Island in the Swamp

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Mature Content. Some boys find a secret island to hide on and have maybe some fun. Please let me know if you like my story. (Cover Photo from Tumblr)

Submitted: December 06, 2017

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Submitted: December 06, 2017




My aunt needed her old frig moved. So, my sister (Jean), friend (Adam) and myself headed over to her place. She had a new one and wanted to keep the old one in her “so-called” basement. She lives in a swampy area, off a small country road, the driveway goes right up to the basement level and then the main floor is the one above that. Nothing but cat-tales and swamp around there. Just a few other homes far off in the distance. There’s a few lakes around there but mostly just a swampy area.

 As my aunt and Jean where shifting the stuff from the old frig to the new one (that was just delivered) Adam and I just stood there looking at one another. As the girls worked and chatted on and on, Adam was just standing there, leaning there on the old frig, he talked some, while playing with his T-shirt (one with the sleeves cut off) pulling up the front and putting in his mouth. Him doing that I could see his tight abs and sexy belly-button. Then he was just mainly staring at me and then playing with his arm-pit hair. Looking right at me with his odd smile, I think I know what he was thinking about.

 Adam was a pretty fun guy and kind of mysterious too. He’d only ever talk about “us” and never about his collage or classes he’s taking. Never about other guys he’s been out with, nothing!

I’d only see him sometimes in the summer and pretty much never during the school year. He’d often ask about my adventures and the guys I’ve hooked up with, but he’d never talk about his own life. After a few try’s, I just simply gave up asking about his life. 

 We got everything ready to move, the frig, with an old blanket to cover it and it strapped to a dolly. We then just pushed it out the (lake side) door, down the hill, around the house and in the lower door. (Most of you that ever moved anything, knows, it never goes that well! But this is my “f”-ing story) ;0  

 My aunt and sister then told us; “That was fast, dinner won’t be ready for an hour or two” So, she told us to go for a walk or something. “Maybe try out that little island, way in the back”. Then the two of them worked on dinner and talked “girl talk”, you know.

 I grabbed the old blanket from the frig, threw it over my shoulder and Adam and I headed out. We bull-shitting about whatever, looking around and giggling. As we walked Adam put his arm around my waist and pulled me a little closer. He then slid his hand into my pocket and started rubbing whatever he could find. ???? We walked this way for a time, talked and then came upon the island.  There’s this little tiny island in the back of my aunt’s house, a nice dry little island, surrounded by swamp. Many big trees growing on it, so we knew it had to be pretty dry. Best part… It’s super private.

 Adam and I just stood there looking at it for a minute. Then I just said; “Let’s build a little bridge!” We then simply did, with some rocks and a few small logs. We just had to cross ten feet or so of running water to get there, no big deal. It only took a few minutes and we were over!

Adam then pulled the small logs back out, he made it like it was a kind of draw-bridge, “Now there’s was no access to our island!” Adam yelled out. It gave me a big smile. We then put our arms over one another's shoulders and took a look around. It was kind of small too, size of maybe a tennis court. But with all the trees and not a house in site, it was great!

 We threw the blanket out and sat down, just looking at one another. I then said something like; “You’re not a just a little bit horny like me, are you?” He slowly said; “Jon… the two of us are sitting on an island, all by ourselves. Your looking so dam good to me and me horny as hell, Jon what do you think?” I just leaned over and started to kiss him. To put it simply, we were just necking there quite some time, Adam’s tongue halfway down my throat at times and me chewing on his lips.

 I then pulled off Adam’s sleeveless shirt, while he worked on my shorts. Within a minute or two we were both fully nude, still necking. I did then think about some hunter or someone watching us but, fuck-it. We were both so fucking horny, who gave a shit! Both of us with rock-hard cocks and so little time, I just said; “Lets 69, lets 69, Adam please!” he just laughs spins around and we work on one-another’s cock. Wow, Adam’s was hard as hell and I just loved sucking and licking his tip. He didn’t do as well on me this time, he just kept giggling instead of sucking. I then started giggling too and that’s when Adam lost his! I did my best to suck it down and it was that flavor of his, that made me then lose mine too. Adam then sucked my cum down and licked the tip many, many times. What a time we had!

 The clock kept ticking though. We then got dressed, pick our stuff up and headed back. When we got there, my aunt stuck her head out the door and saw us drinking from the garden hose. “We girls have dinner just about ready” She told us. We then all sat down around the table. My aunt kept thanking us for the work and my sister would say stuff like; “I think the boys had a pretty good time” With her big smile. Adam then would say something like; “Jon’s a fun guy to help out!” I’m not sure what my sister was thinking, but I know what Adam meant. ????

The End

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