Its A Hard Knock Life For Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

high school girl tries out for a play of annie. she falls for the judge while dealing with many embarrassing situations

I brushed my long thin blonde hair in the mirror trying to figure out which way it looked best on me. Brushing it to the right made my ears look huge but brushing it to the left was so boring. Then an awesome idea hit me, I brushed my hair to both sides making a split in down the middle but then I realized it looked so weird! It looked like I shaved a line down the center of my head! I wanted to scream in frustration, would my hair look normal today? Finally I gave up and pulled a pony out of my drawer. I looked in the mirror ready to put the pony in when I got another great idea!  I dropped the black pony on my dresser and pushed my blonde hair back. It looked perfect back! Why hadn’t I figured this out earlier? I smiled at my reflection and my sky blue eyes sparkled in the mirror
“Katie Morin!” a thundering voice came from downstairs. It was Mom! I gave an angry grunt and turned to leave my room. I mean was it my fault my hair had to look good on my sixty-seventh day of eleventh grade {but who’s counting} I rushed down the stairs quickly to greet my angry mom who had her hands on her hips
“You are going to miss the bus” she said to me pointing at her watch. I glared at her. Moms don’t know anything about teenage girls. I mean every mother should know that when their daughter is doing her hair there is nothing on this planet more important! Nothing! Seriously, even if the planet was taken over by aliens and my mom was yelling for me to go run and hide for cover but I was doing my hair then too bad on her the aliens will have to wait patiently by the door while I fix my hair. So that is the reason I glared at my mother, my hair was not finished being made, so in other words this meant war. 

Turns out I didn’t miss the bus. The word “the” is too plain for that sentence. I missed ALL the city busses! All of them! I was a block away talking on the phone with my best friend Lily and this is how our conversation went:
Me: So what are you doing now?
Lily: Talking to you
Me: So funny! By the way did you do your homework?
Lily: Yes, with you. Don’t you remember?
Me: Oh right! Anyway where are you?
Lily: On the city bus. And by the way I see a girl who looks just like you right now from the window! She even has your phone
Me: Lily! That’s me! I missed the bus! Why didn’t you tell me?

From there our conversation got really odd. I was so busy arguing with her I missed the next city bus that came by. I realized it after it had already left. I yelled at lily for making me miss another bus that I missed the next city bus too. After that I just hung up and had to walk to school {my hair got really messed up} today was officially the worst day of my life. After school lily told me to go to Bengers. Bengers is my all-time favorite café.

The café was basically empty so I sat down and enjoyed my silence. Then Lily called me. At first I was surprised because she sounded like she was crying. I was terrified. How was I supposed to comfort my best friend over a phone? Franticly I asked what happened and got up quickly rushing out the door. There was one problem, my day managed to get worse. It happened quickly. I was running out the door busy on the phone with Lily that I didn’t realize the waiter carrying a tray with seven hot cocas. I collided with him and we both went tumbling to the floor. His trey went flying into the air and seemed to come down in slow motion glass shattering everywhere. The hot coca spilled on him and he got up gasping with pain from the burns. It was then that I got a good look at him. He looked not that much older than me, maybe even a year? He had messy jet black hair and blazing green eyes. He was very tall too and his white waiter shirt was covered in hot coca making it that the shirt stuck to his skin. Then I noticed he was very broad shouldered and muscular and I will admit it: cute. But when I realized what I had just done I quickly started apologizing. He looked at me. His handsome green eyes blazing into mine
“Are you okay?” he asked me. I stared at him my hopes rising and nodded. This cute boy was not mad at me. I was so relieved and happy and- “Well then. Why can’t you watch wear your going?” he asked angrily. My hopes disappeared and I stared at him unsure what to say. Fortunately for me I didn’t have to say anything because the cute tall boy had turned his attention to a big fat man who had just came out of the kitchen. The man was bald and had his hands clenched in fists
“Stan!” the man yelled. The cute boy must have been Stan because he flinched when the man said it. “I said I would give you a second chance” the bald man said. His voice was loud and when he talked some saliva came spitting out of his mouth, it was so gross! I figured that this creepy bald guy was the manager of the store.
“Sir, please. It wasn’t my fault I broke your cups and spilled some of the drink” the cute boy Stan said. “This girl just ran into me” Stan said suddenly pointing at me. Fury bubbled inside me. How dare this cute boy blame me for running into him? Wait, now that I think about it that is exactly what happened. But that is not the point!
“Stan I had enough! I already gave you a second chance, you just cracked six of my glass cups and knocked a customer to the ground” the bald man said angrily “so I have no choice but to fire you” WHAT! I gasped opening my mouth to speak, but no words came out. My day couldn’t get worse! I had just gotten this super cute boy fired because I had to speak to lily on the phone urgently earlier! And now boy does she better have a good excuse for calling me, or she is so dead!
“But…sir” Stan said “I can’t get fired, I just applied to college that would look horrible on the application” the boy said. Suddenly it dawned on me. This boy was applying to college which meant he was in twelfth grade. That is one year older than me. I let my mind wonder with that thought until Stan looked at me with pure hatred and said “thanks a lot” and stormed out of my favorite café. But at the moment I was beginning to hate this place.

  Turns out lily had some interesting news when I got to her house later that day. The movie “Annie” was being made into a play. In case anyone can’t tell I love acting! I mean as you can tell I am a major drama queen (or at least that is what I’ve been told). The fliers were hung up on nearly all the streets. It was all advertising if you want to have a part in the play or be a judge (one of them had just retired). I was obviously going to try out for being an actor, I have loved the movie Annie since the first time I watched it when I was five. Lily on the other hand wanted to be the judge since she was going broke. All the money she got for allowance she spent the day she got it so she needed more money. For me this was great! If lily got the job as a judge then she would give me the part as Annie when I tried out!
“Do you think a judge needs to wear a blue cap or a black cap?” lily asked me. I stared at her closely. Sometimes this girl didn’t know the difference between her right and left!

A week has passed since the incident with the cute boy. I don’t know if it was him or me but now I hate Bengers café. My mom asked me if I wanted to go for lunch the other day and I stared at her like she was crazy. Then she said they are hiring and I almost cried. Mom thought I was crazy since she thought I was crying over a ‘help wanted” sign, but boy was she wrong. I had missed my chance with the cutest most handsome boy that ever lived and I would never see him again and had gotten him fired. My luck can’t get any worse!

Of course as usual I think I spoke to soon. Today I missed the city bus again and so did Lily. I wanted to walk to school but Lily said she didn’t mind waiting for another bus so we waited fifteen minutes and the bus finally came. I sat down quickly in one of the only empty seats and made room for lily to squish in the same seat as me. We sat cramped together and the two black ladies sitting on both sides of us glared because we were squashing them. I ignored them to the best of my abilities and pulled my hoodie over my head hiding myself
“So you got a new job yet?” I heard a male voice ask someone standing a few feet behind me
“Yes. My dad was furious with me for losing the other one” another voice said. This voice was so familiar that I peeked out from under my hoodie to see who it was. I almost had a heart attack right there and then when I realized who it was, it was Stan! He was leaning against a pole on the bus with a basketball in one of his hands and the other tucked into his jean pocket. I only saw the back of him but I still knew it was him. I almost died! I pulled my hoodie hire over my head hiding myself better and knocked lily off the seat accidently in the process. She went tumbling onto the floor making a loud “Thump” Stan turned around when he heard the commotion and saw Lily on the floor.
“Are you okay?” he asked her. He bent down and put his hand out to help her up. Lily grabbed it and got up. I hid more under my hoodie terrified Stan would see me.
“I’m fine” Lily said looking into Stan’s eyes. She looked like she had an instant crush on him, or at least that is what it looked like through my hoodie. “Thank you, sorry my friend Katie knocked me to the floor” Lily said quickly. I felt her eyes staring at me. “Katie what is with?” she asked. Suddenly I felt her hand on my hood and she pulled it off my head. My heart skipped a beat with panic as I realized lily and Stan were staring at me. Recognition filled Stan’s green eyes and his mouth dropped open
“You” he said. I couldn’t tell if he sounded shocked or angry because I was too terrified to think. I felt the bus stop and grabbed my bag and ran off the bus
“Katie! Katie Morin what are you doing it’s not our stop” Lily called after me. I barely heard her as the doors of the bus closed behind me. I turned around for a second to see Lily’s confused face from her window as the bus drove off. I gave a deep sigh and began walking to school. It wasn’t such a far walk since I had only gotten off the bus two stops early. Unfortunately I was still late and my math teacher gave me detention.

Lily came over to me the second we were dismissed from math and folded her arms.
“Just because I was flirting with a boy you liked doesn’t mean you run off like that” Lily said to me. I laughed at her and how badly she had gotten the whole idea wrong. I didn’t explain to her what really happened just some minor details about tripping and falling on top of him
“That would explain why he said “you’re not the first victim she has knocked down” to me” lily said and I blushed. He really remembered everything. Honestly remembering was normal since I had caused him to lose his job. Lily did not let the conversation of Stan stop. This is how it went:

Me: So lily I have detention later
Lily: Great, so I will get detention too so we can talk more about Stan there
Me: are you crazy? No!
Lily: so do you like him?
Me: lily if I asked you to leave me alone would you?
Lily: No. anyway is that why Stan looked angry to see you? Is it because you said that to him?
Me: No! Let’s just change the topic and talk about….cute pairs of jeans.
Lily: you mean like the cute pair of jeans that Stan was wearing because he looked super cute in them
Me: Lily stop! Let’s just talk the play Annie. When are tryouts?
Lily: tomorrow. Why do you want to know, do you want to invite Stan to come with us?
Me: Augh!!

Have you ever wanted to kill someone? I was tempted to run Lily over with a big truck right there and then. Stan was the only thing she talked about the rest of the day and detention was actually very relaxing since lily was not sitting next to me asking tons of crazy questions. One of the most annoying parts about lily talking about Stan was that the more she talked about him the more I thought about him.

  When detention was over I walked home. On the way home I found a flier for the Annie show. Tryouts were tomorrow just like lily had said. When I scanned the flier more closely I realized that the advertisement for the judge was gone. That meant that the other two judges had picked their third judge. Lily always expresses herself to everyone so she would have told me if she got the job, but she didn’t which meant that someone else did. I felt bad for lily since she needed that job so I took out my phone to call her. I knew if I called lily she would talk about Stan so I put my phone back in my briefcase and entered my house
“Detention!” my mom shouted to me. She stood there hands on her hips the second I closed the door. I rolled my eyes at her and began walking towards the stairs going to my room. “You got detention?” my mom shouted behind me as I ran up the stairs. I heard mom’s footsteps following me so I took a deep breath and turned to face her. “You got detention?” she asked me
“Mom, if you know the answer, why ask?” I asked causally. Mom was in no mood for me. I could see it in her eyes; she looked like a tiger ready to pounce. “That was you third detention this week!” mom shouted at me. “You are applying to college next year” mom continued through gritted teeth “you think a college would want you once they see how many detentions you get?” mom asked me
“Yes mom, they would!” I shouted back. I was furious. Mom looked at me with her big sky blue eyes like mine. She looked like she was scanning me for any truth and just realized I had none.
“Mom if I get into the Annie play it would look great on my applications.” I said a small smile spreading on my mad face.
“And who says you are getting into Annie for sure?” mom asked. Then a real smile spread across my no longer mad face
“Try outs are tomorrow. I am a great actor and there is no way they are not giving me a part” I said confidently

I really should learn from my mistakes. Every time I say nothing will go wrong, something manages to go wrong. I honestly thought it was my lucky day when I woke up the next morning. I spent an extra five minutes on my hair and picked out my favorite outfit and hoodie. Things got better when I made the bus and got even better when I got back my science test from a few weeks earlier and got 100%. But things all went downhill from there. Lily told me she did not get the job of the judge {I already knew this but comforted her anyway} then I was five minutes late for tryouts. After that I thought things couldn’t get worse until I sat down in the fourth row of the auditorium we were using for play practice next to lily and met the judges.

  The first judge’s name was Paul. Paul was the oldest judge of the three. He looked around thirty and had a big mustache. The second was younger and his name was Zack. He looked in his young twenties. Then we met the third judge. Honestly I wasn’t paying attention when he came on stage I was busy looking at the zipper of my hoodie. Then I heard a girl in the row in front of me say
“Wow, he is cute” and then it got weirder when I heard Lily gasp. I finally looked up and almost died where I sat. There in front of all the seven rows of people, standing on the stage was Stan.

In movies when someone gets hit on the head hard they see birds circling their head. I always thought it was a bunch of baloney until now. I could swear I saw three birds circling my head a few seconds ago. Lily is staring at me like I am sick and I think I am. Would Stan make sure I didn’t get a part in the play because of what I did to his old job? I needed this part! It was supposed to make my application for college look good, but now when I think about it that is exactly what I did to Stan.  By getting him fired I ruined his record.
“Katie, are you okay?” Lily asked me “You haven’t moved the whole meeting” lily said to me. I froze. The whole meeting!? What was lily talking about? They hadn’t started the meeting yet. Oh no! They probably did while I was going through a concussion. I stared at lily deeply into her brown eyes
“Lily what am I going to do?” I asked her
“Duh” she said “Go live your happily ever after with your prince charming” I stared at her like she was insane. Lily just smiled and looked away. Less than a second later lily looked back at me and said
“Look whose coming”. The meeting according to everyone was over so people were leaving the room to go to the other auditorium where the try outs were being held since they were also interviewing people before letting them try out and that took place in the other room. So now Stan looking as good as ever was making his way down the aisle
“Stan” lily called to him. He looked around confused and I nudged lily in the waist terrified.
“What are you doing?” I asked her furiously
“Calling over you prince charming” lily said to me, than she turned to Stan and shouted to him again. He saw her and I saw the recognition on his face, than he walked towards me and Lily. I knew he hadn’t seen me so I covered myself in my hoodie for the second time that week.
“Hey” I recognized Stan’s voice immediately
“Hello” lily said sounding cheerful
“So you’re the girl from the bus?” Stan asked. Lily didn’t answer so I knew she had nodded.
“Small world” Stan said. Even though I couldn’t see him through my hoodie I knew he was smiling
“So how is that friend of yours? You know, the one that got me fired from my old job” Stan asked. I blushed immediately. Than realized a big mistake I had made, I didn’t fill Lily in on the details of what happened so what happened next came as no surprise. She turned around and pulled my hoodie right off me and yelled
“You got him fired!?” I blinked at the sudden light that had filled my eyes and stared at Stan. He stared at me his mouth dropping open in shock
“You’re here…” he stuttered “You’re trying out for Annie?” he asked me shocked. I couldn’t speak so I nodded. He looked me up and down and gave a deep long breath. Then he turned and began walking away. I was honestly fine with that but unfortunately for me lily wasn’t.
“Wait, Stan” she called out to him getting up. She accidently dropped my favorite hoodie when she was chasing him. I jumped up quickly to retrieve it from the aisle and tripped over it. I went flying face front onto the floor. Lily turned from Stan and shouted
“Katie, are you okay?” that got Stan’s attention. He turned and saw me on the floor and rushed over to help me up.
“Why is it that you are always on the floor when I see you?” Stan asked me as he pulled me up. He pulled me up so fast I didn’t see if he was smiling when he said that or not.
“I…I...” I stuttered at him. He looked into my eyes and my heart pounded faster. A small grin played on his face and he turned to leave.
“Did you fall on purpose?” lily asked when Stan was safely out of earshot. I looked at her hoping she was being sarcastic. She wasn’t so I took a deep breath then let it out slowly and started laughing.

  Five minutes later I sat in the other auditorium awaiting my turn. All the people that went in came out with smiles or frowns so I was very curious about that, if someone did not seem eligible at the interview then they were thrown out before they even tried out.
“So, excited to be alone with Stan” lily whispered in my ear as a tall blonde haired girl left the room with the judges
“What?” I asked her
“There are so much people here” she said pointing to everyone in the room “So each judge is doing separately” lily said. Suddenly I was nauseas. How could my life be crumbling right in front of me? My luck was so bad I would probably end up getting an interview with Stan. I looked at the three doors which held the three judges. Each one looked scarier than the next and I really wanted to know which one was Stan’s room because then I could avoid it. Suddenly my phone started vibrating and I pulled it out and gasped at the caller ID. You wouldn’t believe who it was: mom! I screamed really loud {though it was only in my head} and picked up the phone
“So Katie…did you get the part?” mom asked me sounding excited. I could swear that just than if there was no one in the room I would have cursed
“Mom” I said totally exasperated “I didn’t even try out yet”
“you didn’t even try out? You have been gone for a hour already and I need you home” mom said as if whatever it was at home was more important than me getting into this play
“mom my day has been horrible so could you please give me a break?” I asked getting up from my seat. Lily pulled on my skirt and looked at me questioningly “where are you going?” she asked. I put my hand on the phone blocking the speaker so my mom couldn’t hear me and said
“I need to speak with my mom privately. I need to find somewhere private” I said. Lily smiled and pointed to a door and few feet away from the three doors where the judges where interviewing and trying out
“that looks good” lily said. I smiled to her which is girl talk for “great idea” and headed to the door while pulling my hand from the phone
“Believe me my day has been worse” mom said. I was furious now; all my hormones were rushing through my body quickly at the speed of light
“You think so” I shouted through the phone as I neared the door “well about a week ago, I got a boy fired” I yelled into the phone at my mom as I pulled the door to the room open and stormed inside towards the window. The reason I walked to the window is because when I’m nervous or mad looking at the sky calms me down {don’t ask} “And not only did I get this boy fired” I continued shouting into the phone while staring at the clear blue sky “but now he is my judge in Annie, I know there are other judges but I bet he hates me, and worst of all I think he’s super cute with his green eyes that just blaze deep into my soul…” I stopped for a minute to think about his eyes and then picked up where I had left off, “but that is not the point. The point is I’m doomed and-“
“And weren’t called to come in here yet” I heard the voice behind me and spun around to face who it was. A blur of colors circled my eyes and my stomach did a sort of flip flop, it was Stan. He was sitting at a desk with a bunch of files scattered all over it
“What are you doing in here?” I asked him as my face turned redder than a tomato
“This is the room I’m interviewing people” Stan said a smile spreading across his face at my discomfort
“No, you were interviewing in the room next door-“suddenly the door burst open and in walked Lily
“Katie I pointed at the wrong room Stan is interviewing and trying out in here so- “ she stopped shortly as she noticed me and Stan’s bewildered faces. Instantly knowing what she had just interrupted she turned slightly pink
“I’ll just leave you two” she said with a nervous grin as she closed the door slowly behind her
“So which part of that conversation with my mom did you here?” I asked nervously as my finger found the off switch on my phone and hung up with my mom
“Well I was in here before you so I heard everything from the minute you walked in” Stan said. Of course he did because I barely have luck “So do you really love my green eyes the way they blaze into your soul?” I take that back, I have no luck at all!
“Uh… I was talking about another Stan” I said quickly
“Who happens to be the judge of Annie?” Stan asked with a twisted grin. I knew my face couldn’t get redder than it was but I felt myself blushing harder. I looked at my feet nervously and thought about turning around and jumping out the window in embarrassment
“It’s okay” he said to me suddenly. My eyes flew up dancing into his with curiosity “I guess I owe you an apology for yelling at you about getting me fired and all…. it’s not like you bumped into me on purpose” Stan said. My eyelids melted in their sockets as I continued to stare into his green eyes. I found my voice quickly after noticing the silence meant I had some talking to do
“I’m sorry that I got you fired” I said quickly “and I’m sorry for myself because you heard what I said a few seconds ago on the phone” after I said those last words I looked away from his eyes back to my shoes hiding my more embarrassed face than before
“It’s fine, and hey, you’re pretty cute yourself” Stan said. My heart raced faster than a train and I quickly looked up to see if he was kidding or not. He looked perfectly serious to me. Stan laughed at my bewildered expression
“Well, I guess you have to get back to interviewing people” I said wanting desperately to get out of this room
“Hey, I might as well interview you since you’re in here anyway” Stan said smiling showing his perfect white teeth “Oh, and I never caught your name” he said to me
“Katie Morin” I said sticking out my hand
“Stan Srull” he said. And we shook hands. I sat down nervously on the chair by the desk and Stan sat on the opposite chair (this was going to be awkward)

We all know when I say something it either is the opposite or ten times worse. This time it was the opposite. Stan didn’t tease me at all about what he overheard me say on the phone. He just asked me questions and then I did acting for him and sang “Tomorrow Tomorrow” form Annie. Though, I will admit that part was awkward. The interview ended and I got up from my chair ready to leave
“You have great potential” Stan said. My heart stopped beating! I know it did. His words were like a switch and now I even forgot what he just said “You could totally land a big part in this play, maybe even Annie. I could help you with that” he said
“What’s the catch?” I asked
“Who said there has to be a catch?” Stan asked all innocently
“I got you fired from your last job and now I am basically at your knees at this one. There has to be a catch” I said as my heart rate went back to normal
“Okay. Here’s the catch. I get to take you out on a date if I get you a part” Mayday! Mayday! Heart rate going to fast!!
“Sure” I said as calmly as I could as trumpets blew in my head. “I would love to” with that I turned and ran out of the room before I would start singing with joy in front of him. When I got out of the room I realized Lily was standing there her ear against the wall
“Did Stan just ask you out?” she screeched a little to loudly. I grabbed her arm and pulled her away
“Sort of” I said “But were you eavesdropping on my interview?” I asked lily. She gave a nervous smile
“Got to go” she said turning and making a run for it
“Oh, you better run” I called after her as I chased her down the hallways laughter echoing from both our lips.
The End

Submitted: December 07, 2017

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