Family Matters More Than Money

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Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 05, 2017



Family matters more than money

We have been discussing whether or not family matters more than money. The reasons have been discussed that family helps and you don’t need money if you have something more precious. Those responses state why i believe family is more solid than anything in world.

My topic states, that family does help no matter what. This means that if you are in the blue your family will travel 500 miles to help you. For example, if you break your leg and no one is around,your family will come. furthermore, if you don't have any confidence in yourself, your family will boost your confidence. In addition, when you are low on needs your family will fill those basic needs. As well as, if your family helps each other your family would be so strong your family could teach each other their ways. To conclude, many families like to help each other because they love one another.

You won't need money if you have something more precious. This means that family can cover your basic needs. For example, if you don't have your needs like water your family will provide you with water. Furthermore, family is more precious because they are the creators of you. In addition, if you loose your family you will be so lonely. To conclude, family loves you more than money loves you.

To sum it up, family is the strongest thing in your life because family helps and is more valuable. Family shows more love, integrity, kindness and friendship then friends and so called friends. 

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