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Submitted: December 07, 2017

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Submitted: December 07, 2017



Our dreams are the reason why we push ourselves to wake up every morning, why we keep on fighting and why we keep on going. Dreams make us believe that everything is possible, it allows us to soar high, it taught us how to stand up in every downfall and dreams are the doorway to our success. Dreams are not only made to have a fulfilling life, it was made in order for us to be strong. To learn that a failure is not the end of everything, but a beginning of something.

Goals and dreams are one of our purpose here, it may be for ourselves, our family, friends and even for the community, dreams make us worth living. It is something we can't live without. Everyday we keep on trying in order to turn our dreams into reality because achieving one's dream doesn't happen overnight. It takes a lot of training, hard work and effort. But in the end everything pays off.

If I am going to see a doorway in front of me, which represents my dreams and goals. I will not waste any second in having a second thought whether I'll went through it or not. I will not let a single fear ruin everything because it is a dream that I had been working for, for all my life. Instead, I'll take all what I've got and I'll excitedly enter that doorway. Whatever may happen, whatever danger and heart breaking circumstances will come in my way, I will not even dare to stop. Because I am not made to quit, I am made to fight and continue what I have started.

Fears are inevitable, most of the time it is scary but sometimes it can be beautiful. Because without fear, we wouldn't strive hard. By the absence of it, we will not aim for the best. If I am now walking in the doorway of my dreams, I'll walk slowly, like a princess with a gladness in my eyes, as I am walking heading to my kingdom, and if there will be challenges along my way I'll fight like a warrior, I'll fight until the end, just to reach my kingdom and own it.

I want to feel every moment, it may be good or bad, I don't want to missed any of it. Because at the end of the day and if I am already successful, I want those challenges and struggles be remembered and how I fought for it. And I think it is what it makes everything worth it. Fighting for my dreams are one of the best experience. As I am fighting against all the odds, my personality was also formed, it provides me the strength that I need for my journey. And winning from those challenges are the greatest battle ever.

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