A time she knew it was there

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Ata felt life was stressed, and she had a difficult time talking to her best friend and boyfriend. She felt her best friend was too bossy and her boyfriend was too suspicious of her. It was only
because she wanted more time alone. [complete]

Submitted: December 07, 2017

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Submitted: December 07, 2017




A time she knew it was there.
By: Kimeral.emily


Ata looked into the washroom mirror.  She was at the college she was at.  It was a prestigious college for literature and Arts.  She was in the psychology department.  She loved how everything worked for her there.

Her good friend was with her.  Ata loved her good friend.  Zia was a good friend of hers and Zia was always considerate.  Ata thought she was the nice one sometimes, but everyone had their nice and not nice moments.  She thought it was fair.

Ata’s pig tail was making Ata happy.  Zia’s class was far away and Ata was supposed to meet Zia there later.

And I was considerate also…  Ata knew it was true as well.  Zia was smart inside but she always wished to be pampered…

Ata knew she wanted more independence for herself.  She was not Zia.

She talked to Zia later and Zia announced that she thought time could not be reversed.  Ata realized she was serious.  She knew it was true, but often seeing her friend she realized they were different.

Ata’s black and white clothing was making Zia unhappy sometimes, and Zia was into Green and dark blue.

“I thought…”  Zia said.  “Recently we diverged our paths.”  She said with a smile but was in fact concerned.

Ata knew.  “So?”  She got annoyed.  Sometimes, she got really annoyed.  “I think it was fine.  It was the clothes I wear, wasn’t it?  I wear black and white and now it was a problem?”

Zia said.  “No sign of depression I hope?”

Ata smiled.  “Nope.  It was getting into the world of serious thinking.  You see, I am actually studying now.  Get it?”

Zia knew somehow.  “I know, but I was only wondering if you realized the black and white were too morbid.”  Zia did not really care afterwards.  Ata got grumpy and that meant she really was just getting into serious thinking.

However, Zia thought the serious thinking would make Ata into depression later.  She smirked.

Zia thought it was normal to think that way.  It was university after all…  And she had a depression from reading these stupid text books… She did think the covers were beautiful, and who would have thought they were so mind torturing…? 

Zia thought it was okay for some reason still.

Later, Zia told Ata that cool guys were hot so Zia’s boyfriend was hot.

Ata smiled.  “My boyfriend’s hot also.  This is the mirage of beauty.  You meant nothing right?”  Ata kept on thinking Zia was being mean.  It was as if Ata’s boyfriend was ugly.

“No… but your boyfriend was not cool.  He was collected and intelligent.”  Zia said.  “I quoted you.”

Ata laughed.  She decided not to talk to Zia for the moment.  She thought of her boyfriend and she realized she had not seen him for a while.  She was trying to be more independent.

This was a time she knew she was there.  She knew that was how it was.  Her boyfriend was in finance and she never saw him sometimes.  They were both 20 and in the second year of university.  She felt isolated from him.  He was really smart but she felt he was neglecting her.  But all lovers were separated in university, and she thought she was being only too paranoid.  Zia was okay, as she could tell and she thought she should be more tolerable.

Ata smiled.

Ata waved goodbye to Zia later and she looked at her own fake pearl necklace.

Did she think she was pretentious in wanting fake pearls? 

But she always told people they were fake.  Maybe it was that.  She was living her time, and she realized she was doing well.  She was wearing fake pearls and everyone loved her.  She never liked pearls.  And that was very important.

She thought the pearls were overpriced.  She never wanted any unless it was for keep.  Could anyone understand her?  Of course, but there were people who could not.

She realized she loved fake pearls.

The silver ones were magnetizing.  But everyone hated silver ones.  She thought she was fresh.  She thought she was really fresh.  There was a fresh air from her perspective that silver pearls have.  She knew it was like that.

She loved diamonds and kept quite a few to herself.  There were only three rings and two were from her dad and one from her boyfriend.  She realized she kept on adoring them.  The one from her boyfriend was special.  It was their engagement ring.

She loved diamonds from that point onward.

She smiled at him sometimes.  But they somehow could not meet recently.

She thought there were lies in revival in anything.  But she knew she always wanted to try.  The sadness in the impossibility in revival made her realized her life was okay.  She smiled.

It was her sadness in knowing but it hurt, and she wanted forever.

She realized she loved her boyfriend.

As it rained in this fall, she realized the umbrellas were spinning looking down from the second-floor window.  She realized the pink one was making everyone seemed dark.  And the red one was too rouge but the colour faded very quickly as it moved quickly and disappeared soon.

She went to the cafeteria later.  She realized everyone there was talking and eating.  She was alone and ended up seeing her boyfriend walked by.  He touched her upper arm and smiled and walked away.  She thought it was romantic.  She felt really cheered up.

Regardless if they did not see one another, she realized she always loved him.

She felt that diamond ring really meant something.  She smiled somehow as she drank her soup and ate her sandwich.  She was happy.  And she was interested in many things.  She read her notes and felt really happy for her next class.  Her backpack was getting heavy and she loved how little stuff it had in the beginning.


When Ata was in her bedroom, she looked at the computer screen and felt really happy that she got a short message from her boyfriend online.  She realized she really just wanted more contact with her boyfriend.  It was about her clothing again.  He also thought she wore black and white too morbidly.

She just told him it was about serious thinking.  She smiled.  She felt more relaxed in wearing them for some reason.

She smiled.

She loved how stern his face was often.  He did have feelings underneath, but she would say he did not like showing them.  Besides, he sometimes moved his eyes and that was enough to show, so she thought it was okay. 

That was what she thought when she was young, but she realized he had small facial expressions and that was all his expressions.  She thought that was neat.

She had normal facial expressions apparently.  She smiled.

His small facial expressions were so hot to her.  He’s not cool… only smart…  She smiled.

She looked at the TV in her bedroom. 

She looked at the TV.

It was just that as she was with him, she felt he articulated too much with too many things.  Sometimes when she was with his mum and him, he somehow used her to be more different than what she saw him.  She was being used by him to lie to his mum.  She felt something was wrong.

It was as if they were no longer in love.  But she felt perhaps he just did not want to be a mummy’s boy any longer.  He smiled.  Sometimes she knew he meant it when he smiled at her at their tea times.

She was foolish somehow.  Somehow, she knew he never really cared about these decencies…

She could not hate him.


Ata liked anime.

She kept on drawing on her drawing pad one night and realized she really wanted to draw a manga based on him and her.  She realized maybe she really had a sweetie dream with him.

It was like the prince helping her out with everything.  She smiled so delightfully.  She realized one day it’d be great to know that she was with him also.  Maybe she just loved him as a hot guy.

But he really was like a prince charming.

She never liked music.  It was weird how come she hated it so much.  It was like… she just hated it, but he loved it so much.

She talked to Zia and she seemed unhappy.  Ata realized Zia had some problems with her sister and she felt sad for Zia.  Nevertheless, she hung up the phone.  She was not stupid.  These things she had to put up with all by herself.  Just like Ata with her bigger brother.  Zia can handle her little sister.

Ata was happy for herself.

The anime in the tv was great.  The cartoon was too.

I wanted the drawing of the anime designs I like…

She realized it was a grand project.  It was like creating a new world that she wanted.  The world of a manga.  She giggled.

She learned how to draw when she was young.  She wanted to enjoy her life anyhow.  She thought of calling him but then again, she stopped herself from doing so.

In the new world… We’d break up…

She realized that was her desire.  Maybe they were together long enough, or maybe… she really wanted him to change into his old self.

She realized she hated how he lied to his mother.  It was like… she did not know.  He just lied, saying they would go bowling but then went to the tennis court.  She thought there was minor psychology in display. 

She was unhappy.  And she knew she should stop agreeing to say it.

Was it because he was angry with Ata?

She thought this makes sense.

He was angry with me…  But why?

She knew there was this thing that she realized.  She knew now that she was Ata and she was like this and she knew now, he was here.  She realized she could not hate him.

But had he gone bad…??  I wished I know.

Ata’s cell phone rang.  It was her boyfriend.  She hung up instantly.  She kept on doing this recently.  And she realized this was the problem.

This must be why… I think I should treat him better… But… I thought it was okay…. I’m too egoistic.

She smiled.  She realized she had to change and have a talk with him.  But she also knew she was not too egoistic… Because she was feeling sad… so she would not talk to anyone at all…

Maybe everyone was at fault…

In the new world of the manga world, I will write a happy ending…

She smiled.

Now she knew life.  She could not blame him anymore.  Maybe he thought her talk in emotional times was a lie, but it was not.  She was alone in her room.  She must apologize.

She looked at the drawing pad.  She wished she could create something.  But instead, she sent him a heart.

She wondered how it would be.

Meanwhile, he was alone in his room also.  He received the red heart and he smiled.

Maybe there was a reason why she was missing.  And he realized, she really was sad, but she never talked to him anymore.  And he realized he did love her.

He smiled.  Maybe life was about ignoring other people.  He knew it had to be the truth.  He was happy knowing her.  When graduation came, maybe he would know something for sure.  Whether if they made it.

Ata was still alone in her room and writing apology notes.  She felt she really wanted to talk to him again.

They both smiled.  They knew it was because there was still love.

End of story.


© Copyright 2019 Kimeral.emily. All rights reserved.

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