Gods Sympathy

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Crimson stained chain

Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 05, 2017




Soon a a ball of white cloth fumbled into the bath, it was the girl I seen in the Temple, and in the market place. Aracelia was her name if I can remember correctly, she was flailing around in the water as her cloths held her down as they were soaking wet. “Stay calm!”

I reached out to her ripping the cloth away from her face, so she could breath. Soon her golden eyes were peering up at me wide and full of amazement. Than panic washed over her face, “they are coming to miss me! Golden miss, help me?” She cried out in her quiet young voice. Soon a man came running into the entrance, his ice blue eyes ment mine then fell to the little girl rate by me.

“Nasi hand her over!” He called out at me, this burning fire belonged to the man named Urian who carried me out of that tomb like a sack of potato's. Pulling the girl in towards my chest I glared back at him, the girl couldn't be more than the age of ten? How could I let him have her when he had blood lust surrounding his aura. “Come in and get her yourself… Can't say I won't give her to you so easily though…”

He arched an eyebrow as the wicked smile embraced his cat like features. “Well if the goddess all bare welcomes a man in her bath to take something then how can I say no?”

He then started to walk towards the bath, as I began to take steps back while shielding the girl tightly to my chest. Soon a bunch of guards flowed into the courtyard, now I have a audience to see me in the nude...never imagined this would happen.

“ Is this how you treat a goddess, by bringing a audience too see my naked skin? What a lovely way to treat your beloved Nasi?” Trying my best to mock him, or steer up something in him. Yet before I knew it he was in the bath with me smirking wildly, “where is Rayyan?!”

Snapping at him was my only way to defend the girl trembling to me. “she was the one she happily plunged a holy dagger into his side, so he is officially off duty at the moment. Which leaves you and her to my ‘whim’.” Urian chuckled as he reached out to my bare shoulder, as I clenched Aracelia tighter. His clinch gripped tightly at my shoulder bringing a shock of pain throughout my body, “ugh!” I bite my lip as I tighten my grip more.

“punish me you demon than! I'll bear this little child's treason! “

Aracelia reminded me of my niece whom I loved dearly, I couldn't let them hurt such a young child. She probably acted out from Rayyan murdering everyone, or something else.

Urian ripped off his cloth upon his head after letting go of my shoulder and placed it around me as it floated above the water. “So righteous, well let's see how you are after preaching for this girl. I'll let this girl's head stay on her shoulder, but for a price… Too make sure you never do this again.” He suddenly ripped the girl from my arms with no trouble and threw me once again over his shoulder.

“Take the little scoundrel and throw her into the dungeon, I'll take care of the goddess. Now!” He commanded and stepped out of the bath as I thrashed around.

“ don't you dare harm that girl! Or I will kill you all!”

Screaming on top of my lunges at the souljers seemed to be a waste of my breath. “You and Rayyan are both demons!” He than slapped my rear that felt like it was going to leave a big bruise.

“That's noone too talk to a lovely man like me, who has your godly life in my hands. sure you might be a goddess, yet it seems your body is mortal?” He glimmed wildly. Soon we reached the outside of the palace I was in to reveal nothing but shifting sands.

“ welcome to the outside of the Sundial palance my dear, he soon walked to a toned wall that was a good walk away from the palace wall. Chains hung from it, and he sat me down only to place these chains around my wrist and ankle.

“Wait?! You're going to leave me locked up to a broken wall in the desert with chains?!” I snapped at him in panic of my current situation.

He leaned down and fixed the cloth he placed around my body and fixed it to where it fastened to my body, so it would fall off.

“At least I'm gentlemen and won't leave you naked to the bare sun and night Nasi? “ he said as charming as a snack enticing his prey to him.

“If I die Rayyan will not be pleased!”

Urian chuckled at my theat, “well if you die, we know you weren't our salvation. Because why would our god Sinai whom apparently serves under Nasi would not dear for it to happen?” He than bend back down to lightly brush my golden strands behind my ear, “I hope he'd be swayed by your unique beauty though, if you want to be my pet I'll realise you for a good night will you. I'd love to see those piercing eyes have passion in them, on me…” he smirked.

Jerking my elbow into his face made him thimble a bit from surprise. “go screw yourself you narcissistic asshole!” I spit out like venom.

He just stood up and looked down at me, his ice blue eyes burned like hell fires as he clinched his fist. He turned around and talked back to the palace leaving me in the burning heat of the shifting sand.

Well isn't this uncomfortable, nice going Eleana putting yourself in a shit hole for yourself justic ways. Yet, I couldn't let such a young girl head roll for trying to defeat that monster Rayyan.

 It seemed like hours past as the sum was soon setting now, my lips were now becoming dry and cracked as the sand stung my eyes as the winds blown ruffly through the desert. I haven't seen one soul pass through this wasteland, maybe a few birds I noticed flying above the palace. Yet other than that no other signs of life graced me, until nightfall came. My arms and legs were stiff from being shackled to the wall as I layer against the sand and wall as tears of resentment flown down my cheeks. I thought my eyes were dryer up from how much I cried from the previous night, yet I guess I was wrong. Before I could notice a dark figure appeared from the palace and crept towards me. Before I knew it Teigra was in my view prowling towards me, she came and licked my cheek.

I now realized how cold I was becoming now that the sun was down, yet Teigra seemed to come here to fix that problem as she laid up against me to lend me warmth and protection through the night. “Thank you Teigra”

She peered in answer to my thanks, soon her sleepiness grew within me. This happened another night as well, I started to become delusional with how thirsty and hungry I became.

Teigra only seemed to come out to help me with keeping warm through the cold nights, yet that was the end to the help she lend me. Soon I started to lose count of the days and night that passed, my arms and legs became limp with weakness. As my delusions and Teigra were the only thing that welcomed me.

While I was panting from the heat that the midday welcomed me with a man appeared as a shadow in the daylight.

“You look frail and weak” the man said in a deep voice that seemed to shake my soul awake. I looked away from the shadow like figure, “y...e..s” I managed to say.

He leaned over me and propped my mouth open towards the sky. “I shall help you, just don't tell anyone of this.”

Suddenly a golden liquid fell from his cupped palm into my dry blistered mouth. Bringing life back into my dried up soul, it tasted of honey and roses with other taste in it that I cannot recall.

Soon the liquid stopped, as I gulped down the last of it that entered my mouth. Suddenly my hunger and thirst was good, strength that was long gone came back so suddenly.

I looked towards the dark figure yet he was gone as quick as he came. Only a white feather laid were he once was, a few more days past and the dark shower visited me once again and did the same thing as before.

Soon I heard someone screaming come from the exit of the palace. As it was Rayyan, who took rushed steps towards me with a few men in full robbed garments and Urian was there with them. They all stopped once they seen me stagger to stand up.

Urian ran up to me to check if I were a mirage, “in all holy Sinai!” He called out as he looked me up and down. “Twelve days have passed and here you stand as radiant as the day I chained you here! Whom helped you?” He asked crossing his arms over his chest with a smirk.

Rolling my eyes at his amused face I lifted my chained arms before me, “let me off these chains, you snake!”

His eyes widened as Rayyan and the others stopped at his side, soon the people behind them bowed down before me. I arched my eyebrow at Urian and Rayyan, yet they showed no sign to buckle and bow towards me.

Soon Urian unchained my arms and legs which were now imprinted with the shackles. Open cuts were left in the place which they had been, “still a mortal!” Urian chuckled at the cuts.

“Let's test your mortal body and chain you here for twelve days than sir. Snake?”

He rolled his eyes at my suggestion and Rayyan looked at what a mess the desert had left me. My hair was matted and covered with sand like my skin, the cloth was badly torn from the harshness of the elements. I probably wouldn't even recognize myself at this point ether.

“Sorry I'm not wearing my Sunday best, I see your wound is good. Guess we're even now, useless you broke your promise?” I glared at Urian whom crossed his arms around his body.

“The girl is alive and well, we put her under your care… Since you're alive, you've proven your worth.” Urian announced while rolling his eyes.

 Rayyan glanced at Urian and a cold sweat ran over his face. Rayyan than stepped so close to me I could smell the scent of rosemary on him. Stepping back from the fear he'd smell my putrid body, would change his mind on taking me away from this wall I've become so well acquainted too.

Then he reached his arms out and then swiftly picked me up into his arms, “Urian you are not permitted to touch my things, remember she's more mine than yours. Useless you were hoping for that wound to be the death of me.” Shoving my face into his chest gave me a comforting sense of security, since it wasn't Urian.

Soon enough after a good while of silence Rayyan carried me back into the castle, where I heard gasp and whispers come from around us, which made me barrier my head in his chest more.

After a few minutes Rayyan then suddenly tossed me, and I found myself embraced in water. Than maids surrounded me, and started to scrub my skin to the point where I thought they wanted my skin to come off.

Looking back up Rayyan was nowhere to be seen, I just decided that maybe I should stay quiet for the time being and not cause a fuse again. Or i’d be the last of me, this place is real and I am trapped with it...within a prison. A prison that is operated by evil princes that tortured me for amusement? Well I saved the little girl that’s what I earn for all my suffering… Yet, who saved me. That strange shadow? Just who was it…


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