she was of Ingrid. “Its sad that the person I owe my life too is such a nasty bitch.” Ingrid stood up from her chair and leaned over the table at Lindsey causing her to instantly remember why she had been so intimidated by Ingrid.

Fortunately before Ingrid lost her cool, Matt intervened.

Now Ingrid this is not what we came here for. We wanted to find out if they knew anything that could help us. Every little bit of knowledge is important here.”

Thank you” Lindsey said, “but I’m sorry I don’t think I do know anything. To tell you the truth I was being selfish. I wanted to know as much as I could about these monsters because I was scared and to be honest that’s why I came here. I wondered if you would perhaps be willing to teach me how to fight them.” Ingrid burst into laughter. “I’ve seen you in a fight with a Vampire little girl. Trust me the best thing you can do is just to get out of the way ” Ingrid sneered at Lindsey. ” That’s why I want to learn how to fight them” Lindsey fired back. Simon also interrupted “Besides I’m sure she meant she wanted Matt to train her. The only thing it seems you could teach anyone young lady is how to be a stroppy bitch.” Matt once again had to intervene before there was a punch up between Simon and Ingrid.

Matt made it clear to Lindsey much to her great disappointment that he had no interest in training her to fight Vampires or Demons.

I’m sorry” Matt said “but I don’t have the time. There is so much to be done now. I appreciate that you want to actually make a difference against these monsters, but trust me it’d probably be better for you if you just went back to your normal life.

Lindsey knew it was pointless to try and convince Matt otherwise, and she also didn’t want to risk another fight between Simon and Ingrid so she and Simon left Clayshant.

The drive back to Wigtown which took over 50 minutes was very awkward. Neither Simon or Lindsey said much. Simon wasn’t mad at Lindsey for lying to him. He understood why she had wanted to go but again what she had said in the pub about wanting to try and find a way to fight the Vampires disturbed him greatly. He only hoped that Ingrid’s taunts at the idea of her fighting monsters had killed any ideas Lindsey had about going down that dark path.

Still Lindsey did feel guilty about lying to Simon. “I’m sorry Simon” Lindsey said finally breaking the silence.”I know how you felt about

Before she could finish another word however, Simon interrupted her. “Lindsey, don’t apologise. You’re a grown woman, and I’m not your father anyway, as proud as I would be if I was. You don’t have to explain what you want to do with your life to me. I just only wish you could know what it is you’re letting yourself in for.

Just then however as they arrived back in Wigtown Simon saw that Lindsey was right after all. No matter how hard you tried you really could never escape the monsters.

The creatures were all over Wigtown. They were attacking people in the streets, throwing petrol bombs into peoples houses to drive them out (the Vampires couldn’t enter private residence’s uninvited.) However the monsters had also begun to burn down even public buildings too such as Wigtowns famous book shop that Lindsey had worked and even briefly lived in when she first came to the town a few years ago.

Lindsey didn’t want to believe what she was seeing. The one place she had ever felt at peace in being ripped to pieces by these vicious, unnatural monsters! S

Simon tried to reverse, but suddenly three Vampires began to surround the car. Before Simon could move the monsters started to tear the car to bits with their inhuman strength.

One Vampire wrenched the door on Simon’s side off effortlessly and pulled him out onto the streets. Lindsey was able to jump out of her side in time, but she soon found herself cornered by two Vampires on either side of her.

Simon meanwhile was being badly beaten by the Vampire on the other side of the road.

Lindsey wanted to help but she knew any sudden movement and the Vampires would attack. They were toying with her, slowly walking towards her, and she would have to pick the right moment.

Just when all seemed lost however Simon suddenly whipped out a crucifix which threw his attacker. Though he no longer hunted Vampires, Simon still always carried a crucifix on him just in case.

Simon ran past the Vampire that had pulled him from his car and used his cross to ward the Vampires that had cornered Lindsey away. He then grabbed Lindsey by the hand and ran down the opposite direction from where they had driven right into the heart of Wigtown, holding the cross up to ward off any Vampires

What are you doing?” Lindsey shouted as she was being pulled down the street into a town now completely overrun with Vampires.

Simon didn’t have time to answer however. There were Vampires all around him climbing down from the rooftops of houses, running through the streets, tearing people apart on the road.

Simon knew there was only one place in the nearby area that would be completely safe from the Vampires. The local church. Even then though it wouldn’t be a guarantee, but Simon hoped that they wouldn’t have to wait long for the members of Rentros to get here.

Typical” he thought to himself. “Maybe if they spent less time drinking in pubs and being obnoxious fuckheads then the Vampires and Demons wouldn’t be taking over every town in fucking Galloway!”

Simon could see the church in the distance. Unfortunately there was practically a sea of bloodsuckers in front of it. Clearly the Vampires were deliberately blocking it hoping to snatch anyone who tried to hide there.

Still Simon knew that it was their only chance. He tried to think of a way round this but he couldn’t. Granted it was hard to think with all the sounds of people screaming, but still he soon realised that there was only one thing he could do to ensure Lindsey’s safety.

He took Lindsey aside and said to her. “You need to get into that Church Lindsey, but the only way that’s going to happen is if I draw those things away.”

You can be serious“, Lindsey said in utter disbelief? “You expect me just to run in there whilst you get torn to pieces by those things? Why do you think I’d be willing to do that?

Simon didn’t have time to argue. He had come to love Lindsey like a daughter and he was damned if he was going to lose another daughter to these hideous monsters. So he simply ran into the sea of Vampires, brandishing his cross. At first the Vampires parted around him but soon they began to surround Simon and cut off any chance of escape. Though Simon was seemingly still able to hold them off with his cross, Lindsey again felt the monsters were simply toying with them.

Lindsey attempted to divert their attention away by shouting and even throwing things at the Vampires but they weren’t phased. Suddenly Lindsey noticed that 5 more bloodsuckers were sneaking up on her.

She could smell them coming up behind her. Granted their stench was now everywhere across Wigtown, but still even then Lindsey could tell that it was getting stronger.

She turned around slowly and saw the 5 of them standing there smiling with sadistic delight. She was scared out of her wits and the monsters were loving it.

Lindsey ran in the direction of the church. She hated having to leave Simon but she knew that there was nothing she could do for him right now. Unfortunately for Lindsey she was unable to outrun the Vampires, and just when she had almost reached the front door of the church the Vampires managed to overtake her and corner her off.

She was finished. She knew there was no way she could fight them, and begging for mercy would be the worst thing she could do. In a final act of defiance and disgust she spat at the leader of the Vampires.

The Vampire said with glee “I’m going to make you so sorry you did that, and that you were ever born you little bitch!

Just then Simon threw Lindsey a lifeline. He threw the cross right in front of her. The Vampires backed away instantly, and Lindsey wasting no time picked it up and wielded it in front of the Vampires. She then ran towards the circle of the beasts surrounding Simon which caused them to scatter allowing Simon to escape. The two then managed to make their way to the church, again scattering the 5 Vampires gathered around the front door with the cross.

They had both made it. It had really just been sheer luck, but still neither of them could believe that they had actually managed to make it to the church.

Unfortunately their joy would be short lived as the Vampires started to throw petrol bombs through the church windows. Simon tried to put out the flames by pulling the massive curtains down and using them to smother the flames but the Vampires just threw so many through the windows that it became impossible to try and cover them up.

As smoke began to fill the room Simon ran to the alter of the church and grabbed a chalice and a cross. He then filled the chalice up with holy water and ran back to Lindsey.

I can’t breath.” Lindsey said spluttering and coughing through the smoke and Simon in response handed her a cross, telling her with regret that they would need to go back outside again.

Clearing their way through the smoke the two managed to make it the front door, where the bloodsuckers were waiting for them.

One of the Vampires approached Simon and started to laugh at him.

“Not such a smart idea after all was it? Don’t worry though we’ll kill you before your daughter. Or is she actually your daughter you dirty bastard?

Simon responded by throwing the holy water right into the Vampires face. The Vampire let out an absolutely agonising scream that echoed throughout all of Wigtown before sinking to its knees, it’s face in his hands.

The other Vampires backed away a little bit.

Nothing changes” Simon sneered at them “I see your still the same miserable cowards, afraid of a fight where there’s even a tiny chance you might get hurt? Pathetic all of you“.

One of the Vampires hissed at Simon and bared his fangs, but Simon was still able to make him jump by just gesturing that he was going to throw the holy water.

Sadly there was barely any water left in the chalice, and as Simon and Lindsey backed down the road away from the church, some of the Vampires became more bold and weren’t buying Simon’s bluff.

Simon couldn’t believe he had been so stupid as to almost use up the holy water on just one Vampire.

Lindsey meanwhile was using the cross to hold off any Vampire that tried to attack her from the front.

One of the Vampires at the front finally got fed up and ran at Simon forcing him to use the last of the holy water in the chalice. The Vampire managed to stop the water with its hand. Its hand still burnt, and the beast even screamed out from the pain, but it did not deter it for long and now it was obvious that Simon had no more holy water.

The Vampires ran at him, but Lindsey managed to hold them back a little with her cross. Unfortunately just as she did that, the Vampires in front of her and Simon took their chance and moved closer.

Lindsey managed just in time to wield the cross in their direction, but unfortunately the Vampires from behind were now able to strike. Lindsey kept waving the cross back and forth whenever one group of Vampires on either side of her and Simon got closer. Lindsey knew it was only minutes at the most she could hold them off for, but every second mattered.

Simon meanwhile looked around frantically for anywhere they could escape too. The Vampires had blocked both ends of the street. There only way of escape was a small house behind them. It didn’t look secure at all, but at least it was somewhere to run too.

Whilst Lindsey was wielding the cross Simon ran to the door and started banging on it. “Please let us in, they’re all around, we don’t stand a chance.

There were actually people in the house. A small family who were cowering in the corner of their living room. They were too scared to even move. They’d be ashamed of it for the rest of their lives, but they didn’t want to take a chance that it was the Vampires tricking them so they ignored Simon’s pleads and screams.

Desperate and terrified Simon started to ram the door but it was bolted up, and the family had put several pieces of large furniture in front of the door.

As the Vampires closed in on the two of them,  Lindsey more terrified than she had ever been in her life acted rashly and ran towards the Vampires with her cross. She hoped that she might catch them off guard  Some of the Vampires were startled, but one of them managed to sucker punch Lindsey in the face. She was knocked out instantly and fell to the floor.

Simon upon seeing Lindsey’s plight instantly jumped onto the Vampires that had gathered around her. Catching them unaware he managed to knock them down, but he soon found himself surround from all sides by Vampires too.

He knew there was no escape now. He clutched the unconscious Lindsey in his arms and cried. He couldn’t believe he was going to lose another daughter, but at the very least this time he would die with her.

Just as Simon prepared for the end however he suddenly heard the Vampires screaming in agony.

The agents from Rentros had finally arrived. They looked a somewhat comical sight from the distance. Grown men and women brandishing water pistols and holding water bombs! Of course they were all filled with holy water and burned the Vampires skin like acid. The Vampires began to scatter from the agents, once again leaving those who had been wounded behind.

Ingrid was among them, and she ran after the fleeing Vampires pelting them with water balloons, the male agent approached Lindsey and Simon.

Lindsey was beginning to come round too.

Where the hell have you been” Simon screamed at the agent! “This whole fucking town is being ripped apart by these monsters and you were what? Having a pint in a pub?

No” the agent said in a dry tone. “These monsters are everywhere, ravaging towns all over Galloway. We’ve had our hands full. I’m sorry we didn’t get here in time, but we are prepared.”

Just then Lindsey screamed but she was sadly too late. One of the Vampires had broken into a car in the commotion and drove it towards the agent, Simon and Lindsey.

Simon instantly pushed Lindsey out of the way as she screamed, but sadly he was unable to get out of the way himself in time.

Simon and the agent were sent flying throw the air by the impact of the car. The Vampire continued to run down more agents and people in the streets. Only Ingrid was able to dodge the car which then crashed through the front of a small house.

Lindsey ran towards Simon who was still alive, but badly wounded. Both his legs were broken and he was knocked out cold. Ingrid meanwhile checked on the other agent that had been hit who was sadly dead.

Lindsey tried to wake Simon but it was no use. She became hysterical with grief and started slapping him to try and rise him.

Simon came too, though he was barely able to stay conscious, the pain kept him awake.

He told Lindsey whilst coughing up his blood to leave him, but she refused.

A group of Vampires began to close in around them. Simon with his last ounce of strength tried to push her away, but Lindsey still refused and tried to drag him to safety.

Every time she tried to move him however he screamed in agony as Lindsey had to drag him along the road, not having the strength to carry him.

Fortunately however Ingrid was able to shoot the monsters with her water pistol. Sending the beasts fleeing in agony, Ingrid managed to corner one of them which pitifully begged for mercy before she gunned him down. The Vampire simply melted into a pile of stinking green sludge on the floor after being burned with holy water.

Ingrid ran towards Lindsey and Simon. She hoisted Simon over her shoulders, but not before handing Lindsey a water pistol.

What do you want me to do with that?” Lindsey said?

What do you think? I don’t know maybe I want to have a water fight with you? Kill any bloodsucking bastard that gets within 100 feet of us! Believe me I can’t believe I’m relying on you, but I have no choice

Lindsey was not facing the reality of having to actually kill something to survive. Before her anger at the Vampires had blinded her to this when she had thoughts of becoming a Vampire hunter. Now however for the first time she was actually facing the reality of having to slaughter them, and ironically despite how much she loathed the  monsters, it actually disturbed her.

Ingrid quickly ran in the opposite direction, just assuming that Lindsey would follow her which she did. Ingrid fired at any Vampire she saw with one free hand. Most of them fled, but a few Vampires started throwing things at the two women. One monster managed to get a lucky shot in and threw a bottle at Ingrid’s face which momentarily knocked her off her feet.

Ingrid struggled to get up, as Simon (who had now completely blacked out) had fallen on top of her too.

Seizing this opportunity one of the Vampires made its move against the two women. Lindsey hadn’t had the guts to fire her weapon yet. She had hoped that Ingrid would just take care of the Vampires herself.

As the Vampire cornered them Lindsey held her gun at the monster, trembling with fear.

The Vampire could see she was scared and started laughing at her and all of the Vampires who were staring at the confrontation from a distance started laughing too.

Overcome with fear, Lindsey finally fired right in the Vampires face. The sound of the monsters scream startled her so much that she actually dropped the waterpistol. Fortunately Ingrid had managed to get up and fired at all the Vampires sending them scurrying away.

Ingrid stared furiously at Lindsey. her face bloodied from the bottle and said to her “pathetic, utterly pathetic. And to think you wanted to be a Vampire hunter.

Ingrid, carrying Simon on her shoulders and Lindsey managed to make their way to a small shop. Its owners were gone. Either killed by the Vampires, or maybe they had fled? Vampires could enter public buildings without an invitation no problem, so the shop was hardly the most effective sanctuary.

Still Ingrid and Lindsey had no choice as it was the nearest building. Ingrid with Lindsey’s help began to stack the windows and doors with the shelves. Again not an ideal blockade, but they had to make do with what they had.

After the place was borded up Ingrid suddenly received a phone call. It was from Matt. Matt had been planning to set up a special kind of weapon to deal with the Vampires. He had been reluctant to use it, as it had been the last of its kind.

Matt and Ingrid had weapons and knowledge of magics and spells unlike anything even the other members of Rentros had ever seen. They of course never shared how they had these weapons and enchantments, but were still happy to share them with their co-workers. Sadly however they only had a limited supply of some of their weapons and thus were reluctant to use them for just anything.

This weapon was one such example. It was arguably one of the most devastating weapons against Vampires, but sadly this was the last one in existence, and Matt and Ingrid both insisted that they could not make anymore.

The weapon had the power to make it rain holy water over a large area. Unfortunately a special ritual had to be performed before it could be used.

This would normally take ten minutes and Matt had gone to a safe place just outside of Wigtown in order to finish it. Unfortunately however a group of Vampires had found him and the others who were preparing the ritual. All of the Rentros agents were slaughtered, except for Matt who was forced to flee into a nearby forest.

With no way to defend himself (he had dropped his water pistol in the conflict.) He was forced to contact Ingrid who he trusted the most to try and help him.

Ingrid had wondered why the spell hadn’t worked already but she was too busy dealing with the Vampires to worry about it.

She quickly texted any of the other surviving Agents to make their way where Matt was, before telling Lindsey that they needed to make their way outside of Wigtown, but Lindsey was too scared.

Listen” Ingrid said firmly. “I know you’re scared, and I understand. Just because its been so long since I gave a shit about my life doesn’t mean I don’t remember what it was like to fear death. Still we can’t hold them off in here forever. If we don’t help the one man who can save this town, then you will die, your friend will die and everyone in this town will die, if they’re lucky!”

Lindsey knew she couldn’t let Simon down. He had pushed her out of the way of the car and risked his life for her. She had to do the same for him.

Lindsey and Ingrid pulled the shelves and stacks they had placed in front of the door down, and the Vampires instantly came swarming in, hissing, roaring and slabbering.

Ingrid and Lindsey both shot at them with their water pistols. Lindsey still scared closed her eyes and screamed as she fired blindly into the sea of Vampires coming through the front door.

The monsters staggered back out into the street in pain. Ingrid then hoisted Simon above her shoulders and ran out into the streets, with Lindsey following her.

Ingrid wanted to find a car, knowing there was no way they could make it out of the town otherwise.  She headed back down the way they came until she found what she was looking for. The car the Vampire that had run down Simon had smashed into a house was still there. All the other cars had been trashed or tipped over and smashed, but this one had just been left.

Lindsey had been frantically shooting at the Vampires all the way down. A few times Ingrid had had to pull her back. Lindsey was overcompensating for her fear and Ingrid told her that she wouldn’t accomplish anything with her stupid reckless behaviour except to get herself, and possibly everyone else killed.

Whilst Lindsey shot at the monsters Ingrid managed to hotwire the car. The Vampire who had driven it was seemingly nowhere around. He must have left to chase down some other poor soul.

Ingrid placed Simon in the back seat, whilst she and Lindsey went in the front.

As Ingrid drove through Wigtown she simply tried to avoid any Vampire she came across. She knew that hitting them wouldn’t kill or even hurt them, and she didn’t want to waste any time.

The drive out of Wigtown was quick and they soon made into the forest where Matt had been hiding.

There they saw a group of Vampires brutally beating Matt whilst a few others were fighting with some of the other Rentros agents that had arrived.

Ingrid and Lindsey instantly went for the monsters who were attacking Matt and pelted them with water balloons.

Ingrid helped Matt to his feet. He was hurt, but fortunately he could still walk.

Matt jumped in the car with Lindsey and Ingrid. Sadly they had no time to help the other Rentros agents. Matt was the only one who knew the enchantment . If he was killed then there was nothing that could stop the Vampire hordes across Wigtown and Galloway as a whole.

They were simply too numerous, and furthermore they needed dealt with right away, not just to save the people in Galloway, but because their actions threatened to expose the supernatural to the wider world.

Ingrid drove to where the weapon had been left. The Vampires had been unable to damage it because the weapon burned their skin to the touch and was strong as well.

Lindsey and Ingrid shot at the Vampires who had stayed near the weapon to guard it whilst Matt started finishing the ritual.

During the fight two Vampires emerged from the woods holding one of the Rentros agents by either arm.

Stop whatever it is you’re doing.” One of the Vampires screamed. “We don’t know what that thing is, but stop it or we’ll rip your friend to bits.

Lindsey instantly dropped her weapon, but to her shock Ingrid kept firing at the Vampires whilst Matt didn’t stop reading out the ritual.

Lindsey said Ingrid to stop, but she didn’t listen. Ingrid actually threw a water balloon right at the one of the Vampires that was holding the Rentros agent. The other Vampire that was holding him however doubled back and swiftly killed the Rentros agent but stabbing its hand through his chest.

Lindsey screamed at the gruesome sight and fell to her knees whilst Ingrid kept on firing at the Vampires. Unfortunately for Ingrid however the Vampire that had slaughtered the Rentros agent used his body as a shield against her holy water and rammed into Ingrid knocking her into the ground.

Lindsey however, who the Vampires again had ignored was able to grab her gun and shot at the Vampire from behind before it could harm Ingrid.

The Vampires naturally turned their attention towards Lindsey instead. Though Lindsey fired, she only hit one of them, with the other being so fast he was on her before she could respond.

Lindsey paniced, screamed and struggled in the monsters claws. Though she dropped her gun, she managed to hold on tightly to a water balloon. In the struggle she burst it sending the monsters back in pain whilst Lindsey fell to the ground. She reached over and grabbed her water pistol, but just as she was about fire on the two bloodsucking monsters rain started to fall.

Matt had done it! The ritual was completed and now rain made of holy water was falling not only over Wigtown, but most of the Galloway region.

The Vampires all started to burn and crumble. The screams of the Vampires from Wigtown were deafening.

Matt simply let out a huge sigh of relief that it was all over, whilst Ingrid was on the verge of smiling. For her watching a Vampire not only die, but suffer was one of the few joys she had left in her empty life.

Ingrid helped Lindsey to her feet. Neither knew what to say to each other. Lindsey had seen Ingrid not back down when her colleaque was threatened with death, and even now as she was actually covered in his blood it didn’t seem to bother her at all!

Matt however would be the one to break the silence when he simply said “lets get your friend to the hospital young lady. He doesn’t seem to be in too good nick.

Not all of the Vampires were killed in the rain fall. A few including their leader Barek were able to shelter themselves in vehicles and drove away from the area.

The beasts headed back to their cave under the mansion. Foolishly thinking it was his sanctuary, little did Barek know a much bigger danger awaited him in there.

The Vampires cursed their new leader Barek.

“Great plan, lets take Galloway, it will be easy, just like the old days when we ruled the ocean. You forgot to mention those dickheads who could make the rain kill us!”

Another Vampire who was the most badly burned by the holy water screamed out.

“You’re the worst leader we’ve ever had. Your first night on the job, you almost got all of us fucking killed! You’re useless!”

Just then a booming voice interrupted.

I quite agree“. To every Vampire in the room (especially Barek’s) shock and horror the Blue Devil emerged from the darkness of one of the corridors.

All the other Vampires backed away from Barek, leaving him completely alone.

Its impossible. I killed you!” Barek said shaking with fear.

I have turned an entire world to dust. Do you think I would be destroyed by an ocean dwelling parasite!

Barek pulled out his gold knife and waved it in the Blue Devils face.

Keep back. I beat you before remember“.

The Blue Devil just laughed and grabbed Barek’s arm. He squeezed it so hard that it broke off.

Barek had only “won” before because he had taken the monster by surprise. The Blue Devil had honestly not expected any of his cowardly followers to turn on him. Now he realised how complacent he had become and he was determined to make this young upstart pay.

The Blue Devil grabbed Barek by the throat and lifted him in the air with one arm. The lesser Vampire pitifully begged his master not to kill him.

The Blue Devil smiled and said softly, with its voice still booming ” Don’t worry I won’t kill you.” It then turned to face its other terrified followers. “Come see how I deal with traitors.”

The Blue Devil dragged Barek down the corridor to the pit where the Selectros lived.

Barek screamed and pleaded, insisting that he could still be of use and trying to make the most pathetic excuses for his treachery, claiming that the Vampire hunters who had tried to destroy them with the rain had taken control of his mind through magic.

It was them my master, they tried to control my mind. Don’t you see they are trying to turn us all against each other, and you’re letting them win. Please don’t let yourself be manipulated into losing your most loyal and loving servant“.

The Blue Devil cringed at Barek’s cowardice. He had hoped to drag him to the pit and dangle him over it for a while for his own amusement, but he couldn’t stand his pitiful begging for a second longer. Normally Vampires liked hearing their victims scream and beg, but in Barek’s case, the Blue Devil actually felt insulted that Barek thought he would be stupid enough to fall for his lies, and so he simply threw Barek, from half way across the room into the pit.

Bareks screams echoed throughout the entire cave system. They didn’t relent for even a second.

The Blue Devil didn’t have to say anything to its minions. They all got on their hands and knees and started chanting about how much they loved him.

Pathetic creatures. You are lucky that I am in need of help, but if you ever, ever follow someone else I assure you I will throw you all in the pit!

The Vampires pitifully assured him that he was their master after which he dismissed them from his room whilst he returned to his work.

Lindsey, Ingrid and Matt had managed to get Simon to the hospital in time. Simon would be forced to used a wheelchair when he left. Though the Doctors assured him that it would not be permanent, Simon still fell into a deep depression. Lindsey however as always would be there to look after him. She told him how now he could be sure that he was not a coward. It had only been because of his selflessness in pushing her away from the car that she was here.

Ingrid, Matt and the rest of the Rentros agents meanwhile were able to cover the attack up. Obviously they couldn’t completely as many people had been killed, and buildings were destroyed. They were able to present it as being simply the work of a deranged cult, rather than actual Vampires.

The experience had obviously been traumatic for Lindsey, but after it she now knew that she wanted to help destroy the Vampires and other forces of evil that had infested Galloway. She constantly had doubts of course. She hadn’t exactly been the bravest, most fearsome Vampire killer during the Wigtown incursion, but she felt she had been brave when it mattered.

Ingrid though having saved her life many times also somewhat scared Lindsey. The callous way she had let the other Rentros agent be torn apart for the greater good. If she started to live that life is that would one day happen to her?

Still Lindsey felt it was the right thing to do, and once Simon was better she intended to find Matt and Ingrid and convince them to train her to be able to fight Demons. Her thoughts also constantly turned back to Linda and Stephen. She knew that the chances of their survival after all this time was very unlikely, but she wanted to do all she could to help them nonetheless.

She obviously wasn’t going to tell Simon now about her plans, as he had enough to deal with. Even when he was better she wasn’t looking forward to telling him. His worst fear of Lindsey being dragged into this horrible life was coming true after all, but ultimately Lindsey couldn’t turn a blind eye to what was happening anymore.

There was greater evil in the world than she could have ever previously imagined, and she wanted to do all she could to fight it.

By Ferne Shelley



© Copyright 2018 Joseph Wilson. All rights reserved.