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The beginning of a new change for Rowan

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A New Beginning

Submitted: December 07, 2017

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Submitted: December 07, 2017



Chapter 1

A New Beginning


September 2, 2024

Downtown Fort Worth, TX


All I did when I got out of was run all the way to my apartment. I got a phone call from my best friend that it was burning down because some dumbass left their stove on while shopping. Sweat dripped down my body on the hot pavement as my feet rushed through the town.


“Come on, come on, come on!” i repeated countless times as I shoved people with my paws out of the way. some woman fell on the pavement, “ HEY!” she said but i didn't have time to apologize. My foot stepped on some dragons tail As i did, he picked me up from the ground and said, “ i'm tired of little PUNKS STEPPING ON MY FRICKIN TAIL!!!” His breath reeked of cigarette smoke and raw sewage.  I didn't have time for this, so I thrust my foot into his groin. He dropped me with a grunt and I got the hell there.  I finally saw my street heard crackling of flames.  “How much  worse can my day get?” I said as i saw the disaster as i turned around the corner.


The next day. 12:45 pm

Kyle's House


Ever since yesterday, i've been at my friend Kyle's house. He's a friendly blue wolf who helps me whenever he can. Right now we're eating pepperoni pizza that we ordered from Pawza Hut. “Why does everything go wrong with me?” i said to Kyle. “Nothing is wrong with you, you just seem to have . . . i don't know . . . bad luck?”  “ Oh, is that supposed to make me feel better?” I replied sarcastically.


As we finished up our food, I decided to take a walk downtown to get some air. I put on my hoodie and sweats. Also my headphones. I don't leave anywhere without them. I pushed play on one of playlist, and walked out the front door.


Music flooded my ears playing the song Fortress ( Just a Gent Remix).I walked farther and farther till I got to a shady part of the area. As i turned one of the corners i saw four wolves beating up some poor tiger. I yelled “ HEY, GET OFF OF HIM” They all looked up with a surprised look in their eyes. “Scared huh?” I said as I slowly advanced towards. them just to learn that they were holding knives dripping with blood. I slowly looked to the lying figure but it was too late for him, for there was a pool of blood slowly growing.


“ Me and my big mouth” i muttered as the ferocious wolves surrounded me. One of the wolves who had a scar around his eye said “ You should of stayed back and mind yer own business” I gulped in fear as he shot at me like a bullet, the knife coming closer and closer aiming for my heart. I got into a somewhat fighting stance and attempted to block the hand holding the weapon. I missed by half an inch and got a cut on my shoulder as he blazed past me. “Shit!” i said. “Damn that hurts!” “Of course it did asshole, and it will only get worse!” said one of the other wolves charging at me. He thrust his knife at me but i was ready this time. I shoved his arm out of the way and grabbed it. I pushed upwards against his elbow until i heard the snap of it breaking.


The wolf dropped the weapon and screamed out in pure agony. I rushed forwards and grabbed the knife. “Man that was disgusting” i thought.  I was still thinking about what i had done and didn't noticed the third wolf behind me pull out a .22. The last thing i heard was the sound of the gun firing at me before i blacked out in a pool of blood.


6 weeks later

Kyle's house


What did I tell you Kyle? Everything really does go wrong with me” “That's not true! You were just in the place at the wrong time” “Oh, yeah, then what about my apartment, Explain that!” “You know what Kyle said, I'm here helping you here while your whiny ass is complaining. “You have a fucking broken arm and here you are again complaining.” “Typical!” He then walked out the shaking the room as he slammed the door.


At night, the power went off and Kyle still wasn't home. I was watching the Office season 3. I got up to see if i can fix it but a crash of glass caught my attention. “Is this the right house?” “It has to be” Voices filled the silence of the house but I didn't recognize any of those voices. So immediately i went to hide but instead of being quiet about it l ran through the darkness.  i didn’t know where I was going until i bumped right  into one of men. I ran the fuck out of there till i tripped over a rocking chair. Then i was really head over heels. I tried to get up but one of them shot me in the back with some kind of poison dart. And again i blacked out.


The next morning

Unknown place


A light shone down on my face. I woke up immediately. “ Where am i?” muttered. I then realized i was strapped down to some type of platform above a tank. HELP! GET ME OUTTA HERE! There was no use this where i'm going to die.  Then a voice came “Good morning, Rowan” A female voice said. I looked around but couldn't find her. Then realizing there must be an intercom in the room somewhere “I'm Mrs. Nobody” she said. “ And you got randomly chosen out of everyone on this earth to be a part of a military test subject” “ Wait, What!” I'm not going to be anyone's test subject! “Who the hell do you think you are kidnapping me for!”


“ Now, now. There's no need to get mad!” “What have i done to you?” “ You're going to be a perfect subject for the tests were running on you today.” “isn't that exciting?” “ You sick bastard” i said. “ Since you're being very uncooperative, were just going to get started!” “ Wait, No, no.” “ Just hold on a minute” “ What am i being tested on.” Oh, you'll see in just a few minutes darling, youll see!” She cackled.


Then i was given a water-breathing gadget by some old looking Sheepdog. Then i was lowered into the water below. Things were going well until a couple of needles were pressed into my legs and arms. It seriously hurt on my broken arm. And for the third time I blacked out again.


I woke up in a chair not strapped down this time. But there was one of those baseball pitcher things. I looked around and tried to stand up but i couldn't. For my legs were numb. Suddenly the same lady from  before was back on the intercom. “ Congrats on surviving Rowan!” I knew you had it in you” “Now we're going to run a few tests on you.” Will it hurt?” i asked. “ I don't know, you tell me.” Then a ball the size of a watermelon was launched at my face. I closed my eyes and covered my face as i hopelessly sat there chained by my feet. As soon as I closed my eyes, A buzzing sound was humming in my brain. As i waited for the impact, I never felt it. So i opened my eyes but they opened very slowly.  The ball was moving in slow motion towards me. Confused  I grabbed the ball out of midair. The second I blinked, things came back to normal. “Awesome” I said. This is the story


To be continued






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