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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Imagine having two choices in the world. Stay quite and pretend the world is nothing but beauty or risk you life trying to find the answers you need. Perhaps Miss Pippa Burton should try to blend
in and pretend she knows nothing. It is safe and secure. Instead, the curiosity tugs at her after her father's sudden death and she finds herself trapped in two worlds. One where everything is
beautiful and proper. The other where the darkness traps her and plans to engulf her. Few can be trusted as her father's dark secrets start to spill and his death starts becoming less of an
accident. Her new found friends all group together to try to solve the mystery of the darkness and perhaps fix their broken lives. Or what is left of them...

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The Beginning of the End

Submitted: December 05, 2017

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“Miss... Miss Burton! You are awake!” She exclaims as I nod to show that yes, I am still alive. Perhaps they were wondering? I was wondering too.

“Where am I?” I ask my eyes moving to every expensive item in the room, making a note of where they were so I would not break them later on.

“Why, do you not remember?” I shake my throbbing head as I enjoy the soft, silky fabric of the bed. “Mr. Harrison’s mansion. This is the guest room.” I do not respond to the poor maid; My Uncle
Harrison. Fantastic; just the person I want to see. He is a hateful spine who cares little about anyone but himself. “I shall fetch Mrs. Harrison. Give me a moment.” The maid hurries out of the
room after securing the blankets in a large cupboard. Where is Father? I eye the windows to the right; one was wide open. I can easily climb right out of one of those and not have to deal with my
overbearing aunt.
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How to be a Disgrace

Submitted: December 05, 2017

“Miss Burton and Miss Storm, is there something you would like to share with the rest of the class?” Alice’s eyes rise as she shakes her head. “It is improper to speak under your breath to others
like so at a social gathering. Please do not lose your manners.” Grace snickers again before opening her mouth. “Poor Pippa has never been to a social gathering.” “I have to!” I exclaim angrily
losing my poor, proper demeanor. “Really? Where to, may I ask?” “Father took me places on our travels. I met many people.” “Let me correct her statement; Pippa has never been to a proper social
gathering.” It was Ivory with her gorgeous blonde hair and her gorgeous eyes that spoke such stinging words this time. Proper; who is to decide what is proper and what is not? Clearly not me with
my wild adventures and my inability to be normal. **Once again sorry for formatting error. It seems this computer is outsmarting me. Thank you for reading! I appreciate it**
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