Gods Sympathy

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Glass Castle

Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 05, 2017




Twirling my blonde locks through my fingers as I watched my friend Cynthia try to make her moves on another 'victim'. No matter where I take her she always ends up being wrapped around in a man's arms, until she grows bored of them. Than she tosses them away to find a new one,

"Eleana?" A voice called out from behind me, I turned around to find nobody,  yet a couple feeding each other cake was there. Ugh this is why I hate these 'love' type cafes motioning my body back into view where Cynthia was going in for the kill with her new 'prey' being a welcoming. "I'm so over this!" I huffed getting up from the table, why do I even bother coming with Cynthia to London if all she is going to do is man hunt?

Suddenly after I walked out of the cafe a man with a black pledge doctor masked framed in gold approached me, stopping as he was now blocking my path. Only to have him shove a flyer into my hand, which was weird yet i'm not one to judge much. Looking down at the paper I read 'magic exhibit' magic? Somehow my mind clenched at the thought of it, what is magic? Like the magic you see in some Disney movie or grim fairytale? Well expecting the flyer more, I decided there was nothing better to do so why not explore it out? Better than watching Cynthia's mojo being thrown around the cafe to entrap more poor men, not like I couldn't I just see no point in it.

Following the directions I input on my iphone I came upon a glass building with vendors all outside the building selling many unusual things, that weren't sold in the US. Suddenly there was a tug upon my dress, looking back I seen a girl wrapped in all white robes with bright golden eyes. Upon further exception I seen blood trickling down from her hood onto the floor, gasping I went to go rip her off from the ground. Yet she vaporized into mid air, looking around in disbelief in hopes someone else seem the girl. Yet, all the shoppers and vendors were going about their day like they were before I came across this place.

"Must have been something I ate?"

Shoving the imagine I just seen deep within my mind was the only way to calm myself down, and focus on why I came here for. Those golden eyes haven't escaped my mind though, no they were peering at me now even when that girl 'vaporized?'  

A woman with large breast peering out of her tight crimson dress walked out of the glass building, she eyed me downscaling me up then smiled. "Hello dear little miss, you look like you've just seen a ghost?" she had a thick french accent and smelt like tobacco and cheap perfume, she than pulled out a cigar and a lighter.

Looking this woman up and down I gave a small laugh pushing down the feeling of the eyes watching me, "just my imagination, I came here today for the magic exhibit... Is it in the building that you came from or should I not trust google maps?"

She lifted a eyebrow as she lite her cigar and became to take a big huff out of it, "well dear this is the place, what are you hoping to find a love potion, genie, Excalibur, or a fairy godmother?"

"None of that just something to pass my time frankly. I don't believe in magic, yet it does peek my interest none the less." She nodded to my response, as she seemed to be thoroughly examine it. Than she stepped closer to me to where the cheep perfume and the cigar smell seemed to clog up my passageways, "dear life is magical, you finding out about this place was all to thanks for magic. Look around at all these people and think 'where did life come from?' My dear isn't it obvious we all came from magic, magic is just a simple name for power. Everyone has their own power deep inside them along with objects and...stories!" She smiled widely.

Did I just come to the loony tone convention? And she is there ring leader or something, well guess I just gotta play along with it? What better do I to do in London? Shrugging my shoulder I simply replied with a "maybe?" Since I couldn't say 'you're crazy you need to be put in a home!' that would just be insensitive. "Well you must come in and see your fate will show you your own powers my lovely miss, fate can be a cruel mistress or a grateful depending on what cards your fate pulls out." She smiled as she dropped the rest of her cigar and stomped it out with little pivots of her shoe. I quickly checked my phone for any messages or calls before she grabbed my free hand and tugged me on to fallow her into the glass building, "you won't need that for where you going.." she said under her breath.

She really is crazy... Well guess my go with the flow attitude will be the death of me, well anyone could have told you that one. The place was very dim even though it was made of 'glass' the place stunk of lavender mixed with honey dew which was a weird mixture. The place was dimmed of light purple as the floor was of a dark marble and the walls of bright red, many things hung on the shelves.

The man in the black plague doctor mask stepped out from a room on the far left and approached the lady who was leading me. "Lady. Rhan? I was wondering where you went... Oh" he stopped as soon as he glimpsed I was behind her. "Brings me much joy that you decided to come golden miss." Than he curtsied. Golden miss? must be referring to me like that, since my hair is the color of gold? Yet I wonder if he does that to ever blonde hair chick who comes around, must be a blonde faddish thing?

"Well I was smoking a cigar, until I found a golden bird who found her way to the glass palace. Fate is a odd one isn't it Sephtis, well young one it's time for you to explore your fate. We'll be on our way can't wait time on one person when we have so many to help, even if your existent out ways more than billions. There is many whose do or many whose don't, may your fate be one of greatness." She let go of my hand and her and the man named Sephtis went back into the room which he came from, leaving me frozen in confusion.

"Wait!" I called out after them, yet when I reached where the door they entered was supposed to be it was nothing but a wall. Did someone slip something in my white chocolate mocha? Now that I reached the tip of the peek of my panicking mood, I ran the way in which I entered the building. No matter how much I ran I couldn't reach the door in which I came in, the door is gone?! The entrance has disappeared nothing but a hallway remains? Suddenly Cynthia's ringtone went off "?Load up on guns. Bring your friends It's fun to lose and to pretend she's overboard, self?" Reaching into my dress pockets I pulled out my phone and tried to calm my breathing down. "Cynthia help me!" I cried out after answering the phone. "Look to your left." The voice on the other line commanded, I looked to my left and seen a snow white door with floral golden designs on it. "Eleana, open the door you have no other choice this is your destiny. Don't worry of what may or might. You knew you weren't meant for this materialistic world with all its simplistic people who strives to be like those in the media? You're a dreamer, a fighter, be who you are not some girl who is monopolized by her social media." Somehow the voice was hypnotizing it drew me in like honey and I was a bee. I reached the doorknob and opened it up, a bright light suddenly erupted as I now stood in a black void with nothing but a golden jewel shaped like a bird before me on a marble altar.

Jolting out of my hypnotized stat the voice on my phone got me into I shouted back "who are you leave me alone!" Yet all I heard was a static sound on the phone my arm grew limp, as it fell to my side. "Damn Damn Damn!" I screamed into the black void as tears trickled down my face. "I'd be entertaining I said, I'd be fun I said... Well what about now, what have I gotten myself into?! Am I dead..." suddenly my legs became limp and I fell to the ground, which was hard and cold and...black.

"My dear child of the light please come here, don't be afraid I am here to guide you." A chiming calming voice came from the altar, suddenly I felt feeling come back into my legs as I began to stand up again. Walking towards the altar the jewel glowed in every shade of color I've ever seen or imagined of, as soon as I went to reach towards it a giant bird erupted out of it. The bird glowed of many colors and wings looked of clouds and fire, the bird was nothing but light...no energy.

"What are you!" Panicking I took steps back from the jewel, than the bird spoke in the chiming voice again, that sounded so wise and caring. "My dear poor child don't fear, you are here to carry out something I could not. You will find out soon enough I am vanishing from this world.. So another will explain open up your heart and all will be told."

Soon after the bird dove towards me, instead of colliding with me the light was adsorbed inside my body along with the jewel.  


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