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fire-man is a story of two princes, one bathed in fire, the other bathed in gold; fighting over one throne while the fate the new world hangs in the balance. who will remain when the fire-king

Submitted: December 07, 2017

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Submitted: December 07, 2017





“I’m going to be late,” Andros pleaded to the young woman. Her smooth charcoal-colored skin and silver hair glimmered in the early daylight. She stepped towards him, making her voluptuous curves subtly bounce in the manner that always left him mesmerized.

“Please can’t you stay just for few more minutes?” she whispered into his ear as she lightly licked behind it, wrapping her soft, velvet arms around his brazen chestscarred from years of battle. “You’re always running about the place” she purred holding her body close to his back, drenched from their coupling. “You’re always trying to play the hero, why don’t you give the youngsters a chance huh?” she poised with just a hint of a smile as she lay back on the bed, wrapping herself in its satin sheets.

“Andrea, do you hear that?” Andros remarked standing up nude. The bed creaked.  “Yeah I do, it’s the 1st bell you better hurry honey” she replied carrying the sheets off the bed. She stood adjacent to her perspiring, burly husband looking together outside their cabin window basked in rays of sunshine. They gazed out towards the bell tower of Hairoun Palace home, to the Emperor of Arcéna: Othniel Esfuerzo.


Indeed, Hairoun Palace was a sight to behold. A blood red edifice of a size the world had never seen. Standing at 828 meters, the massive complex rises into the heavens itself. With such height one could look down upon the city of Arcéna in all directions. The flags of the House Esfuerzo topped the many towers along the castle’s ramparts: a purple crow in front of three golden swords against a blood red background. Surrounding this beautiful series of regal structures both within and outside its gates are fields of illustrious chrysanthemum and marigold flower beds. The combination truly amplified the beauty of the palace, as the sigils above and flowers below work in tandem to evoke the very essence of house Hairoun onto all onlookers. Vitally, the thousand year old bell tower, Remembrance, stands as the highest structure besides the tower of the king himself. In stark contrast to the blood red color of the rest of the complex, Remembrance features stones of ashen grey to symbolize the treaty between the Darks and Paladins many years ago. The ringing of the bell tower signifies a special event–today was a truly special event for there would be 9 strikes instead of the usual 7, indicating the beginning of a new era.


“The palace is 10 miles due west, over the Fisherman’s Ridge, and a hard left past the swamp “Andrea said passing a look over her shoulder as she drew the satin bedding over her body. She then, pointing through the window as to make a map with her rather delicate yet sturdy dark fingers hearkened to her husband “ I know, I’ll try to make it before the 6th strike of the bell, I’d have to teleport there, I haven’t my full strength to do so instantaneously “ he stated, glancing at the tower then, brushing past his satin covered wife towards the rather rustic looking cabinet tucked between a closet and a wall of armaments.

“Patreas Umbra” the rather tall oddly bronze colored Dark  uttered in a smooth roll of the tongue. The cabinet creaked open as if it‘s hinges hadn’t been greased in decades. The clothes began to flow much like water does from a high altitude from the top of the cabinet towards this burly and grotesque figure of a Dark  laden in battle scars and much definition- so much so as the clothes began to lie on him they folded immediately between the creases of his large chest, vascular biceps, chiseled abdomen and lean yet cut lower half pressing against his bulbous calf muscles tapering down to his large boat like feet.

“They do say clothes make the man “Andrea jested with a sultry smirk looking at her husband garbed in hunter like clothing – a mint green button down court shirt, olive green trousers and a dark brown hunting jacket.  Andros smirked as he fixed his collar and grabbed his dark brown boots.  As he tied his boots Andrea made a simple catwalk towards him and sat on the edge of the bed near the warm roaring fireplace waiting for him to finish. He tied back his long silver hair behind his dark ears and used a mixture of beeswax and some tar like liquid and applied it to his face to hide his rather prominent facial markings.

As he stood poised in front of the cabinet mirror his wife began to play with her hair twirling it till it curled up on itself then re-straightening.

“Alright I’m ready” he said with jest.

“About time, sheesh!” Andrea scolded

“ Hush; you would’ve kept me here longer if that bell didn’t ring” he jested placing his finger over her full porcelain white lips.

“Want me to bite it off, I’ll do it too you know” baring her rather large incisors and shortening her rather cute cat like nose.  

Shifting her gaze to the window-- the sun began to head to the west as the room darkened. “Be careful out there, sometimes I worry about you; just because you’re not my color doesn’t mean they won’t try to hunt you down despite the treaty, the Republic can kiss my ass”

“They won’t catch me, they never do,” he said walking towards the steel magic infused door of the cabin

Again shifting her gaze this time to her husband now opening the door, her deep purple eyes met his and her heart pumped a bit faster thinking of the Republic’s henchmen out there hunting her kind.

“I’ll be okay, have faith” he said moving through the door turning to close it ever so gently.  As he left the cozy cabin nestled-- betwixt the grove of Moon Shine and the Laughing Lily Marsh hanging o’er a layered cliff with a view of the city below –Andrea stepped toward the window and saw her husband blowing her a kiss before he swiftly teleported through the Marsh faster than the eye can see.She began holding the sheets close to her heart as it returned to its resting state.


“I have to make it before the 6th strike or else it’ll be too late and the King will never forgive me for such tardiness” Andros thought to himself as he teleported through the Marsh causing the animals to scatter with each of his heavy steps often times stamping in puddles and mud.  “Please let me make it in time “he repeated as he hurried his teleportation with dripping beads of sweating beating down the sides of his face baby like yet hard pressed face.

“It’s going to be close but I know I can make it, the meeting with the King is at the 6th strike but it’s only the second strike now, the princes must be getting ready, I could see their joyful faces anticipating my arrival at the Gate” the third mile was in close proximity but time was running out.

“I haven’t seen the young prince in a long time but his elder brother must be very excited for this to happen especially since he is of age. Only every 200 years does someone see such a remarkable display during such an extravagant event, the whole city and the surrounding peoples of the Marsh and outskirts will be waiting to see the King and his heir to the throne.”  As the wind began to blow heavy in his face making ripples in his cheeks the animals of the grove became alarmed and one could hear the loud flapping of bird’s wings rushing to a higher peak amongst the trees as the leaves danced around Andros during his teleportation; further into the grove.

“I’ve got 5 miles left and I’m home free “the 4th bell sounded

“Why is the sky becoming so dark on such a glorious day?” Andros questioned himself stopping for a moment to check the ambient air pressure and vapor pressure of the light mist surrounding the grove from the high humidity of the dews and past rainfall.  “Interesting…” perplexed yet, he pressed on determined to reach in time.


The edifice was now in sight. The grove has terminated its path and now was a clear-cut road free of bellowing trees and small insects and birds, this is the homestretch with 1 more strike  and 3 miles left.

“His boots began to turn into a deeper brown as it became engrossed in mud and his legs began to burn he was already 200 years old, he was beginning to feel the energy releasing from his body quickly. The 5th bell struck a louder ring as he grew closer to the garden passing the bellowing bell tower… he teleported at the castle door and was let in by the guards.

“King Esfuerzo; Andros, Andros Satin at your service” as he bowed to the King and the two Princes “Prince Zuriel Tobias Esfuerzo ,  it is a pleasure to be in your company again “Members of the High Counsel it is a pleasure to see you as well. “ I’m prepared for our meeting” ---the 6th bell struck commencing the meeting

--Hairoun Palace-Throne Room, a spacious platinum encrusted room filled with the finest of art pieces of past Kings and Empresses lined on the wall in historical order from the eldest to the youngest. One large chair stood at the top or highest peak of the room atop a set of small stairs while the two smaller chairs remained on the lower level equidistant from the Throne of Kings. The room smelled of vanilla and baked goods as the Dining Hall always made fresh food whenever necessary. Four white pillars stood around the room in a diamond shape around the stage of the Thrones while 6 pillars lined up directly behind each other in bright red along the two sides of the room. However, directly below the Throne of Kings is a hidden chamber meant for meetings just like this one- the Hall of the Founder.


After the bell had rang the company lined up in order of nobility and preceded to the chamber below the Throne of Kings. All dressed in fine attire and groomed as if it were a wedding. You can hear the clicks of heels, the shaking of jewelry and trinkets alike, the flames that lined the chamber only intensified the smells of expensive perfumes. Andros well behind the line of dignitaries could feel the growing tension surrounding these persons as they approached the porcelain white room lit with gold lamps and a large cascading chandelier which made a reflection In the laterally placed reinforced glass conference table. What was more intriguing was the clear-cut silence between these persons while his lips were itching to speak a word of optimism and joy.

King Esfuerzo...” Andros whispered urgently as they continued towards the room

“What is it, Andros?” the King said with an air of arrogance turning his head ever so slightly with a raised chin, while still moving forward.

“Would you need help with seating or anything urgent?” Andros asked the King. The room before him was quite large and feet could be seen moving under the entrance  hurriedly

“It’ll be fine; I already made arrangements with the servants to seat us accordingly. But, by all means sit near my sons; after all you are their teacher.”

As the door squeaked open the company  approached  the Meeting Room. The servants greeted each member of the group and brought them to their respective seats. As the members were being seated loud whispers could be heard as the members began to rehearse their lines with their neighbor or question what was going to transpire. The princes’ talked amongst themselves then looked at the audience around them:

Starting from their immediate left – Andros- the Mediator son of Movishon –daughter of the most dangerous Dark Herald Mephistoceles; second Magistrate Muna, empress of the Broc-Land’s a Humero priestess, third was Gnathis, Prime Minister of Myo-Brié – home to the Republic of Corrupted Affairs, son of a paladin and a Humero; fourth & fifth Kreedo & Kraken – twin brother King’s of Des-Alga, home to the International Assembly, sons of Paladin Giants; sixth was Ephtest – Empress of Aurora, daughter of a  Humero and Giant ; Seventh Aorbis son of a Dark and Paladin prince of Hirum  a kingdom within Lashmi;  eighth the King of Arcéna and their father –Othniel Esfuerzo son of the great Paladin Grandmaster- Sourodïs Esfuerzo , the co-founder of the house of Esfuerzo. Each country had a bodyguard accompanying them at table side.

“Family and friends, nobles and esteemed guests I welcome you to my humble abode” Othniel said proudly standing and waving his arms open. The younger prince  giggling as his father spoke.

“Today we have the honor of honoring my son: Zuriel ” claps could be heard echoing within this large room. Andros felt uneasy and perplexed - the grandson of the most deadly Dark  that ever lived seated amongst noblemen?  He questioned as to why Othniel was in need of his presence at an occasion such as this. His brow tightened as the clapping ceased and as the King resumed speech; he unfolded his arms and sat upright.

“We have lots of work to do but first let the primary festivities begin” he clapped over his right shoulder for his servants. They hurriedly came out of a room with a large feast:  fresh baguettes, rack of ox, rack of lamb, fresh foul with stuffing, fresh fish from each part of the world, succulent ripe fruits the size of coconuts, mouthwatering freshly baked bread and more than the eye can keep up with. The princes were overflowing with joy as the food was set evenly on the table and the utensils made of cast platinum were laid before them.

The clattering of utensils filled the room and the whispers of amusing jokes, sexual comments and serious matters could be heard. Musicians entered the room with an assortment of instruments from each respective country. However, something wasn’t right, the King would not usually prolong festivities in his age. Othneil now  a 300 year old Paladin hadn’t much to celebrate for in his deteriorating health. If this celebration was something more about him then it would make sense.  The music began to die down as the plates were being taken away and in their stead wooden cups of Kekkai tea, a strong liquor said to relax the most troubled heart. One cup was placed in front of each member of the meeting; including the giggling young prince himself.

“Brethren today I would like each of you to drink with me to commence the coronation of my son Zuriel Esfuerzo” the King said raising his cup and everyone followed. Andros heart immediately sank into his stomach, he couldn’t believe his ears! – His worst fear was realized, the many centuries of peace between the Darks and the Paladins was now in jeopardy.

“Andros, I want you to prepare my boys for this ceremony as I converse with my peers, see to it that you do a thorough job” snootily shooing the burly man away. The princes bowed to the nobility before them and followed the worrisome Dark back through the pathway to the surface where the throne moved back in place.

“Andros, see to it that you do a thorough job” Zuriel mimicked his father

“Leave him alone brother, can’t you tell  Uncle Do-Do is thinking?” the younger prince snapped at his elder brother.  The young prince stood on his toes trying to mock the way his elder brother walked.

“I try to be my best even when i'm not asked ” he wittily responded, “More importantly how have your studies been going?” as he winked at the younger prince . Andros  led the boys past the door of the Throne room to the lobby area. A  shadow approached them in the distance.  

“They’ve been good; I hear that you live in the woods now “Zuriel quipped holding the door open for his younger brother.

“You’re right, it’s much more peaceful than I imagined” he replied. As the tension began to build up,  the younger prince  thought he was going to lose it with the constant relay of comments. Based on his funny faces it seems as he was trying to understand what was going on yet failing miserably.

A woman appeared in the distance walking down the winding stairs of the lobby. Her large hips could be seen moving from side to side  as she  carefully placed her steps in her heels. She originally did not notice the three walking until she made it to the final stair.

"Aunt Glo!”  The young prince shouted in joy; bounding toward a seemingly voluptuous older woman in a lab coat . "You're a big boy aren’t you?" the silver-eyed woman responded, lifting the prince with one arm. "Aye! Uncle Do-Do feeds me these awesome berries..."he continued to ramble as she placed him on her back looking towards Andros and Zuriel.

"How are you Dr.Strominger?" Zuriel inquired in a rather stern tone. He pursed his lips together  turning his shoulder away from her looking  at a painting on the wall . "I've seen brighter days, literally it's dark even though it's midday, isn’t that right brother?" resituating the younger prince  on her back.  “Couldn’t have said it better myself” Andros smiled touching Zuriel’s shoulder in a playful manner to grab his attention

. “There isn’t a reason for midday to be light it is the beginning of winter, daylight savings has already begun” Zuriel replied  “Well, thats right isn’t it , less sunshine less of a chance that i get to see you” she replied, squatting in front of Zuriel ruffling Zuriel’s hair. “ Aunty Glo , Uncle Do-Do taught me that women have breastesses what are those?” the younger prince  mumbles over her back hugging her as not to fall. - An awkward silence fills the large lobby to be quickly replaced by lots of laughter.

“Don’t you worry, my boy, one day you’ll know what they are. But for now let's get you tidied up. Would you like me to wash you you want to jump in the big boys tub with your uncle Do-Do and your brother?” she said lifting the young prince off her back and placing him on his feet.  “Uncle Do-Do , can i really?” The green eyed  prince said in joy.


“Of course you can, today's a special day and we can’t have you dirty can we?” winked Andros. As they all walked toward the Ward Common Area.


Meanwhile ….


“King Esfuerzo, you do understand we cannot have any mishaps this quarter” Magistrate Muna said. “ She’s right you know, we can’t afford to have these Darks running around and repopulating. We worked too hard to quell them after the war our forefathers fought so hard to win” Gnathis bellowed in his rather deep voice . Chatter began to fill the room.

“Listen my friends. I have no intention of wiping out a people who have helped us financially stay afloat these past few decades. Lest you wish me to fall to bankruptcy and fall on each of your shoulders for funds” the King replied, stretching out his rather large grotesque callused hands. The room regained its avid air of chatter and chaos.  “ The Darks have been an asset to all of your nations. Without them much of your labour would be incomplete and unmanaged”

The King looked at the marks in his hands, opening them and closing them multiple times. He seemed to remember something about his past. In that moment he became silent yielding to the discord.  Behind the King two hooded figures approached and suddenly made their presence known.


“Order, Order,We said Order...!”  a pair of Judge Magistrates exclaimed.  “The King was startled that he almost choked on his spit. “What are you lot? a bunch a cackling heathens? The King explicitly stated that he has no intention of wiping out a nation over  petty discriminatory malice.Have some respect” the elder judge stated. “ Now ( the other magistrate stood up, fixing her gown ) we are here…( she paused) as noble denizens of our planet, rather ambassadors, the future nurturers of our princes and princesses ,to shape them into model suitors of our customs,values, and democratically allied nations. Whether you like it or not we have a coronation today. ( clenching her first,then releasing one finger) We have one, and one job only today and that is to ensure the rite of passage of this young man is performed perfectly. Whether he has hatred for the Darks,the Humeros, the Paladins or even the Giants is his prerogative. However, we all must support him and his brother in the ways of being  civil and just leaders- which none of you are acting like at this very moment. “

-Silence fell across the now dimly lit room. The nobles again looked at each other in disbelief. Two old women no taller than four feet and youthful looks were Darks. Darks with blue eyes and blonde hair. They were wearing royal robes fit for princes and princesses.

As the second judge sat, the other stood up. “ Today is not any ordinary coronation. It is the day foretold in prophecy, you all know it as well.The one that is chosen is to lead this nation of Arcéna, whether we whilst it or not. This leader will change the way this war torn world has become. He will come from darkness and bring forth light , his hatred will become peace  and his name will be…” the second magistrate halted as thunder struck outside.

“Thank you Judge Victoria and Judge Verona, we will break now and commence this meeting  at 14:00 in the Den (Lions)” said King Esfuerzo. The company of nobles weren’t sure what to do. Arcéna a nation which originally was overruled by bandits lead by Mephistoceles had become such a complacent nation even allowing Darks to hold great positions in office. It was unprecedented unheard of. Yet, it was new it was what Othneil had wanted for his kingdom.


--As the nobles proceeded to reevaluate their decision to step foot on Arcénian ground, the festivities of the city began.12 kilometers due south, the capital city  --


“I’ve wondered about this King of ours for the longest while, Shun” said a scrawny dirty blonde haired Humero. “Whatever could you mean Samuel?” responded Shun while licking a salty sea cone ( a type of ice-cream) “Well… for starters hasn’t it ever piqued your interest that after his wife died he immediately remarried? Second  we barely even hear of or see his new spouse. Third, Zuriel, his self-righteous son,who looks identical to him is just not fond of the Darks, yet the King has nothing to say to it. Every time we have a public bulletin on the screens it's usually with regards to how to better the kingdom, better international relations but never in my teenage years have i seen a real push for the slums or for the general welfare of the ninety-nine percent , ya know? “ said Samuel rocking his feet back and forth on city bell tower perch

“Dude you should become a politician, you’d surely be better than me ...never even graduated secondary school” smiled Shun patting his pants off from eating crackers “ Hey, enough with the doom and gloom let's head down and pick up some some ladies for the dance this evening, even slum-kids like us can have some fun, right?” said Samuel wrapping his arm around Shun “Yeah let’s get going...first one down has to pick up an ugly girl” said Shun giggling

--Gringle Slums: a kilometre jog from Big Daddy home to thieves, bandits, bounty hunters, children, teenagers and even corrupt politicians. A very “ resourceful” place for underground deals and  formulates a secret passage to particular parts of the city.

“Look who's back from their date, Shun my boy, were you on the belltower with Sammy again?”  said a rather burly unkempt red haired behemoth of a Humero “Can-it Kupper, it's not like that” said Shun pushing off a hug from the intoxicated Kupper “Leave the kid alone Kupp, we’ve got more to deal with right now. This city’s about to become a hell of a mess hall with all the festivities going on, can’t you hear the bands practicing on their guitars and drums” said a hooded dreaded  gentleman whom was seated near the alley “Yeah, you’re mighty right Artemis, we’ve got to do a restock of the Slums, it's time to go looting again” said Kupper putting down his steaming beverage.

“You coming along Sammy, we could use your lockpicking skills, really handy for ‘em big ‘ol chests them villagers got lying around” said Kupper “ I think Sam’s going to pass on this one, me thinks he got a bigger plan in mind said Artemis, ain't that right brainy”said Artemis rubbing Samuel’s dusty hair playfully “Yeah you guys go on ahead without me i'm going to head to bed, ya know , got a long night ahead” said Samuel feigning pandiculation “ Yah, whatever Sammy, lets go guys” said Shun putting on a hood closing the tattered door behind him

In rapid fashion Samuel took out a little yellow book from under his seat and began flipping through the pages. His eyes darted throughout and suddenly stopped on a blood spattered page, it read:

Gilgamesh Opens its mouth Revealing the Veil, Ravages the Fire of the Bleak Old Man , Draws up the Water, South it Blows to the Gallows of George. Gilgamesh bows to the Lady. Swing high your blade , stay the course. Impress the Lady. Gold awaits.


“This must be what Owl was talking about.. Better try now rather than later. I’d better…” said Samuel rehiding the book, this time within his own hooded sweater.” “So leave me behind will ya? Got a lot of nerve of brushing off Artemis let alone hiding secrets..” said an unkempt little girl about hip height to Samuel “You can’t come Cecilia and don’t bother trying to tail me like you always do. You know all too well your mother will have my head” said Samuel hurrying grabbing a few belongings from a broken cupboard with a mirror on it  “ But, but ….you always leave without me when you go on your big adventures” said Cecilia starting to cry  “Look, you can come but you have to wear this “ said Samuel placing a medallion over the little girl's neck “It's a toy, it’ll help you when you get scared” said Samuel sarcastically as he dressed her


“Yay” shouted Cecilia. She looked at the medallion and was in awe at how shiny it was.  “Shh, if your mother wakes up we’re dead’ said Samuel covering her mouth , she nodded and as he released her, she  skipped toward the tattered door. Samuel hurried behind her as the door creaked. “ I swear i'll break his neck if he slams…”  mumbled a chubby young fair-haired woman half asleep in the upstairs cot.  As she rolled over she grinned  and continued her restful sleep.

“Are we there yet?” asked Cecilia “ Haha, i wish but not yet dear, it’s actually quite a walk for us, but maybe we can see if there might be Inu’s around that we can probably “ borrow” so we can get there faster” said Samuel holding Cecilia’s hand “Oh i love Inu’s they’re so cute and fluffy but, don’t make one mad their skin turns all tough and calloused and they spit at you, yucky” said Cecilia rocking Samuel’s hand back and forth as they walk  through the slums toward BigDaddy  

“So what are we looking for Sammy?” asked Cecilia “To be honest, i don’t know, all i  know is we have to go see Senator Geoffrey Georges and ask him for his … undergarments; then keep traveling until we get to Hairoun Jungle. There is a huge river that flows into a pool. That pool services a tree called the ElderMoss. The ElderMoss is said to bestow unto those who ask of it the answers they seek by presenting something of value in exchange. Your grandmother; before she died, brought me here when i was very young. But Artemis  always says the ElderMoss is a sham; he lost his brother after consulting with the ElderMoss many years ago when the Darks were at war with the Paladins. Ever since then Artemis has been been a loner. Never trusting in superstitious facts or theories that he couldn’t prove through experimentation.

“Hey Sammy” questioned Cecilia tugging on his sweater. “What’s that big light trail, it’s super blue” she said “Seems like it's our ticket to  getting an Inu for sure. Inu’s love blue light, it helps them “reset” during the day so they can sleep at night.” said Samuel rushing towards the trail laid before him. “Let’s hurry before they start feeding, they usually don’t move as they eat and so it takes forever for them to move again once they start.

Grab some of that grass by that stream and some of the fruit on the hanging trees. Put  them in your bag. Ill try to wrestle an Inu away from the pack so we can ride it.” said Samuel pointing to the tree and hiding behind a huge rock next to Cecilia.

“Okay, let’s do it, on your mark, get set….Go! “ Cecilia said as she darted toward the plants . Samuel creeped up on the Inu’s as they began to head to toward the stream. Some of the older Inu’s looked at him turning their heads 180 degrees. The younger ones began sniffing moving around their parents.

--Inu’s are bipolar animals in the sense that they have manic episodes until they reach maturity; so the younger the Inu the more likely it is to have mistrust even amongst their own kind.  Intelligent as they are  they are able to pick up on vibrations and changes in vitals of Humero’s and higher species of animals without fail. Highly curious and very intuitive. --

One of the younger ones managed to escape the sight of its parent and began to move toward Cecilia as she began picking the fruit. Samuel didn’t take notice but he found a suitable Inu however, low and behold it was a mother and became furious once it's child was missing. It started pounding the ground with its left foot and whipping its head back as it stared down Samuel. Cecilia on the other hand was oblivious to what was going on and once the baby Inu snuggled under Cecilia it was too late. The mother Inu began charging towards her.

“Cecilia, run!! “ Samuel exclaimed tripping over a rock his yellow book fell out and he tried to reclaim it but the Inu smashed it to bits as it ran.  Cecilia shrieked and dropped the fruit. The baby Inu surprisingly wasn’t interested in the fruit but in Cecelia so as she managed to run towards a bushel it hopped behind her and snuck behind a quivering Cecilia. Cecilia ran up into a nearby tree and the baby Inu started to cry. The mother Inu stopped its rampage and quickly attended to it’s young.  Licking the baby’s forehead .Samuel rushed toward Cecilia in the same vein, brushing off his pants and grabbing Cecilia from the first branch of the tree.  The mother was more engaged with her young than Samuel and so he found a route to escape. With Cecilia on his back he grabbed the fruit and her bag and rested next to the trail of the blue light.

The mother and her young moved in the direction of Samuel when the baby Inu grasped at its mother and pointed to Cecilia with its talons. Samuel’s eyes dilated and he was ready to make another run for it, when the  baby Inu  made a screeching sound. Cecilia came off of Samuels back and handed a fruit to the baby Inu. In a very amusing fashion Samuel and the mother Inu both had a very similar face of curiosity and concern as the staring contest resumed.

“See, its harmless” said Cecilia as she continued to feed the baby Inu “ I wouldn’t be too quick to say that” said Samuel as he started giggling. The baby inu began to nibble on Cecilia’s hands and gave her a slight cut on her palm. “That’s not nice” said Cecilia hitting the baby Inu in the mouth. The mother just continued to stare at Samuel to observe his movement and reaction. Little did Cecilia know but to hit a Inu on the top of its mouth means you want to it began tugging at Cecilia’s food stained dress. Soon other Inu’s came to play. Cecilia giggled and said “ see you were wrong Sammy” trying to wrestle with the baby Inu’s.

The blue light trailed turned dim and the Inu were approaching home. The mother Inu and baby Inu both stayed however and rested with Samuel and Cecilia. Upon completion of their nap they traveled with Samuel and Cecilia a few kilometers due South to the Veil. Carrying the two travelers on their backs.

--The Veil: the entrance to the Gallows, often hidden to most travelers but known to many of the animals and government officials. It is a veil of red leaves and hanging forestry that encircles the Senators Pavilion

“Look they’ve stopped” noted Samuel “ I think we’ve made it”  “ That sure took a while” said Cecilia hopping off the baby Inu’s back giving it the remainder of the fruit As the senator looked out of his cabin the animals leapt off in their designated directions.  “Cecilia, if anything happens just knock on the medallion okay?” said Samuel motioning toward the large edifice before them. “But i thought it was a toy , what happens when i knock it?” said Cecilia in immediate perplexity “ Just do it okay, listen to me this time, i don't know the Senator and neither do you , so behave” said Samuel “Fine,Fine” said Cecilia staying near the garden as Samuel soldiered on  

“Senator Georges, are you home?” said Samuel yelling into the cabin-like space before him while knocking. “Who’s asking ? “ replied a man with a very high pitched voice behind the door. Samuel wasn’t sure how to respond, he didn’t look like he meant business especially with the ridiculous looking spandex suit on. “Well….ahem” Samuel said clearing his throat “ in all honesty, without the shadow of a doubt….i've come to ask for your undergarments” said Samuel sweating bullets. “Oh ho , so you have, you must be Samuel, you’ve come to the right place” said Senator Geoff a slender  Giant of man bearing lots of rings.

Senator Geoff walked with a bounce in his step as he showed the way towards his abode. A rather small cottage with a majestic flag and many adornments. As Samuel entered he found that the place was very dimly lit and had caricatures of faces he did not recognize along the walls. Senator Geoff turned around to warn him of an impending change in the structure of the house however, Samuel already bumped into a rather large statue of what seemed like an old politician. As they continued Geoff paused before a rather large brass door which seemed to be very much oxidized.

“Do you have any questions? You seem a bit puzzled Senator Geoff questioned Samuel. The Senator squinted his eyes and looked at the door as if he were supposed to be wearing glasses  “ Who are these people and what does this brass door lead to?”asked Samuel peering at the faces on the walls. “Well my dear lad, wouldn’t you like to know ;chuckled the Senator; these my boy are your fore-fathers of the leading political nation at the time where the Darks were conquered by the Humero’s at a given point in time. You my friend are in for a real shocker once we step behind this door” said the Senator opening the door which was gleaming with light.

Samuel walked through the door and was absorbed  by the light. His body seem to be comforted by the light as it led him through a long corridor. Welcome  to the UnderDeep. The Darks used to use this passage as a means to escape their captors,domestic abuse and intolerance. Samuel looked at Geoff as if a magic trick had been played on him. Geoff was on roof of this place while Samuel had been stuck on the ground.

What about your undergarments?” asked Samuel.  Trying to jump to where Geoff was. These are the undergarments you seek my friend. For you see, in Dark idiomatic language to ask for someone to show you their undergarments is to open the door for them. The door here isn’t a physical door it’s a differential within the continuum of time.

So this is the UnderDeep, then where is the dragon the book was talking about?  Geoff looked at Samuel as if he was a serious dunce cap. “ Sam, i wrote the book you know, it isn’t that hard to decode a message. Come. “ said Geoff grabbing Samuel by the  shirt collar “So you’ve come Geoff, i found this little one here sneaking around, she is quite the clever one”  A rather short  figure in a robe holding Cecilia in its palm said

“Cecilia, what are you trying to do get me killed?” said Samuel. “ I’m sorry, i was bored out there by myself, it is a forest you know?” said Cecilia,  Besides  this lady is pretty interesting. When i first met her she didn’t seem to understand what i was saying then all of a sudden she rested her big hands on my head and all of a sudden she could speak the way i did, pretty cool huh like magic or something.  Cecilia was very excited and jumped from the woman’s hand into Samuel’s arms returning from her shrunken state to that of her normal forme.

“This my dear friend, is Mephistopheles , well Mephistopheles when she was a child ”Samuel, looked the grotesque figure a small girl the size of a toddler, her skin was as white as snow. Looking into her eyes was as if it was looking into a hollow tube. Geoff  and Mephistopheles both flipped themselves upright “ I thought that this world is a continuum of time, how can Mephistopheles, i mean you , be this young? “ said Samuel mortified by whom he was speaking to. “The Underdeep is a passage which is an illusion to the Paladins and to the Humeros, i appear to you as someone who is this young because you yourself are rather young, in reality i am over a half a millennia old”  said Mephistopheles as she moved from a sitting position to standing.

“This world is about inversion, what you see here is not what it is in reality. I am a man but what you see is the visage of a woman. For you see it is the basis of life that it is twofold, discordant balance.” Samuel could not believe his ears. The very ruler of the Darks laid before him, the sweat beaded down his face has his nares filled with the stench of evil and disgust. He was for lack of better feeling...paralyzed with fear.

“You children are not of my blood. Fear not i do not mindlessly slaughter however, you will do me this favour in return for the answers you seek” Mephistopheles removed an insert from her robe and placed it on the ground in front of her revealing another door. This is the way to the ElderMoss the way to your freedom from that retched place. “Cecilia is allowed to come as well i presume “ said Geoff as he chuckled removing his rings as they made a hexagonal sign sealing off the old passage. “Yes she may not, as the group entered through the door as a unit”


Welcome to Hairoun Jungle, this is where Hairoun Palace was once created many years before even my time. Here is where my Fathers Father created the world of nanites from his very own life essence bathed within cosmic energy. This is where Darks were born from and where you shall be reborn as my chil dren. “Mephistopheles stretched her hands out and touched the feet of both Samuel and Cecilia. They both burst into flames but were not burned. You both shall be birthed by the Fire.”


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