Sadly the Chosen One

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Submitted: December 06, 2017

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Submitted: December 06, 2017



Some babies are born, some are swallowed whole. Be it into depression or despair or the light. A sister yes wait, I need a sister also, this life is nothing without her, what will we have? The technologies of man have not surpassed the the power of god, either the general sensibilities of that.
So there I was, and what of this childhood. Why me, why was I the one that was picked to be the religious man in this time. Like a walking tree, he was so old the days counted to him seemed to be a thousand each as he held himself with a grand composure. They even legalized his sacrament in his time, the green trees would burn proudly in his pipe as he collected himself in the morning, pouring a fine glass of afforded vodka as the day would rise and the sun would start to say that the farmers had already been at work for hours. As he himself had been up but with a different task, remembering the farm of his father as it had been taken over by the larger corporation of the day. Not depressed by this way station he was the train he thought, pulled into the station with a quiet murmur as opposed to the proud train that rumbled to the day he was not electric though and stayed silently creaking with his steam pipes as the gazette almost hit him on the head. The paperboy, he was sure of it, in fact moved his house to where there was still a bicycle rider that flew the papers in the morning. A story of a lit cigarette from his comrades and he knew that he was seen. The day would bring the paper and the collections of the boy would most certainly bring a tip with it and a praise for the good day. But on this day there happened to be no paper, so the old man of so many young years counted in the days since his birth would walk to the store, wait a coffee shop, I happened to live by a coffee shop. He creaked in, hat low and questioned of the gazette when there was an uneasy feeling in the room as they all blankly stared at him only playing crosswords. So he wrote the paper that day as there was none, Shadow Girl grabbed the paper and lit it on fire! 
Sometimes I feel like that you know, up until now, there was all of these people just looking at me waiting for me to do something so I waited until the day that I was finally ready to say something and was very thankful for the day that it would soon be forgotten. Wait though, not me ... they will never forget me, I have a family.

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