Gvera Cross ( Draft)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

It was inspired by the works of Tolkien and video games like Diablo and Warcraft. It's a dark fantasy adventure, a journey i hope you will enjoy. Midland is usually a nice and quiet place but
lately things have taken a dark turn. Creatures from beyond Death have appeared and started causing havoc. Some unsuspecting teenagers and up right in he middle of things. Now they have to stop a
necromancers plot of unleashing and ancient terror upon the world, all while making some unexpected discoveries about the world and themselves.

Table of Contents

A Birthday Not So Happy

  The Sun was setting into the woods.  Lit by it’s fading light the tress cast their shadows on the ground covered wit... Read Chapter

Unexpected Meetings and Uninvited Visitors

    When Gvera awoke the sun was already up. The girl sat up in bed, the cloak sliding off of her, the sudden action ma... Read Chapter

The Gate

The sun slowly rose above the forest. Birds chirped awoken from their slumber and rose to the sky beginning a new day. Gvera slowly opene... Read Chapter

Hidden Power

Their joy was short lived. It was still bright when they reached the village. The stone houses with straw roofs stood silent in the light... Read Chapter

The Scroll

  When she woke up, Gvera was alone. The room was full of warm morning light and silence filled the small house. She got out of ... Read Chapter

Splitting up

  They ate supper, both lost in their thoughts. Solean thought about the scroll and what it meant. Magicians had simil... Read Chapter

The Spirit Mountains

  Gvera found herself in a cold and dark place. Slowly the darkness began to take shape, multiple shapes, formless black and pur... Read Chapter


Gvera waited for a long time. It had gotten dark by the time someone had arrived. The fur curtain moved and the girl felt her heart tremb... Read Chapter

The Necromorphs Fire

Gvera walked following her Guide, but not really paying attention to anything. So much happened in such a short time, days seemed like ye... Read Chapter


Gvera was dreaming she knew it, this had happened before many times, these strange kind of dreams. She was in the woods, but near an open... Read Chapter

The Enemy

Aleera limped towards the wooden hut. The woman was tired, her wounds were still bleeding and she felt lightheaded.  A sense of dang... Read Chapter


Gvera slept restlessly, her dreams were strange. The tendency to dream of the person who was in her mind the last, had not gone unnoticed... Read Chapter

Future Plans

Gvera sat on the ledge overlooking the woods. Evening was setting in, darkness had already descended by the time they were back home. The... Read Chapter

The Old Tombs

    Gvera stared at the mountains in the distance.  The long chain of peeks stretching on into the mists over the ... Read Chapter

Siege of Newguard

    Two days have passed since they left the old tombs behind and Newguard was only a day away.  Aleera had been m... Read Chapter


    The battle had been won, but the war was not over. The necromancer was not present on the battle field.  A... Read Chapter

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