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this story is so interesting. You will get a very exciting thing from this story. May this story does not have any moral if u have related to it so plz tell us in comment.

Submitted: December 08, 2017

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Submitted: December 08, 2017




Once upon a time a girl named "Hexa" lived in a small hut. She was 

so much poor. She worked as a maid in her neighboor's home. One 

day her madam gave her a work that was to go downstairs in the 

library and search out some english books. She was very nervous 

because she is going first time downstairs alone. She went down

stairs and while searching books, a man came infront of her. She 

was so scared that she left the books and when she tried to run away

the man said in a light voice, "please don't be nervous , I know you

like to know about future.......". "how do you know that" Hexa 

interrupted. "Wait, I will tell you every thing, I come from 2036 

and i was also in 1975". The strange man explained. Hexa was very

shocked because it was 2017, Before she could ask something the 

disappeared. Hexa took out books and ran away. At home she wrote 

all about the mysterious thing that was happen in her diary. She was 

half shocked and half interested. She promised that she will not tell to

it to any one and solved this mysterious riddle by her own. All day 

she lost in her thinking. But she did not know a correct way of 

solution. After a month she got the half answer by watching videos

 Time machine"

She knew about time machine. She collect so many watches, clock 

and all day she do experiments with many sorts of materials. She

never forget about what the man said. After 2 years she made a 

very strange machine. She was ready to test it. She press the button

and she got to 2099 where there were so many technologies and

inventions. The children of 4 to 5 years have their own mobile phone

. She was so happy that her machines work. And when she went 

back home the time was as same as when she left the home. And 

in 2 years she solved that mystery of future.

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