Hold ON!

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Submitted: December 07, 2017

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“Next time, can we get SNOW boots not just GUM boots for having a snow hike?” Complained Lue. “SHUT UP! THIS IS FOR THE BEST!” Poor Lue had been adopted from an orphanage by one man, but after a month or so, they realised they weren't meant to be. No matter what, Lue was stuck with her “dad” for a while. “Can we go home now?” “AGAIN! YOU LITTLE TWAT, I'M DOING THIS FOR YOU YOU LITTLE RODENT! Screamed her “dad” at the top of his lungs, or that's what Lue thought, because she knew inside, he could scream much louder than any ear drum could Handle. Lue softly cried, a warm tear rolled down her cheek. Soon that would be the least of her problems because the snowy mountain started to shake and Shake consistently until it became so powerful that a huge rock fell down the mountain and missed only by a metre! “Uh, dad, is this safe” “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU DIMWIT!” Bellowed her father, yet sounding scared. The mountain continued to shake, next it started small rockslides with snow covered projectiles leaping at the two, then it evolved into the snow on the top completely falling off the mountain! Lue’s father started to climb down the mountain, AND UNCLIPPING HIS ROPE TO LUE! “DAD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I'LL DIE!”screamed Lue at the top of her quivering voice“ I WANT TO LIVE, UNLIKE YOU, I'M NOT GOING TO BE SLOWED DOWN BY A STUPID GOOD-FOR-NOTHING WASTE OF MY TIME!” Lue's  father was already halfway down the mountain when Lue was only quarter way down “DAD! PLEASE WAIT!” Said Lue, screaming so loudly, she had lost her voice after and had a giant ache in its place! But it was lucky her dad hadn't waited because a giant crack came up to him and he plummeted to the ground 200 metres down with over 133 tons of snow and ice following after him. Lue was stuck alone on the mountain until a little stone hit her and she lost her balance! One of her nails fell out of the wall, and only more kept falling! Lue started to hang on the last nail above her head, her thighs hurt and she felt like she was going to hurl! The final nail went PING and then started sliding down the mountain. Lue was already close to the bottom so she could survive. But as soon as she thought it was okay, a helicopter spotted her and came down to help, but a giant piece of snow got caught in the engine and the helicopter burst into flames, killing the male pilot and the other two helpers. The helicopter crashed down under Lue and a giant gorge at the bottom of the mountain started to grow wider and wider by the second! The simple hole stretched into a giant split approximately 2 KM wide and 25 metres long, but there was no way telling how deep it was, it was darker than being 2500 metres deep underwater, and supposedly deeper than any chasm, Gorge or even ABYSS Lue had ever seen! Although, it might have been the last Lue would ever see…

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