Goddess, My Mistress

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A little poem thingy for you to enjoy.

Submitted: December 04, 2017

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Submitted: December 04, 2017



Goddess, My Mistress


These qualities of hers

Precious, yet obscured

She has smaller traits

Than these whores


She is overlooked

But she cares not

She walks to the first

To hold her in his arms


Yes, now it’s clear

She is a goddess 

And I, her worshipper

They’ve overlooked


She is grace, she’s amazing

Looks can deceive

Her eyes stare into mine

Small windows in between 


My mistress, my love

Command your worshipper

Although I am one

I will act as people 

Of your world

And as these should


Hear my prayer to be yours

And alas we will conquer

This battlefield, this planet

And when it is all yours... 


True beauty will be seen

And all will know not to just view

And when it’s all yours

And when they sing for you

And when they pray

And when they kneel


I will be no more than another 

To worship a goddess

One worshipped by men

Each of better qualities and traits

I will be no more

Than another face in a crowd...

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