Going Home

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Another poem I wrote about my childhood

Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 05, 2017



Going  Home


A warm breeze blows and it feels familiar,

The birds sing in perfect harmony and you recognize the song.

A voice from behind you reaches deep inside

And brings up old feelings you thought were gone.

Looking into his eyes you see someone you know.

Together you walk the familiar steps of memory lane,

Each one bringing to life a person or place you once knew.

So many changes but somehow it’s all still the same.

The same trees, only bigger now,

The same fragrant smell of the rose bushes in Mrs. Brown’s garden

The small children you knew are all grown,

But still they are the same.

A few streets have changed their names

But they still lead the same pathways.

The dog that used to chase you

Is now too old to bark, but still just as mean.

The neighborhood cemetery still holds the tree

  You carved your name in they day you got your first kiss.

Though some families have moved away

  And some friends have passed onto lighter pastures,

It’s still home and you can always go back again.



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