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Submitted: December 04, 2017

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Submitted: December 04, 2017



Sightless eyes

given an array of sights.

From memories and scars

To passionate love and

beauty marks.

All drawn in

I'm swept away.

In the joyous flood

of your tearful reign.

All dressed up

on display

for me to view

but I just can't pay

attention .

If beauty was a crime

You'd be convicted.

Looking back

at what I've gained.

It was worth every minute

of constant pain.

The pain that makes your heart beat sound.

Like a beating drum

when rhythm is found.

The pain that makes you stick around

because there was nothing

that wasn't allowed.

You take it all

as you breathe

when your out of touch ,

but can somehow reach.

Deep inside

To grasp this heart.

Before there's a chance

it could break apart.

Wrapped In chains

locked inside my soul .

It's under siege

I can't let go.

Now here we are .

Weathervane .

Pointing in directions

that are all the same.

To the west

is my love at it's best.

To the east

a promise kept at the least.

To the south

you will find there's no way out .

To the north

like a shining star

my heart is a torch.

Follow me

the storm is rough ,

but I hold the light

in the direction of love.

A winding road

splitting off

but no matter the path

you can't go wrong .

I am here.

I am there.


I am everywhere.

In the midst of rest

where this journey sleeps .

Where your endless dreams fest.

So dream me off my feet. .

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