A Night in the Tree House

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Mature Content. Two boys have an interesting night in the woods. (Please leave a note if you like it. Thanks) (Cover Photo from Tumblr)

Submitted: December 06, 2017

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Submitted: December 06, 2017



 Back when I was just a kid, I would often explore the wooded area across the road from my house. Mainly farm land. I would follow the cow-tails way back to the river, toss stones in the water and goof around. Never anyone around at all, I loved it. These days with me now in my upper teens, there’s no more cattle around and a lot more homes. But I still had a private area back there by the river.

 Just a while ago, a kind of new friend of mine “Tommy” and I were out exploring that area that I liked. I had just met Tommy, him and his parents had just moved in down the road from me. We were the same age and he was easy to talk too. Him and me both said we were kind of loners so, then I said; “Let’s be loners together!” Tommy just laughs and said; “Ok!”

 Tommy… he was just kind of a short dude, had long blonde hair, real skinny and (I’ll say it again) was easy to talk too. He would often talk about his looks and how he didn’t like them. I would often tell him, how dam good looking he was to me and “And you are fun to talk to!”

 When exploring the woods, we had found an old tree house, probably use as a hunter’s “tree-stand” long ago. A “tree-stand” is often just a plywood box, maybe with a window, big enough for a hunter to sit in, staying dry, waiting for the deer to pass by.

 It was mid-July and plenty warm and Tommy said; “Let’s camp out here Jon! We can use the tree-stand as a tree house.” I just said; “Let’s, my parents won’t give a shit, will yours?” Tommy just said; “Fuck no!” We headed back home, got there ok, got some stuff and then headed back out.

 That afternoon with it still so warm, Tommy and I put on our suits and took a quick dip in the (ice cold) river. We goofed around a while, then climbed out and sat on a big rock on the shore. We sat there in the sun, talking and waiting to dry off. Sitting there we compared our abs, biceps and our chests. We were doing all this just in fun but, it also made me kind of horny.

 We then decided to make a small fire for later. But for now, it was still in the upper 80’s out and the sun was just starting to go down. Us both still in our wet swimsuits, we just sat there staring at the fire. Tommy took my hand, looked up at me in the eyes and said; “Jon, are you getting kind of horny? I sure am!” I looked down at his crotch and I saw that he had a hard-on and it was coming out of the side of his swimsuit. Holy-fuck, did that turn me on! I then just said; “How am I not going to get horny, with you like that.” And I pointed down at his cock and laughed. We both then just giggled and winked at one another.

 It now being twilight, we just let the small fire burn down some, grabbed our blankets and headed over to the tree house. We left our wet swimsuits down at the base of the tree and the two of us (being butt-naked) climbed our way up into the tree house. Me following Tommy up the ladder, looking up at his sexy tight ass, made me harder and harder! When we both got up there, we tossed the blankets down and Tommy laid down on his back. He pretty much then said; “Jon… I, well… honestly don’t know much about all this, but I sure the hell want too!” I knew then that this boy was kind of a virgin at this and that I would have to show him the ropes. Oh well, you know what I mean, plus we were both ready and already hard! 

 “I’ll just show you a few things and then you can do what you like, How’s that sound?” I said. Then he said; “Jon, you do what you want, I trust ya!” I started in by licking and sucking that boys long, hard cock, doing it nice and slow. Then with me laying on his legs, just looking up at his face, I could tell he loved it. I worked him pretty good and that’s when I see his blonde pubic hair. Seeing that, got me even harder. I then moved up to his nipples and licked them a while till he said; “Jon I’m going to lose it” I quickly moved back down to his super hard cock and worked it faster! He then lost it in my mouth! Dam good too!

 I kept some of his cum in my mouth and moved up to kiss him. Then I remembered, that he’s kind of new at all this. I stuck out my tongue with his cum all over it, pointed at it and then pointed at his mouth and said; (or mumbled)” Ok?” He just said; “If it tastes good.” I smiled and started to kiss him, putting my tongue (and his cum) half way down his hot throat.

 “You best work on me now Tommy, believe me, it won’t take you long!” I said. I then rolled on to my back and he moved down to my cock. He worked mainly on the tip of it at first but, then he worked to take in more of it in. He would gag a little sometimes but then I knew he was trying his best. We were laying there in sort of a “69” position, with him working on me. I could lay there looking at his nice cock and his nice blonde pubic hair! (me kind of drooling) Just then I lost it! Tommy did his best to drink down my cum and (of course) moved up to my mouth, with some my cum still in his mouth and kissed me. We laid there awhile talking about other “ways to do it” and mainly giggling about it all.

 We then headed back down to the fire. Tossed some wood on it and talked some more. We had just two blankets to make into a bed. It got kind of cool that night, 60’s We kept one another warm by cuddling together. Us still being butt-naked, me with this sexy boy to cuddle with all that night, it was kind of hard! (in more ways than one) ????

The End

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