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It's a story/article about true love and a regret of not expressing it when you had the chance to. It shows how unpredictable life can be.Based on true events (my life). All those who are in love
or believe in it, I assure you guys will find it touching.

Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 05, 2017





‘’It’s not the things that we do in our life that we regret, it’s the things that we do not give a chance to’’

  I met (talked to) her for the 1st time in March 2015, it was abrupt & her innocence caught me. I saw her before too but we never had any conversation. Her dressing sense was very decent, I loved it. Slowly, we started talking whenever we saw each other (not so often though). I was impressed by her sincerity & sweet behavior. It just felt so right & amazingly beautiful just to listen to her, every single time, with inexplicable joy. I used to be so lost in our conversations that I never actually wondered what her ‘NAME’ was lol.  I was so much into her that I just wanted to look deep into her eyes (she has this cute chashmish look), to listen to her, to be with her & also convey my feelings eventually, which unfortunately never happened. Trust me I never believed in ‘Love’ before. It’s funny how I used to go for dinner exactly @7.15pm @college, in a hope to see her there. It must be clear by this time that I was already intensely involved, but roads leading to beautiful destinations are never smooth. Slowly I got busy because my finals were approaching. Life’s unpredictable & mysterious. So, the conversations went from few to none at all. Unfortunately, the exam season arrived, fortunately I passed the finals. I graduated with a MBBS degree and a ‘regret’. I decided to meet her before leaving, but I came to know she was gone home for a few weeks.  Disheartened, I came back to my country, still my feelings wouldn’t go away. ‘Regret’ is undoubtedly painful. Then, I added her batch mates on Facebook lol. It took me a week to find out what her name was, finally I found her. She accepted my friend request later. During this time, I came in contact with a few girls who knew her well. I was told that she doesn’t use Facebook much and isn’t really into chatting. I told one of them about the situation, she was very understanding & friendly. We became good friends in a very short while. Finally, I started chatting with the girl I fell for. But it didn’t help much because she wasn’t checking her messages promptly, probably due to exams (exams are the main culprit here). I initially thought I’d chat with her, call her someday, & in a while I’ll tell her how passionately I want her to be mine forever. I wanted to hold her hands and promise her that the next time I’d get down on one knee would be to tie our daughter’s shoelaces, which by the way we never got to because the conversation on Facebook ended soon. Now I’m at the same place where I started this, a regret, untold feelings & an unknown way of communicating them to her. ‘'We miss 100% of the shots that we don’t take, so here I took mine''

And, this is not a love letter. I’m a doctor so… the heart is a four chambered structure that pumps blood (mostly).

-Rameez (https://www.facebook.com/rameez.khan.3760430)

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