The Fall of Autumn

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This is a poem I wrote about a dear friend I lost many years ago, although its finished I am open to critiques to improve upon it or create a whole new one about my wonderful "sister" who "left me
far behind".

Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 05, 2017



 The Fall of Autumn



It was the winter of her discontent

And into hell was her discent.

From the bowls of desperation

An evil demon did arise,

And you could see its controlling power in her eyes.


The sorrow and pain too much to handle,

Her flame; like that of a candle

Was glowing dim.


Depression, hopelessness and guilt

were the walls of the home she’d built.


The demon was scratching fiercely to get out,

And her end was coming near

She had no doubt.


Her strength and faith were almost gone,

And it would not be long

Before the beast would take control and end her pain.


And on that day a part of her will die,

And what of herself is left will forever change.


No happiness or joy in her would ever grow,

For to destroy is the beast’s only goal.


Misery and emptiness is all she will ever know.




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