The Ocean

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Submitted: December 06, 2017

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Submitted: December 06, 2017





That was the first scent to cross her senses. She had been wandering for what seemed like hours. Of course it wasn’t so bad when you’re on horseback. But the long hours seemed to drag on, and she started to wonder if she ever going to find a way out of the dark forest.


Her father had warned her not to go in the dark forest. “Those who go in, never come out” but of course being raised a princess, she wanted a sense of adventure. And with her friend Chase by her side they went on an adventure.


A glance behind her and she realized her friend wasn’t behind her on his horse. With fear in her veins she turned her horse around and backtracked. Her eyes widened when she found her friend crumpled on the ground against a giant boulder. He had a dagger in his chest and blood laid on the ground beneath him. His eyes were closed and he wasn’t breathing.


With her heart in her throat she jumped off her horse and fell to her knees beside her fallen friend. With gentle, trembling hands, the princess reached and grasped the dagger and swiftly pulled it out of his chest. The end of the blade had blood on it, some dried and some still fresh and wet. Fresh blood from the now open wound poured out and stained her friends once pristine white shirt red.


She cursed herself for stupidity. Earlier on their trip she thought she saw someone in the bushes following him. She threw it off as an animal and continued on, not hearing Chase call out for her to wait. She continued on, thinking her friend would pass it off as an animal as she had. That apparently hadn’t happened.


Suddenly a memory crossed her thoughts.


“Have you ever been to the ocean Chase?” a young princess asked her friend with a curious smile on her face. Her friend shook his head “I haven’t, though one day I hope to” the princess stood up and placed her hands on her hips and gave her friend a huge smile. “Then I, Princess Elle of Celtic promise you Chase, that one day I’ll take you to the ocean” Chase stared at her for a moment before he smiled and shook his head laughs escaping his mouth. “You're so silly Elle”.


Ella gave a soft smiled and wiped the bangs out of her friends face. “I made a promise to you Chase, and as a princess and friend, I intend to keep that promise.


She lifted her friend up lifting an arm around her shoulder and carried her friend to their horses. Blood poured out onto her brown riding dress staining the gold lining detail, but she didn’t care. She had a promise to complete.


After heaving him onto his horse and tying him down to stay on, Elle climbed onto her horse and led the other towards where she caught the scent of salt.


Following that scent Elle soon heard soft rolling waves. Excitement filled her and she urged the horses faster. Going through a bushy path with thick bushes almost covering the path the path soon opened up and changed from dirt road to sandy beach.


The sound of waves rolling made Ella smile and she jumped off the horse. Untying her friends she half dragged and half carried him to the water's edge. Ella continued until the water was at her knees and kneeled in the water pulling her friend against her chest.


The water was cold to the touch and made goosebumps form under her sleeves. She shivered a little and wished she took her friends advice and grabbed an extra coat. A breeze blew past and she closed her eyes enjoying the peace the ocean provided. Upon opening her eyes she found the sun was setting and the sky was painted a soft golden with streaks of light pink, purple, orange, and the soft colour of red. The golden sun was falling down, half of it had already descended past the view of her vision. The clouds hid the harsh rays of the sun and added and beautiful touch to the scenery.


Glancing down she smiled at her friend and brushed the bangs out of his face once more. “See Chase, I told you I’d get you to the ocean”.


Tears fell down her cheeks as she enjoyed the moment and watched the sunset while holding her friend and thinking of her memories with him.


An hour later her father accompanied by some of the castle guards found her still sitting in the ocean, still holding Chase. Her father gave a small sigh of relief finding his daughter unharmed. He treaded through the water and kneeled beside his daughter, placing a soft hand on her shoulder he roused her friend her sleep and smiled gently at her. “You did well today Elle, I’m so relieved you aren’t hurt” Ella nodded and allowed the guards to lift Chase out of the water and out of her arms.


Her father helped her stand and upon noticing her shivering smiled gently and wrapped his cloak around her shoulders. “Let’s go home Elle” Ella nodded but sighed softly “I am home father”.


With that she fell to the ground the cloak falling off her shoulders. Her father noticed some of her skin was blue, she had stayed in the cold ocean water for too long. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing slowly. “Your Highness, she won’t make it to the castle in time” the king’s advisor stated with a sad expression on his face.


The king nodded slowly and held his daughter as she took her final breaths. Her body relaxed upon that final breath and the king and his men cried in loss of the beloved princess. Her father smiled through his tears as he realized that his daughter and the boy she loved were reunited once again.


By the ocean.

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