The confused

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When they were getting into the married life, what was their reaction to it all??

Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 05, 2017




The confused.
By Kimeral.emily


The me I was not.

She lied on bed next to her boyfriend and felt she was going a bit happy but sad about their upcoming wedding.  They were supposed to marry and she felt they were moving too fast because she was supposed to get pregnant soon as well.

They were expecting a child in two years or so.  Both of them were 32 this year.

She felt the bunny stuffed animal was too cute and her boyfriend was too ugly.

He was sleeping like a pig and she felt he was too much skinnier than a pig.  She was the fatter one by fat ratio apparently.

Ariel felt Rilen fell asleep too early today.  Their wedding was actually far away.  She felt it really was too far away sometimes, but it was only six months away.  She smiled at his back.  She felt he was too big.  But he was a man, so she was confused what she wanted in life.

Did I want a bunny or a man?

She frowned.


Rilen lit the stove and was happy in cooking breakfast.  Ariel got the day off and he felt it was good.  He smiled and thought of how today would be a good day for a jogging around the neighborhood.  He felt happy and felt he should do it after work.  It was a nine to four work day today. 

He realized he was happy with the eggs cooked and bacons ready.

He loved breakfasts like this but usually he would not eat so greasy.

She was sleeping in the bed and he felt this apartment was perfect for after marriage as well.  They bought it two years ago when they were both 30.  It felt good.  He smiled.  It was good for two kids too.

He felt he captured too much thinking into his mind.  Somehow, he kept on thinking about life after marriage.  But they already lived together.  It was weird.  They were both expecting.  They said people who capture too much always got more hurt when reality struck.

He thought he was like that.

They saw the doctors and they said it was good about their general health.  They should think about how it would influence their everyday lives on this big step in life.

“Make some preparations for the next stage,” she said. 

She was a caring doctor and they both loved her.  She was their family friend as well.  They felt happy.

Ariel and Rilen were holding hands and walked down the street that day and they felt it was a good news.  Except they realized they wanted to wait a while.  They did not want to get married without too much preparation.  They wanted to relax and take things slowly.

It was like, there was something they thought they should do.  They never liked rushing.

They smiled in knowing everything would happen soon.

They smiled.


Ariel visited her friend’s house one day later and felt there was this weird neighbor next door.  She heard about it and thought it was their names that were funny.

Her friend said so too.

She laughed.  “I never thought I’d have neighbors with these names.”  Her friend’s name was Adrina.

Ariel thought it was weird.

Her neighbor’s name was Ann A. and her husband’s name was Blue T.

Apparently, the woman’s name was just that it was like another first name.  That was normal for some reason.  But Blue T?  It was weird.  But they were nice.  Ariel became fond of them because of their stories.

“They were nice!” Ariel said to Adrina.

Adrina laughed.  “They moved here for two weeks and I met them at the welcoming party and they really were nice weren’t they.  They were right next door to me too.  It was great.”  Adrina nodded.  “I knew some of their relatives from work.  It was good.”

Ariel thought life got interesting.  She loved how things went for Adrina.

Ariel thought she was having a lot of time too.  Somehow… she felt this fatigue that things should happen quickly.  Somehow, she wanted to rush.  Things should be fine.

Later when Ariel got home, she began cooking meat.  She forgot what meat it was but it was meat.  When they were uncooked they seemed difficult to be identified.  She thought it was weird.

It was as if she wanted excitement.  She decided to sleep for a while after cooking.

Soon, Rilen got home and they ate.

She slept after her shower and it was earlier than her usual bed time.

Rilen talked to his father that day and felt he needed some time to think about life.  He realized the food was good and he appreciated her.  It was just that he was supposed to become a father.  He smirked.  He would teach his children bad things…

He felt he would be no good, but his father said the same things.  And he was good.  But his father just had to say Rilen was good instead.

He felt weird.

Ariel went to bed early and he felt he needed to take good care of her, too.  It was the strike of reality.  They were getting older.  It was time to rush.  Perhaps the wedding should be a month earlier.  He thought he could change the time.

Anyway, he felt happy somehow.


The next morning, the two of them were sitting on the eating table and both of them felt some sort of awakened feeling.  They talked about everything.  They really were looking forward to the wedding and the birth of their child or children.  They thought they should really make it into just one child with the original time line.

End of story.


© Copyright 2019 Kimeral.emily. All rights reserved.

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