School life Upside Down!

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This is just a free trial of the story, with some updates, so you need to talk to me the author "haha23" to get the soon updates and more.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Monday-The disaster starts

Submitted: December 07, 2017

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Submitted: December 07, 2017




"Pew, pew, pew, die zombie DIE!" I was with a laser shooting zombies with my brother and we were destroying the apocalipsis from all zombies. "Brother we only have to disconnect the beacon and everything will be back to normal!" I yelled. we kept shooting at the beacon but it was not worth it, then zombies came to us and trapped us. "HAHAHAHA!" a voice came from a man. "you thought you could beat my master plan? start an apocalypse!" "get their lasers!" "hahaha, you lose!" "not so fast, you know what happens when you combine fire with gasoline!" then I shoot at the ceiling before they could take our lasers and then I shoot at the ceiling then the metal made it go to the petrol and it made the beacon and it made it explode. everyone turned back into a human and they turned into the man and he got to jail. then from the sudden, a bell monster came. RING RING RING! "wake up, wake up!"

I found out it was Monday and I was about to be late for school. "c'mon sweetheart you are going to be late for school!" I heard my mom yelling downstairs in the kitchen. "coming!" I said. I grabbed my backpack, then my toothbrush, and my hat and ran into the kitchen. I ran, rushed, ate, and ran for the bus. "Bye!" I said. "wait don't forget your lunch!" my mom responded. I got my lunch and rushed outside with nothing in my mind except for catching the bus! *closing doors sound* "Wait, WAIT!" I yelled at the bus while I was closing my backpack! *music playing* "when you don't know why... you just mess it up again. Come out and run! your life is only a mess, you are the most hated... go out, and live the only life you will have..." *music stops* *bell rings* "Monica?" "present!" "Johnny?" "here!" "Ronnie Ann?" "I'm here!" "who is missing? everyone said "Jacob!" "absent" Then the teacher said, "This is his 25th tardy, Another refill" then I came and said, "IM HERE IM HERE!" Then the teacher said, "this is your 25th tardy, refill again Mr.jacob!" Then I said, "C'mon! again, I already got 3 detentions for today and 7 refills!" Then the teacher whispered in my ear, "keep this up and before you finish 7th grade this year, you will be expelled from any school ever!" Then I got hit by a spitball. This is just my life, I have bad luck, and I'm failing school. if you just look at my grades, you will see math F, science F, English F, Social Studies F, Phys Ed F, And Drama F. But it is not my fault, It is the principal's fault by letting me suspensions 4 days a week, then Mondays again and again. I'm at Math 1 period, or right now. "Ok everyone, please take out your notes, today we will do a quiz, if you miss, you get a detention! No cheating, or else you'll get expelled." The teacher yelled. I thought he was yelling at me because I always cheat. So then we were off, starting the quiz.

45 minutes later...

"5 Minutes!" I woke up, I could not believe I slept all the time, and I did not answer any question. Then I rushed all questions randomly, and I waited for results. "Time is up! please give the quizzes, this quiz is the most important one!" So then I gave the quiz, I was hoping to get a good grade, tho I think I'll get a detention again.

1 hour later...

So now I have Lunch, the worst period of the day. I always sit in the back corner, In my school, we have only 15 tables, so about 30 students from all 183 from 3rd lunch. Nobody wants me on a table, and not even in the ground, everyone yells at me and say "GO AWAY YOU WEIRDO!" and someone else says "DIE go to the dark sticky, full of spiders corner!" and then everyone throws food at me. then they make me fall and they grab my plate and say "you should die, you should not even eat!" and they throw the plate into my face. The worst part is when I go to the bathroom, I get always trapped there, and last week, they added a sign above the toilet saying, "Jacob Do not even think about going to the bathroom!" and there put their names who think I should not go to the bathroom, there is like 127 there, they even wrote on the walls. even in the dark corner, they put: "Jacob should be here forever!" I even told the principal, but He hates me also. he just says "DETENTION" because he thinks always this is a prank.

30 minutes later...

So now I got Phys Ed a nightmare!!! But at least is almost the end of the day. "Get you Balls!" the bad news is that it's doing dodgeball, and I got sorted out. there are no rules, except only attack the other team. and the worst part is that everytime Joshua chooses. and he picks everyone vs me! so again, need to hide! when we started the game, I hid in the bathroom. but someone found me and said "HERE!" And everyone attacked me in the toilet! the worst part is that they made me put my head in the toilet! So I always need to live like this. So at the end, I got to the nurse.

1 hour later...

Finally, done with this detentions, and then just going check out tomorrow. I hope for it to be a better day! Why do I even try, every day gets worse. Yeah, Jacob seems he has a very bad day, but what if everything just got "Upside Down?" to be continued...

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