One More Videogame

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Was it real? Or was it just a game?

"Hover for more information" yelled the virus, which Henry had been trying to get rid of since last month. 

Henry was tall, if tall- to you- is 5'11''. He sat slump in his premium leather gaming chair, mad at the computer. The computer which had contained a virus since the day he bought it. Henry had short brown hair. He had tiny freckles strung across his rosy face and huge pimples in the worst places possible. He had blue eyes, but they were always dull. Henry, as his name went, was a gamer. 

"What the- Henry," Kimberly, his sister, stormed into his room, "why is your computer so loud?"

Kimberly was the complete opposite of Henry. She had long blonde hair, which was always up in a messy bun. She wore enough makeup to fill an entire beauty store, however, she was very beautiful. Kim had green eyes which sparkled in the sunlight.

"Go away Kim, I'm trying to fix it," Henry slammed his hand on his keyboard.

"Congratulations!" his computer screamed.

Henry quickly turned off his computer, "This is a piece of crap."

"Calm down, and go outside. Get yourself a hobby." Kim walked out of Henry's room, laughing at his anger.


Henry got up from his computer. Under his loft bed was a laptop that he always used. It was two in the afternoon, time to log on to his game. 

'Please press play' His laptop softly spoke. 

"Henwy," his younger brothers voice asked quietly, trying not to disturb the peace in Henry's room, "Henwy what game is that?"

Henry grunted, but his little brother's huge eyes made him feel sympathetic. His baby brother, Joseph, reminded Henry of himself. He shared the same qualities, such as hair and eye color. He was interested in video games. Joe was just a baby version of Henry.

"Here," Henry lifted Joseph and set him on the futon under the loft bed, "This is called Robbers and Choppers. Normally I play with my friends online, but since you're here I'll play single player for a little bit." 

Joe fantasized watching Henry play. Henry chose his character, a 34-year-old bald white man with a 5 o'clock shadow- a whiskered beard for anyone who didn't know. 

'Bang Bang' 

"Awww yea! Jojo look! I killed him! You see that?" Henry celebrated.

"Yea bubby! Yea!" Joesph tried to feel incorporated, he wanted to be just like his brother, "but why did you kill 'em Bubba?" 

Henry laughed, "It's part of the game, I've gotta go around killing random people and take their money. I cant get caught by the cops or the choppers or the game is over. At the end of each round, the person with the most money and kills wins the game, but since I am playing single player it's basically a free round. It lasts as long as I want it to."


Joe and Henry jumped as Henry's mom joined in the conversation, basically uninvited, "That sounds like a bad influence."

"What?" Henry's heart trying to slow its beat.

Henry's mother scooped Joe from his lap, "You shouldn't be showing Joesph things like that, all that blood and gore. You shouldn't be playing it either, that game is a bad influence."

"Games can't be bad influences, mom." Henry locked his eyes with his mom's.

"Yes, they can be and don't forget spring break ends tomorrow. You have to get up at five tomorrow morning for school. Okay? No video games." His mom scolded.

"I know mom," Henry rolled his eyes, continuing his game.

'Bang Bang' 

'Bang Bang'

"Aw man, he killed me, what. how?" Henry said.


The next morning Henry's alarm broke him of his dream. 

'Bleep Bleep'

"hnnnghh, why did I have a dream like that?" Henry said, "Its probably nothing."

He got up and searched his room for clothes to wear, although he didn't have to do much searching since he had chosen the same shirt and pants he had been wearing since the beginning of spring break. A plain blue tee with rugged gray joggers.










Submitted: December 05, 2017

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