The Wind

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A poem written for fun about a wind’s adventure around the land of mountains, valleys, forests, and rivers.

Submitted: December 07, 2017

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Submitted: December 07, 2017



When the Wind blows East and goes to the forest what a beautiful sight to see.
The trees dance and sing while the wind blows happily.
They do a little jig for their new-found friend, the breeze.
But when Wind slows the dancing slows and the trees sit still and sturdy. 
When the Wind blows West and goes to the river what a beautiful sight to see.
The river splishes and splashes to the rhythms of the sea.
They are singing a happy song to the happy little breeze.
But when the Wind goes it leaves the waves slow to a nice steady flow.
When the Wind blows South and goes to the field what a beautiful sight to see.
The flowers sway and shift to a beautiful melody.
They are giving a rest to their good friend Wind.
But when the Wind leaves so does the rest and the flowers fall limp without breeze.
When the Wind blows North and goes to the mountains what a beautiful sight to see.
The snow rushes and hurries to go to the tip faster then ever seen.
The snow greets and talks to the happy new flurry of wind
But when the Wind leaves the storm dies down to a drizzle of small snowflakes
But when the Wind heads up to where the Father lives.
It lives and rests from it’s fun content day.
The Father is happy with the Wind’s work.
He waits till He needs it the most

© Copyright 2018 Jane Doe. All rights reserved.

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