The Trench.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The over population within the global prison system has led to a decision to build habits on the sea bed, a technological breakthrough with Robotic AI has given them complete autonomy over the
welfare of the prison population. The Robotic AI are the caretakers, the Assistants, the builders of a more secure, more cost effective way to deal with the security and protection of society in
are future.

The Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, it’s the deepest Trench in the entire world, it’s so deep that only specialized deep ocean equipment can reach the bottom of the sea bed.
At 36,200 feet or 10,994 metres, the water pressure is nearly 16,000 PSI, the temperature is a meagre over 3 degrees centigrade on the sea bed, only through evolution of millions of years can anything survive in such conditions.
It has been isolated since time began and the surface of the sea bed is a caldron of scientific discovery.
A decision by Global Judicial Powers deemed the Mariana Trench to be the perfect location and only solution, to build a Deep Sea Ocean Prison, funded and run by a triage of private investors from around the world, in turn the investors would profit from the scientific discoveries that would be made (as well as the government funded technology) that was developed for such a mammoth project.
It took about 5 years to build the plethora of Deep Ocean Pods, these pods were about the size of 8 decent size warehouse’s and they all connected together with a simple but unique titanium collar, this titanium collar was invented and developed for just this project and as such the plethora of investors had already made a significant profit from the invention.
Each pod was lowered down to the surface of the Trench, deep sea robotic AI were already there on the surface of the Trench, to secure the pods (now called habitats).
It took nearly a week for each habitat to reach the bottom of the trench so after around 2 months all the habitats were down on the surface of the Mariana Trench.
Another two weeks and the Robotic AI had done there job and every habitat was securely attached to each other.
A remarkable fete of engineering and ‘The Trench’ deep sea prison (as it’s known) is the ultimate in engineering and technology working together, the AI robotic machines that were built and used down there will be the caretakers of the whole habitats structure, moving silently they will perform endlessly, checking every rivet and every air lock and generally keeping the whole 8 habitats secure from the immense pressure of the sheer weight of water that surrounds them.
Once a Prisoner has been unanimously charged by all Global Judges they will be sentenced to banishment from society and will be incarcerated within the Deep Sea Habitats for the rest of their lives.
No parole, no appeal, once they have been sentenced by all Judges, they will be placed inside a reusable Robotic AI and remotely submerged 36,200 feet in to an air lock, artificial air will be generated by the Robotic AI and this way, it means that no prisoner will interfere or damaged the caretakers.
The caretakers are exactly that, they care for the welfare of the prisoners, they watch over them, make sure they have a habitable pod to live there life so any interference or deliberate damage to the habitat or the caretakers (would mean ending there own life too).
It was the perfect solution for avoiding any escape attempt too, I mean, if they tried to escape (where would they go)!
There 36,000 feet below and without the security of being within the habitats a human body wouldn’t be able to stand the sheer amount of PSI of the water pressure so they were the penultimate solution and as such there was no logical reason for any prison guards.
A technological breakthrough with a newly designed Atmosphere Processor made the depth of the Trench a perfect liveable environment for those within the habitat pods, it filtered the sea water into drinking water, it filtered the air molecules within the water into oxygen and (the most amazing solution for generating thermal gas) into radiated heat.
The robotic AI were tasked with every decision and they were the ultimate care givers for those whom were sentenced for there crime, the AI had complete jurisdiction over every decision that they made.
A visit to the habitat air locks were needed on a weekly basis, taking various supplies and food as and when needed.
Because there were no need for any security guards, the prisoners would be responsible for there own actions, they would be left to create there own laws and as such, be responsible for there own behaviour, this was deemed a good solution because any destruction within the habitats would result in the safety of all prisoners being put in danger.
Self regulation within the habitats and self regulation with the Robotic AI have been such a success that there are more deep sea habitats being built all over the oceans of the world.
The only evidence that there is a deep sea habitat below the ocean, is a floating satellite ship (a converted oil rig) that acts as the main supply instructor, for the Robotic AI.
*The Atmosphere Processor was a design similar to the Caterpillar Drive that the Russian Military Developed for use in there own Red October class submarines*
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Submitted: December 05, 2017

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