Secrets of Bestselling Writing

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Bestselling is based upon Mass Appeal.

Submitted: December 06, 2017

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Submitted: December 06, 2017



Gold and witches are two of the best ways to write best-selling scary stories and scenes, because everybody is horrified of not having money and everybody is terrified of witches. Bestselling means mass appeal. Gold and witches both command powerfully compelling mass appeal.

In order to be bestselling, the opening sentence of your scary stories and scenes should always punch readers in their psychoemotional soft spots, so as to grab their attention immediately and confirm in their minds that your writing is most definitely what they want to be reading. To accomplish this provocative shock treatment, make subliminal use of cognitive powers of association by invoking the occult persuasiveness of words and phrases such as “Bubonic Plague”, “Alien Abduction”, “Vicious Predator”, “Abusive Husband”, “Unfaithful Wife”, “Blood-thirsty Ghoul”, “Alone in the Dark”, or “Broken Neck”.

Do not reveal the gloaming godawful pith of your blood-curdling horror all at once. From the scandalous sensationalism of the opening sentence drift suspiciously toward the full brunt of spine-chilling climax with subtle hints and vague allusions, remembering always that how you say what you say is as important as what you say. Make sure your writing is emotionally disturbing, luridly descriptive, alarming, baleful, shady, prophetic.

A sinister emotional trigger to use as a point of departure for sculpting bestselling scary stories and scenes is when someone desperate for money journeys alone to the crossroads at midnight to sell their soul to the Devil in exchange for staggering financial wealth. The portentous Book of Revelation is laden with prophetic nightmare scripture, Exempli gratia “And they had a king over them who is the Angel of the Bottomless Pit whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.”

Another grim seed from which to cultivate bestselling scary stories and scenes is a maiden who is so tragically in love with the man of her dreams that in order to secure him for herself away from the lascivious charms of her competitors employs the bubbling brew love potions of a wicked witch; the witch is to be given the love-hungry maiden’s firstborn child in return. The diabolical old Crone flies about on her enchanted besom in the ghostly light of the full moon drying up milk cows’ udders, giving maids the nightmare, and making children spit pins!

The brooding ilk of slimy green swamps - the home of the toad, the water snake, and the alligator - oozing with primeval threat provides infinite inspiration for plotting deliciously malevolent bestselling scary stories and scenes!

An important first step for writing bestselling stories and scenes is to establish the awareness in your mind that every single human being on this planet is superstitious in nature; which means that all your readers are superstitious. Superstition is foreshadowing. It is impossible to underestimate the importance of foreshadowing in creating bestselling scary stories and scenes.

The purpose for a heightened awareness of the superstitious instinct of human nature is so that as a writer you can, via foreshadowing, get in touch with the superstitious spirit of those who shall read your scary stories. The method for touching superstitious human nature with the graveyard bone skeleton finger of dread is to write using words and sentences which evoke an atmosphere of incredible things.

To craft such sentences, imagine yourself as a storyteller sitting in the shadows of a campfire in the remote wilderness, knowing that in such a macabre setting the ingrained superstition that hides inside each of your readers will rise up to breathe, so that as you give tongue to strange places and eerie events, the power of composing bestselling scary stories and scenes shall be yours, because once you establish a lurid atmosphere of the ghastly, the creeping eldritch mood shall mushroom into a virulent contagion of gripping horror mania!

The seductive allure of the haunting elements of your scary stories and scenes shall be so irresistible that once you invoke the foreboding ambiance of phantasmagorical far away places in the shadows of your remote wilderness campfire, the emotion will intensify to such a profound degree that readers the world over will buy copies of what you write so that the scary stories and scenes of your authorship shall indeed become bestsellers!

The technique for engendering an atmosphere of incredible things, is to first deeply research then write about events, people, and places which are far away and imbued with the ghoulish terror of the paranormal….the supernatural. The scenes you craft in your writing can be remote in actual physical distance or in time. People wonder about far away places to which they have never been, which infuses such mysterious realms with a tempting aura of the ghostly. Readers are also keenly interested in the ancient. Antediluvian people, places, and events are creepy because they are old. Old things are haunting things.

A psychedelic mood-altering example of this time-steeped principle is the ancient temple city, Angkor Wat. The incomprehensible paranormal forces that wrought the vast cryptic stone monument in the deepest ominous recesses of that far-flung jungle are watchful creatures of gloom that prey upon the wandering spirits of the curious. The myriad elevated towers, covered galleries, courtyards, porches, and inner sanctums of the magnificent age-shadowed edifice offer a labyrinthine treasure of inspiration for writing bestselling scary stories and scenes.

Blood sacrifice, bewitched peasants who mystically transform into fearsome flesh-devouring beasts, sadistic priesthoods oppressing and exploiting the lower classes for illicit personal gain, alien entities covertly utilizing the melancholy ruins of Angkor Wat as a secret facility for extracting human chromosomes to genetically engineer a slave race to be used in colonization and hazardous mining operations on distant worlds - yes, the sacred lotus bud - Apsara the celestial nymph, consort of Gandharva the Heavenly Musician - the enigmatic legends of the ancient megalithic fortress of Angkor Wat are an ingenious expedient for writing bestselling scary stories and scenes!

To gain further understanding of the occult knowledge you seek and to witness firsthand how I apply these shockingly potent psychoemotional principles in literary practice, you may read the bestselling scary stories and scenes which I have penned.

The primeval revelations encoded by medieval adept Sean Terrence Best are conveniently available to you via Books-A-Million,, Barnes&Noble, and many other booksellers.

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