Silver Blast

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Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 05, 2017



Break it .

This heart of mine.

As I watch you shine.

Kneading silver through your fingers

A million furs to wear

as winter lingers.

All because of me.

You are too blind to see.

The urgent needs a hint of knowledge.

For the heart is poor

while the body's rich.

Winters travel faster

She's unaware

silver blaster.

Give , give, and give .

She needs it all

so she can live.

You feel the sorrow

she holds not one regret .

For you are nothing

but she will forget.

A pocket full of diamonds

A heart in time ticks.

Love by board

and promise by bricks.

Shaped with clay

In her sculpture mold .

Thrown away

if you could be bold.

Gratitude unending

a love descending caster .

Reign upon disaster

she's unaware

silver blaster.

Grace it .

This freedom roams .

In nowhere's home.

Face it.

Your sadness gleams

In darkness beams.

Riches and treasure

an unspoken measure.

It's only love that you are after.

Silver blaster.

For she is too blind too see.

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