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Nothing's stable we all know but what really should stay stable we let it go.

Submitted: December 06, 2017

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Submitted: December 06, 2017



Always worked for everyone in ways I could,

made it possible, that hopes be should.

At the end, I was always ditched,

it made me feel like a bitch.


Pleasure and pain I gave both,

according to the needs, I figured them most.

At the end, I always heard-"It's time to end",

because easily I can always bend.


There's a myth that I'm the breaker,

of trust and crust which are a sneaker.

At the end, I was always the criminal,

of faults, assaults, and something perennial.


I also have a brain, I'm not a child,

but I just stay quiet cause I'm not wild.

Because the end is of my humanity every time,

so better let it go anytime.


It's simple to say-"Let it go".

So easy to hear-let it go.

But when the feel comes from within,

it cracks and snaps the heart like damn nothin'.


There's always a value of a person in life,

maybe smooth or maybe rife.

But before letting go just think,

is it really temporary or really a thing.




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