How long time loved us

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May you like these kindle steps we remake our days ahead. :)

Submitted: December 07, 2017

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Submitted: December 07, 2017



Our unknown source beyond existence,

Gave away everything for the need of Gods creation,

Be flowing like the wind,

Spoke about this time,

Never tracking what is breaking every step,

A loyality in service made our home plentiful,

Each time it face with a mountain,

Untold span of life flows into the clouds that ends in rain,

In the great love you are infant in the longest trials humanity will face here,

When they fight around a heart never ending in emptiness,

You may know me as a stranger,

Yet I followed you since your birth,

As I loved you for the life God has given me,

Your refreshment may be a dawn that guides you within,

Until you know this cradle of happiness in a unconditional gift,

Time has been an instrument I spoted your smile,

Some say this presence glows embracement sacrificed for a prayer,

You are here for a destiny God gave us,

May God who challenged the unknown in the birth of our entire creation,

Thanking your spirit I saw a step unexpected,
For this energy who lives in everyone as a sweat of the time maker,

May compel us to listen around the silence giving us the desire to know more,

Your family on Earth gifted us this devotion,

For this moment that I take with me awake until death is not our end,

Like the emptiness of a human voice our teacher answered its call,

On this unbroken promise of Mother Earth final prayer tender a page more than eternity,

This land where I make our kindle steps in a pilgrimage for our teacher,

Who shed no regret when time gave him the cross,

Yet be the drop of shade from heaven lived in our story made for each other,

Who will cares us more than this life God has gifted you ?

One day the stars in the night sky will bring this imprint in eternity,

How long we search for this companionship on the time bonded for one voice?

I seek this voice in peace for a story as the ultimate harvest in these days,

He who took this much care for the most important person in his life,

Asked me again where will human destiny unite for Gods plan that made us human on Earth,

Let us chase our instinct as a mirage giving shape always new in destiny,

May hope given us as Gods kindness be our heart beats in this epic,

When you are helped for the gift why God has guided us so gifted,

More giving you for the prayer where God has created us so unique,

Yet feeling you for the gratitude when God has made us so blessed,

Here my entrustment call for the journey why God has accepted us here,

For serving you for the hope where God has shown us,

This transitory lifetime birthed you for the peace God has raised us here,

Why will you cleanse this spirit for the family God has affirmed us on this Earth ?

What has to go before all this ?

For a heart God has surrendered us these unseperable memories in peace,

I pray my time not hesitate this voyage for winking a difference,

Opening this door let this opportunity wish them a happy day,

Your illusions are very innocent,

I hope you will offer friendly relationships in this whole portrait,

I wanted to know,

All we need is a little small peaceful world of our loved ones,

Living through all its hues we will walk through life,

Forever a little is all we need,

Everything stopped by these friends of my childhood,

We always call this as a tomorrow in making,

We read those footprints on the sand,

Yet life breathe again here always,

When an age ahead I wander away for miles,

May a time traveller reveal us this day,

From the first day of creation this abundance shines in Gods promise,

May this heart tell our story around these unseperable last words here.. :)

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