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Submitted: December 06, 2017




Genetics is the science of DNA and the lesser known, RNA.
DNA is the coding to life and all objects. DNA makes sure things do what they should. RNA is The thing that makes the coding come to life!



RNA makes the DNA, or program of an object or organism work and do what it should do.
RNA makes a very important part of our body such as making us walk,talk,move,listen,act and everything else.
RNA consists of 4 molecules known as Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Uracil that are put together in a single helix as shown on the photo.


DNA owns every single part of a masses body.
DNA makes up the shape and actions of everything known to us humans, DNA was also used for the first time in 1986 by doctor Jeffrey to find a murderer in forensics.
And at that time that DNA was first used, a new age of genetic modification came into our world and possibly changed everything!

Genetic modification 

Because of DNA becoming easier and easier to manipulate year after year, the art of genetic modification has become a modern sensation to the world!
These pictures place before you are real life genetically modified objects, keep in mind that it takes months to do this.


Cytogenetics is the study of biological inheritance through chromosomes, everyone has 23 pairs of chromosomes,22 pairs of autosomes and one pair of gender specific chromosomes,chromosomes is a strand of nucleic acid and protein found in a nucleus of most living cells, an autosome is any chromosome that's not gender specific and gender specific chromosomes are the the X and the Y chromosomes.


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