Should Beaches Have Rules?

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Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 05, 2017



Swim Safely, Care Daily.
Good afternoon Mr/Madam Chairman, Ladies and Gentleman. The topic for our debate is should beaches have rules. We define this topic as should beaches, a pebbly or sandy shore, have rules. We the affirmative team strongly agree that this statement is true.

Today as first speaker i will be talking to you about the ocean safety and the distinction of ocean species. Our second speaker, _____will be talking about the dangers of currents or rips and littering and our third speaker, _____will refute and sum up our team case.
Swim Safely Care Daily.
My first point is about ocean safety. This is because if you didn’t have rules you would risk your life because there would be no Red and Yellow flags. This means inexperienced swimmers could be in danger and  they wouldn’t know where to swim. For example, the inexperienced swimmers would drown and the population will decrease.
Swim Safely Care daily.
My second point is about the distinction of ocean species. This means that the animals in the ocean won’t get extinct. This is because if the fish died the sharks would die and if the shark died the killer whales would die. My second example would be if we had no fish it would be a bit harder to gain protein. To conclude, beaches should have rules as it will cause danger and the ocean species would be in danger.

Firstly I would like to put forward some misleading statements made by the opposition. Opposition You stated that you need to have fun. This is incorrect as you could be injured badly because there are no rules. This means your life will be at stake and people won’t come to the beach. For example if people are at stake at the beach it will become less famous. Secondly you stated that the beach is a tourist destination. Tourist would not come back if they see rubbish on the beach and injured people on the shore. 
Swim safely Care Daily.
My First point is about the dangers of currents or rips. If there are no rules about swimming in rips people may drown . For example inexperienced swimmers will panic and lose energy, it may cause death. This means people will not visit the beach and it will become less famous. Also people will get stuck in a rip and get washed up to shore. Finally i said tourists will not go back to the beach again. In conclusion if there are no rules people will drown and get washed up at shore. No more tourists will visit the beach.
Swim safely Care daily.
 My second point is littering. For example the rubbish would get blown out to sea and the animals would choke on the rubbish. This means it would make an impact on the food chain and animals will become extinct. Also people will no longer explore animal species To conclude littering can cause bad changes to the food chain and animals will become extinct. People will no longer explore animals species.

Firstly i would like to put forward some misleading statements made by the opposition. Opposition you stated that dogs should have fun, this is incorrect for if they have too much fun there is a high chance of a dog harming someone. For example a dog could see food that a person has and might attack the person. This means people or even other animals can get injured. Secondly you stated that it is good for your health, this is incorrect for you could get skin cancer which could lead to severe damage on your health or you could die. This means you will be risking your life and you won’t even know it, this is why beaches should have rules. So Mr/Madam Chairman, Ladies and Gentleman, in conclusion our arguments have summed up our team case as beaches SHOULD have rules.

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